Vancouver talks TED

Not an idea worth spreading?

I was lucky enough and thrilled to get the invite to attend TedxVancouver last week (Nov. 27) at the Kay Meek Theatre in West Vancouver.

You may already be aware of Ted talks; it’s all about passionate people sharing ideas worth spreading. I was first introduced to Ted talks when I was sent Elizabeth Gilbert’s address on creativity… after that I was hooked.

Last year a team of amazing volunteers set up the first TEDxVancouver; they knew Vancouver is full of creative, passionate individuals committed to social change.

Last year’s event was the first time I was in a room full of individuals with philanthropist entrepreneur spirit. An inspiring group to say the least! While we shared a similar outlook on life it didn’t take long to notice I was up social media creek without the help of iPhone, Twitter or HootSuite. This group is packing heavy social media weight and there I was with my pen and notepad.

This year’s theme, “The Fine Line”, represents the ‘space’ where ideas are born and a platform to share diverse points of view. Amongst the attendees, I was in the room chatting about an idea I think is worth spreading – the fine line between existing and living.

“Just Ask” is the space where success and opportunities are born for Nardwuar, who I fondly recall from my teenage days watching him on Music Music. I will now fondly remember him as the guy who crowd-surfed like the rock star that he is, into the TEDx audience.

Nardwuar crowd surfed. Photo by: KK

Yael Cohen spoke on her organization, Fu&k Cancer. Her idea worth spreading is using humour to communicate 90% of all cancers are preventable.

An audience favorite was Dr. John “Jack” Horner’s talk on dinosaurs; he parted these words of wisdom to humanity – “Don’t go extinct”. Good advice.

Equally amazing that day were the Vancouverites who attended. Here’s a list of people I ran into:

-Alden E. Habacon, founder of Schema Magazine and winner of the YMCA Power of Peace Award 2010.

-Linda Naiman from Creativity at Work who calls herself the corporate alchemist.

-Loretta Cella, founder of the Passion Foundation who assists young women to be passionate about life.

-Ian Mackenzie founder of the online travel magazine Matador Network and working on the One Week Job Project.

-Madeleine Shaw from Luna Pads.

I’d like to give a big shout out to the volunteers in the red t-shirts. You are awesome! I know volunteers play such a large part in what moves our communities forward. Cheers to you!

Volunteers! Photo by: KK

I was there spreading the idea of creating a work life that fits your lifestyle and incorporates your passions. Last year I left my ‘9-5’ job to adopt a minimalist lifestyle so I can work at a few of my passions at once.

So Vancouver I ask you, what’s your idea worth spreading?


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