The Otherworld: Parade of Lost Souls 2010

Photo: Flickr Ianiv & Arieanna

An intimate incarnation of Parade of Lost Souls at a mysterious location on October 30th

Thanks to a successful fundraiser in September, Public Dreams is pleased to present an intimate incarnation of Parade of Lost Souls. This beloved Vancouver institution didn’t happen in 2009, but this year Public Dreams is committed to engaging the community in a smaller-scale Hallowe’en event.

To limit the size and scope of the event Public Dreams won’t be closing down Commercial Drive or hosting any fireworks displays, but Secret Souls Walk is sure to be an exciting event with more opportunities for creative expression by the community, in a quieter narrative setting.  The walk comes to life with the resourcefulness and vision of the ( ) who are helping Public Dreams take the event back to its roots – an immersive, collaborative evening for families in East Vancouver. And who better to do it than this collective of some 30 artists and collaborators whose mix of styles and disciplines have sprung from the grassroots of this neighbourhood.

On Saturday, October 30th from 5 to 9pm, at a mysterious locale (only to be revealed on the day), the Dusty Flowerpot crew will be enticing locals into our back alleys, streets, and open spaces to awaken their neighbourly spirits.  Participants are invited to come in costume, and in character.  Residents along the route are transforming their homes in order to set the stage with our artists.  Public Dreams will be also be hosting an interactive, family-friendly celebration at Britannia Community Centre, between 5pm and 9pm. Start there to discover the location of the walks, or go to the Public Dreams website for more details

In the week leading up to the event, Public Dreams is throwing a series of creative workshops ( – in shrine building, zombie dancing, shadow puppetry, mask making, group choreography and vocal jamming.  Develop your creative skills and give them life at the Secret Souls Walk on October 30th.  Register at 604-879-8611.

“This new direction for our fall event is in fact an old one.  We’re encouraging direct community engagement and participation,” says Laura Grieco, General Manager of Public Dreams. “We’d love to be doing a larger-scale event similar to years past, but in order to do that we need increased financial support from government, community donations, and sponsorships aligned with the spirit of the event”.

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