New Smartphone App for Ordering Coffee on the Go

Hate waiting in line for your lattes?  The new smartphone app for Vancouver’s Ethical Bean cafes may be just the thing for you.

The mobile ordering system allows customers to specify what drink they want and at what Ethical Bean cafe they want it delivered (There are currently three Ethical Bean cafes in Vancouver: at Granville SkyTrain Station, Commercial SkyTrain Station and on Kootenay Street in East Van).  You then pay right over the phone using a credit card.  By the time you arrive at the cafe, your order will be ready and waiting for you, along with your receipt.

So how do you get this nifty new software?  The first step is to download a free Mobio app from  The app works on iPhones and Android phones and will soon be available for Blackberries.  Developed by a Vancouver company, it allows you to make mobile purchases for lots of things, not just coffee at Ethical Bean.

After you’ve got the app and set up your account, you use it to scan Ethical Bean’s special QR code (A QR code is a kind of sophisticated bar code that can be read by a cellphone and stores lots of information).   This will take you to the Ethical Bean online menu, where you are able to order and pay.

QR Code

Ethical Bean started offering the mobile payment service in November and currently gets about 100 orders a day.  In an effort to boost business,  they’re offering a promotion right now for smartphone users.  Any coffee, any size, ordered with the new Mobio app is just 10 cents.

According to a recent article in the Vancouver Sun, Ethical Bean is possibly the first cafe in North America to offer mobile interactive ordering and payment.

Has anyone tried Ethical Bean’s new mobile ordering system?  Do you know of any other Vancouver businesses offering a similar service?  Please leave a comment below.

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4 Responses to New Smartphone App for Ordering Coffee on the Go

  1. john

    That looks like a neat app I will download it and give it a try thanks for the great article. The app I’m onto these days for Vancouver and around is called Mobile Bandit. You go around and “Steal Deals” you then have 24hrs before the deal expires. Merchants give you 50% off or more on something in their stores. Its easy to use and really cool because you save so much. There is hundreds of merchants and they are adding more everyday. Its exclusively for iPhones right now but the website states it is coming soon for Android and Blackberry phones.

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  3. Sandy

    I agree, I have used Mobile Bandit now for over a year and it has become my favorite App. I have tried Boston Pizza for the first time., went to Marble Slab Creamery for a free ice cream and even found my new favorite coffee shop Waves Coffee on Commercial Drive in Vancouver. It is available on all phones.

  4. Sam

    I agree it is the best App available today!