Vancouver Street Food: The Complete List of Food Carts

The days of hotdogs and roasted chestnuts are long gone.  In the wake of a new initiative launched by the city, Vancouver’s street food scene has exploded.  On sidewalks around the city you can now find everything from Korean-style tacos to wild salmon and Asian fish balls to pulled-pork barbecue.  Here’s an updated list of the city’s offerings, courtesy of the fantastic new blog Vancouver Street Eats (

1. Arturo’s Mexico to Go

  • Website:
  • Location: Howe & Cordova Streets (Gastown neighbourhood)
  • Vancouver Sun review:
  • Authentic Mexican cuisine made from scratch in their mobile kitchen – burritos, quesadillas, tacotinos and tortilla soup. They make fresh salsa daily.

2. Cartel Taco

  • Website:
  • Twitter: @carteltaco
  • Location: Burrard & Georgia Streets (near the Vancouver Art Gallery)
  • Scout magazine review:
  • Korean-style tacos (pork, beef or veggie) – beef and pork versions are done in the Bulgogi style (a wet Korean marinade, literally “fire meat”). Tacos are topped with cilantro, onion and mild kimchi. Veggie version is made with mushrooms and tofu.

3. Chinese Skewer King

4. Dim Sum Express

  • No website
  • Location: Howe & West Cordova Streets (near the Vancouver Convention Centre)
  • Vancouver Sun review:
  • Chinese dim sum.



5. Fresh Local Wild

  • Website:
  • Twitter: @freshlocalwild
  • Location: Granville & Robson Streets (Downtown)
  • Local blog review:
  • Chef Josh Wolfe is using the finest BC ingredients in a quick, affordable and delicious package.  Focus on fresh, local seafood.


6. Japadog

7. Kimono Koi Crepes

  • Website:
  • Twitter: @kimonokoicrepes
  • Location: Granville & Georgia Streets (Downtown)
  • Fresh-made, Japanese-style crepes – a huge menu covering everything from chocolate and cheese to tuna and sausage.


8. Licious Living


9. PanDa Fresh Bakery

  • Website: (website down)
  • Twitter: @pandabakery
  • Location: Drake Street & Pacific Boulevard (Yaletown neighbourhood)
  • A little yellow school bus with a Japanese-inspired bakery serving fresh-baked croissants stuffed with an assortment of ingredients, ranging from sweet to savoury. Try the “S’mores” croissant – filled with shaved milk chocolate and banana.


10. Poke’m

  • No website
  • Location: Robson & Hornby Streets (Downtown)
  • Local food blog review:
  • Serves the simple Oriental snack of BBQ meatballs (beef, fish, chicken, fish tofu, cuttlefish or fish fritters) with various sauces (Caribbean, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese or traditional curry fishball).


11. Ragazzi Pizza Co.

  • Website:
  • Location: Burrard Street & West Pender Streets (Downtown)
  • Italian hand-stretched and stone-baked pizza.



12. Re-Up BBQ


13. Roaming Dragon


14. Satay King

  • Website:
  • Twitter: @sataykingca
  • Location: Burrard & Davie Streets (Davie Village)
  • Local blog review:
  • Serves BBQ skewers with a homemade peanut sauce, rice (white or brown) and side salad.

Anybody hungry yet?  Thanks again to Vancouver Street Eats for the great list.

If you’ve eaten at any of the food carts mentioned, please leave feedback below.  We’d love to know what you think of the food.

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22 Responses to Vancouver Street Food: The Complete List of Food Carts

  1. Thanks Remy for helping to raise awareness of Vancouver’s food cart scene!

    Eli’s Serious Sausage should also be making it’s debut very soon. I’ll be sure to add it when it’s confirmed and bill updating all of the vendor profiles in the coming weeks.

  2. LB

    I hit Kimono Koi Crepes last weekend – it was very good. I’m a sucker for a bright pink food cart. :)

  3. Thanks for the shout out!

    There are a couple of places that are supposed to be winners from the lottery yet they are either MIA or, at this stage, haven’t set up shop yet. These include the falafel shop near Main Street (at Terminal), the noodle shop cart in 49th and Cambie and, as James mentioned, Eli’s Serious Sausage. Hope they are open soon! But, also, as a reminder for everybody, there are still your old-school hot dogs if you want to go back to basics!

  4. jim

    Re-up 8/10
    Arturo’s 7.5/10
    Japa 5/10
    Ragazzi 7.5/10

  5. Unfortunatly, the Falafel place has come and gone. It opened in August for a short run over a few weeks before folding in September..

    The noodle cart is an elusive one. It has been spotted, but no pics have been taken or info has been found about it. I’ve gone by 4 times to no avail which is a bit of a crap shoot as I’m unsure of it’s operating hours.

  6. I’ve driven by the noodle cart and it was there during lunch hours on a Friday. I should’ve stopped… Haven’t seen it consistently there though. It’s right next to the Canada Line station.

  7. Thanks for the tip Sherman! I’ll try and swing by @ lunchtime during the week. I’ve been by Sat,Sun (3-4pm-ish) And Mon,Tues around 1pm. The hunt is on!

  8. Dave S.

    For the sake of another set of ratings:

    Re-up: 9 (just needs more variety)
    Fresh Local Wild: 7
    Roaming Dragon: 6
    Japadog: 8
    Kimono Koi: 3 (the savoury crepes anyway)

    Avoid the Kimono Koi savoury crepes. “Cheddar cheese” = slices of Kraft Singles, plastic-wrapped and all. (Can’t speak to the sweet ones though.)

  9. Greg

    Now we just need this to cover Canada/Vancouver…

  10. Kristen

    Word on the street is that Re-Up is opening a second “location” on Granville & Broadway.

    Truth, or just a delicious rumour?

  11. The rumour came straight from Re-Up’s twitter…a good sign it’s happenin’!

  12. Trifunster

    Cartel Taco is outstanding. Just ate there!!

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  14. @ Greg I think you’ll be interested in this, a food truck app just for Vancouver:

    Coming very soon :)

  15. Greg I should mention that that app is now available for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch at

  16. not happy

    What the city is doing is unconstitutional- they are playing God with an iron fist. We have a great cart, everything is in place. Our menu is great and well-tested and we have great business partners, BUT we were rejected by the city and I think I know why: despite fulfilling the criteria according to their points system, we didn\\\’t have any friends on the street food panel and didn\\\’t pay anyone off. I have heard rumours, and it is sickening to hear. Therefore, people of Vancouver, if you grow tired of fish tacos or don\\\’t like the selection available on the street, here is a list of names of the panel jury who made this decision for you. The selection panel members were:

    * Chef – Vikram Vij, Vij\\\’s and Rangoli restaurants
    * Chef – Karen Barnaby, The Fish House in Stanley Park
    * Nutritionist – Miel Richtscheid, RHN
    * Farmers Markets – Tara McDonald Executive Director, Vancouver Farmers Market Society
    * Fair Trade/Sustainability – Andre LaRivière, Executive Director, Green Table Network
    * Business Improvement Association – Charles Gauthier, Executive Director, Downtown BIA
    * Economic Development – Juvarya Warsi, Policy Analyst, Vancouver Economic Development Commission
    * Restaurant Association – Ian Tostensen, President & CEO, BC Restaurant and Food Services Association
    * Business Improvement Association – Chef & Chef’s Table Society Neil Wyles, President,Yaletown BIA; Board Member, Chef’s Table Society; Chef and owner, Hamilton Street Grill
    * Food Bloggers – James Tabbert & Amy Eagan,
    * Member of the public – Claudia Bialostozky, Author of Master’s Thesis on street food vending in Vancouver
    * Two youth representatives will also be appointed to the panel
    The above are the so-called experts on street food who have decided what you will eat. Have you ever eaten street food in New York, Bangkok, or even Istanbul? THE PEOPLE DECIDE WHO FAILS AND WHO SUCCEEDS. Here we have the above-listed, a little too PRETENTIOUS FOR ME. There was one jury member who shall remain anonymous- my compliments on your bravery, sir or madam, for leaving this jury panel. If you are curious about the up and coming food vendors selected this year, look no further than the friends, investors, and relations of the above-listed \\\”jury\\\” members. I am disgusted and I feel sorry for the street of Vancouver, where the normal and organic development of street food is in the hands of people whose first priority is not you or the city. A sad day for foodies in the city :-(

    • TJ

      Seems like the only fair way to do it

  17. Scott

    I notice the conspicuous absense of my favourite from last year – Kaboom Box.

    Like the commenter above says, let the PEOPLE decide who stays and who goes.

  18. Andy

    Too expensive for what it is.

    Would be great if there where some Chinese street carts selling traditional Chinese / Taiwanese breakfast items.

    Rice Rolls, Soya Milk, Etc.

    Seems no one in Greater Vancouver offers these items.

    In LA lots of little shops selling these items. Hope the street carts will be popular but feel if the prices where lower they would be even more popular. Go to any hole in the wall place in Vancouver and you can eat cheaper then the street carts.

    It’s defiantly not “Street Food Pricing”

  19. Nice to see so many more themed food trucks on our streets! Variety is the key to a successful food truck city – regular old hot dogs just won’t do anymore!

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