A Really Cool Vancouver Poster & Great Christmas Gift Idea. Free Giveaway!


Ork Posters has added Vancouver to their ultra-cool collection of city neighborhood maps. If you haven’t seen their posters check out their website – www.orkposters.com.

This is a Vancouver poster unlike anything you’ll find in other stores, and an ideal Christmas gift. They come in a variety of colors and are printed on high quality paper stock.

The good folks at Ork provided us with a few of these cool posters to give out to our readers. To be eligible all you have to do is post a comment below, telling us which is your favourite Vancouver neighborhood. We’ll pick some random winners and notify them by email on Friday Dec 3.

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106 Responses to A Really Cool Vancouver Poster & Great Christmas Gift Idea. Free Giveaway!

  1. Tracey Flattes

    Coal Harbour is the BEST neighbourhood to live in if you have kids. The community centre is just amazing, there are many families in the area, and everyone just “meets” at the playground. I love living there!

    • Lcamps

      In English Bay or close to Granville Island. Both sites are beautiful as they’re right on the water. If I lived there, I’d always be in a good mood :)

  2. I think the best part about Vancouver would be yaletown! Great dinning and the multicultural within the streets is terrific!

  3. Walter

    Downtown, because you can walk everywhere!

  4. Sara

    Grandview-Woodlands! I’m admittedly biased because G-W has been my neighbourhood for over ten years (except for those 9 months in Kits I just don’t talk about) and know many of my local shopkeepers, have favourite coffee spots and participate in local events.

  5. greg baker

    I love vancouver and its many citys and the view from Canada place looking towards the mountians. I really enjoy yaletown and the dinning !

  6. Cher

    Kits is a really great neighbourhood, it’s got a lot of great shops to visit and is close to the beach!

  7. T. Reid

    Dunbar, not just because I grew up there but because it still manages to have a neighbourhood feel to it despite Vancouver’s enormous growth over the last few decades.

  8. JennDLaidlaw

    Any neighbourhood where you get out and meet your friendly neighbours is a good one in my books! I’m a pretty big fan of Broadway/4th between MacDonald and Alma!

  9. Jen

    I love all the neighbourhoods in Vancouver, each for their own unique ‘ness’ ! Vancouver truely is the Best City in the World to live in! :)

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  11. Alex Dobson

    The West End, because you feel like you are in a suburban neighbourhood community but you are minutes from everything.

  12. David

    Does Wreck Beach count as a neighbourhood? It should, that would be my first choice. Its so splendid. That aside, I’d say downtown.

  13. Iris

    Mount Pleasant because there’s so many cool shops and restaurants there.

  14. Downtown!

  15. Phill

    I’m going with Yaletown as well, I’ve just moves here from Australia and it’s amazing. Amazing cuisine & party scene and close to everything!

  16. Andy Jukes

    I love living in Sunset with our awesome new community centre!

  17. Cheryl

    Coal Harbour also gets my vote. It’s quiet, near Stanley Park, the most picturesque part of the sea wall, and mere blocks away from the action of Robson Street.

  18. Tamara

    <3 Yaletown

  19. Kirsten

    Gastown by far!

  20. lizzy

    I love boardway that long street full of restaurants and shops and when you can catch a mad view from cambie its breathe taking.

  21. Dave

    Grandview Woodlands is my favourite. It’s so down to earth and has tons of character.

  22. filmgoerjuan

    Kitsalano – beaches, parks, funky stores…what’s not to love?

  23. Jenny

    Kitsilano because of the beach!

  24. Khya

    Kits – the beach, the laid back atmosphere, the great restuarants, close to downtown but not downtown, a community in itself.

  25. UBC is the best, sorry KITS and all the others. Great vibes and super community!

  26. Trinity

    West End/Stanley Park – visited for the first time last summer and can’t wait to go back!

  27. Kathryn wong

    Renfrew is where it’s at!!! Haha, I’m biased because that’s my neighbourhood.

  28. Karen

    Kerrisdale is a nice neighbourhood.

  29. Stinky

    Kits is the shit. Much to eat, much to do, and close to everything else should you choose to leave for some reason.

  30. Jo

    Love Stanley Park!

  31. Camille


  32. SR

    Riley Park! Because I was born and raised there but also because it’s a great family neighborhood and it has some yummy places to eat :)

  33. Caroline

    I love the red cobblestones in Gastown – gives the area such a different look from the rest of Van.

  34. Dee dls

    Woohoo marpole n oakridge area represented!! :D

  35. Oree

    Favourite Vancouver neighbourhood?
    Kerrisdale because it’s “home”.
    Shaunessy for the houses.
    Kits for the beaches.
    Main St. for the cafe’s.
    Commercial for the funk.
    South Granville for the art.
    Richmond for the Dim Sum.
    West Van for the fresh air.
    Downtown eastside for the reality check!

    • a hakkila

      What a great recap of our city…..

  36. I am new in Vancouver and my favourite neighbourhood is West End!! It’s international, secure and funny! I love to live near the beach and be able to go by walk to everyplace in Downtown.

  37. Terry

    This is hard to answer. Because I love all Vancouver, BC – neighbourhoods! {Actually, I love the Richmond Aberdeen Centre area too!}

  38. Teri

    Yaletown – cuz my grandchildren live there !

  39. carissa

    Grandview Woodlands because of the individuality and entertainment of just strolling around!

  40. Awa Diallo

    Officially it doesn’t belong to Vancouver, but it’s on the map, so here we go:
    UBC is the best neighborhood to live in! It feels like living 100km outside of town with a beautiful beach at ones doorstep (wreck beach), with the most amazing park in Vancouver right there (Pacific Spirit Park), with lots of nice small places to go for a walk (e.g. the Botanical Garden)…
    … but still it’s right there in Vancouver, the most amazing city in the world.
    With so many awesome bus connections getting you anywhere you want to be in 30min or less UBC combines what makes Vancouver so special: the great outdoors at your doorstep, multicultural life all around, and easy access to all the urban live you want.

  41. Peggy

    I love Stanley Park~~

  42. Tricia

    west end! love the neighbourhood. classy poster! :D

  43. Ashley

    It’s so hard to decide because there are so many great neighbourhoods in Vancouver! I love Renfrew-Collingwood because that’s my neighbourhood, but I also love everywhere Downtown :)

  44. Anna

    The West End is the BEST, I lurve it! xx

  45. Gloria

    UBC – love the trails and walk down to Wreck Beach.

  46. Holly

    I was born in Vancouver. KITSILANO!

  47. Mand

    The leafy West End is just perfect.

  48. Lana

    This is a great map, sort of like a pie of Vancouver. All the different flavours our neighbourhoods. For me, I am partial to a slice of Cedar Cottage.

  49. Cori

    Strathcona – I went to the Eastside Cultural Crawl this weekend and discovered the beauty in this conveniently located suburban like city neighborhood.

  50. I love Coal Harbour’s proximity to Stanley Park, the seawall, Robson Street and the West End. It’s quiet, calm, and is great for a leisurely walk.

  51. Jen

    I love the Dunbar area!

  52. Norm

    Oakridge because that’s my old hood.

  53. Kitsilano, because of the great beach and ocean view!

  54. Moni

    The West End — walking everywhere, surrounded by ocean and mountains, being part of the City-life… especially in the winter when the trees are all lit up on the waterfront. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else during the holiday season!

  55. Kay

    Gotta be a toss up between UBC and Yaletown. Love both!

  56. Each neighbourhood in this city is great in its own way. As a twenty-something guy, I love living and working in the DTES/Gastown/Chinatown area. It might not be the fanciest place in town, but it’s definitely an experience that I’ll never forget wherever I may ultimately go (whether in this city or another).

  57. Sophia Cheung

    I love Vancouver’s transport system, the sky train! So convenient to travel around! The whole city Vancouver is beautiful!

  58. randy

    Stanley Park is the best neighbourhood – most affordable rent in the city!

  59. Ian

    Downtown! Lots of shopping, lots of people, lots of action!

  60. Alakitten

    Kits ! :)

  61. Holly

    I love Kitsilano!

  62. Sandy

    Hastings-Sunrise is an undiscovered gem for locals.

  63. Arielle

    Strathcona is the way to go – downtown but intimate!

  64. Steve Rawson

    Definitely Yaletown! Just love the energy and the vibe of the area :)

  65. Genevieve

    I love Mt. Pleasant. Great coffee, a couple good pubs, and the rent is still a little bit cheaper than downtown.

  66. emma

    Kitsilano with the shopping and the yummy restaurants! Oh and the paths for running!

  67. max

    UBC is the best place to be !

  68. Chris

    Gastown for sure, but Mt. Pleasant is a close second.

  69. kw

    China Town/Strathcona. The colours, diversity and spirit of that neighbourhood makes me smile. Nothing better than to walk around on a fall Vancouver day and take it all in.

    We are lucky to have so many cool communities!

  70. Andrew

    Few things I love more than riding around Kits on a longboard on a sunny day. Kits is home, but Hastings/East Van is such a gem. In Australia I lived near amazing beaches and rainforests, but every day I step out of my unit into this city, it feels like i’ve arrived here for the first time all over again. Every different hood makes this city what it is!!

  71. Chris

    Riley Park! It has everything that’s great about Vancouver…

  72. Tim


  73. Elly

    Mt. Pleasant because the food scene is unstoppable. The Drive is a close second.

  74. You know which Vancouver map should be made into a map?

    The Douglas Coupland map from City of Glass. Now THAT one is epic.

    Of the neighbourhoods listed on the Ork map, I think I love the West End the most.

  75. Teresa

    They all rock in their own way, but I’m gonna say Yaletown.

  76. Linda

    Granville! But I’m from the burbs and this map will help explore some other neighbourhoods.

  77. Elaine Lau

    Has to be Commercial Dr – the diversity is the best :)

  78. col

    Mount Pleasant! Followed by a close second: Gastown.

  79. Sylvia

    my fav neighbourhood is around false creek

  80. Anne

    Every Vancouver neighbourhood is unique in its own way, and I like exploring all of them. My favorite neighbourhood, though, is undoubtedly downtown. There is so much to do in downtown – can never get bored from here!

  81. Erin Trainer

    I love Kitsilano because my dad grew up there. He always used to tell me stories about what it was like to live there in a working class family the 1950s and 60s. Whenever I drive through the area today – I think of my dad and my grandparents enjoying the view of the North Shore Mountains from Jericho Beach.

  82. mary a.

    Commercial: eastside realz. Ethnic diversity, great groceries, artists, students, queer folks. my people live here <3

    West end: walkability (who needs a car?), funky shops, great restaurants, amazing transit to all parts of the city, and coffeeshops open when I have a 3am caffeine craving!

  83. Jessica

    My vote is coal harbour. Cannot beat that view…so representative of Vancity.

  84. Ron

    Kensington – cause it’s home to Vancouvers newest skate park! And cause it’s where I was born and bred. =0)

  85. Eloise Basuki

    The best neighbourhood is definitely Kits,
    Despite the 1000 starbucks and yoga twits,
    the beach and broadway are all you need
    and the public library for an intelligent read.
    Its friendly inhabitants pass the test,
    that Kitsilano is the BEST!

  86. Natalie

    Kensington Cedar Cottage – diverse neighbourhood, good food.

  87. shel

    Main Street for me. The poster looks great, thanks for the giveaway.

  88. MoogsC

    Now THAT is a very cool map. Would love one on my wall.

  89. zoe

    Kitsilano, most eclectic neighborhood and close to the beach. All parts of the city are fabulous for their own uniqueness – it all depends what you are looking for.
    add on; I think Southlands needs a nod – feels so rural yet so close to everything.

  90. I grew up on the Drive but live in the West End, which is hands down the best Vancouver neighbourhood to live in. Strong community services for all ages from toddler to senior, the best light in the city (sunsets and sunrises), food, safe streets, friendly locals and business owners and of course the beaches and Park. What’s not to love?

  91. Kyle M

    South Cambie – it’s got everything.

  92. Mat Murray

    Hastings all the way! So much pride!

  93. Laura

    No votes for Dunbar yet?!?! :) Love my home neighborhoood

    I lived in Toronto for a year and got a Toronto Ork when they released them there. But as a born and raised Vancouverite I NEED one of the best city in the world! Thanks insidevancouver!

  94. mike

    Kitsilano is my favorite neighborhood!

  95. Diane Ty

    Granville Island! Great view, wonderful market and lots of great people! :)

  96. East Van rules..!

  97. Laura

    Kits for sure! It is a very down-to-earth, easy-going area and there are just so many unique shops. I love just walking down 4th ave browsing stores on a beautiful summer day!

  98. Sam

    Riley Park! Because… I live in it! :P

  99. I love the Drive for it’s diverse culture, incredible food and it’s dog-friendly, people friendly, accepting vibe. From Grandmas and babies, from hippies to hipsters, there is a spot for everyone on the Drive.

  100. Jenny

    The West End!!! Proximity to English Bay, Stanley Park,Coal Habour & the many, many gorgeously delicious places to eat is second to none. Great people, community and living spaces.

  101. Linda

    East Van, for its funky 3 story homes, diverse communities, pigeon feeders, and crazy jay walkers.

  102. Kevin

    Fairview: right in the middle of everything, close proximity to the False Creek seawall and Granville Island, close to Canada Line for quick trips downtown or to the airport, plenty of convenient shopping nearby (Cambie @ Broadway)… and withing walking distance of my daughter’s preschool!

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  104. stephthebaker

    Gastown – the architecture is beautiful.