North Shore Ski Hills Enjoy Snow Bonanza

Photo Credit: Remy Scalza

What a difference a year makes!  Remember last winter, when snowfall on the North Shore was so paltry that Cypress Mountain had to truck in snow just to keep the slopes covered for Olympic snowboarders and freestyle skiers?

This year the situation on Cypress, as well as on Vancouver’s other local slopes – Grouse Mountain and Mount Seymour – is exactly the opposite.   Plentiful snow and cold temperatures have created exceptional skiing conditions.   In place of last year’s slush, meters of dry and powdery snow have fallen.  Runs are packed with skiiers and snowboarders enjoying conditions rarely seen outside the Interior.

Here’s a video posted on YouTube from a family’s recent ski trip to Mount Seymour:

As I write, even more fresh snow is blanketing the North Shore mountains.   Here’s a quick rundown of conditions at the time of writing, just in case you’re thinking about heading to the slopes this weekend.

Cypress Mountain – about 30 minutes by car from downtown – has a 275 centimeter base.  Six lifts are currently servicing Cypress’s 53 runs.  All cross-country trails are open, as are the snowshoe trails, snow tube park and sliding area. Cypress has a maximum vertical rise of 610 meters, highest among the North Shore Mountains.

Grouse Mountain – about 20 minutes by car from downtown – has a 274 centimeter base.  Four lifts are servicing Grouse’s 24 open runs.  The snowshoe park and two terrain parks, as well as the skating pond and sleighrides are also open. Grouse has a maximum vertical drop of 384 meters.

Mount Seymour – about 30 minutes by car from downtown – has a 260 centimeter base.   Four lifts are servicing Seymour’s 39 runs.  The snowshoe trails are also open.  Seymour has a maximum vertical drop of 330 meters.

Anybody been out on the slopes recently?  How do you think this year’s conditions stack up to other years’?

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