Vancouver LunarFest 2011 – February 3 – 13, 2011

Vancouver LunarFest 2010's Lantern Forest

If you were in Vancouver for the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics and you spent anytime downtown, you undoubtedly remember the amazing, first-of-its-kind Lantern Forest that lit up Granville Street between Robson and W Georgia; that display—part of Vancouver LunarFest 2010—attracted 500,000 visitors and was the venue for the whimsical 2010 Lunar New Year Lantern Procession (see 2010 photos here).

Returning as an annual Vancouver event, Vancouver LunarFest 2011 will once again fashion a unique lantern display downtown, this time in front of the Vancouver Art Gallery (VAG) (on the W Georgia St. side), that will run from February 3 – 13, 2011. Prepare to be awed by this year’s creations: LunarFest 2011 will create a “Lantern Aquarium,” where beautiful oceanic creatures from around the world will transform into lanterns. (I can’t wait to see it!)

Along with the not-to-be-missed Lantern Aquarium, LunarFest 2011 also includes the free opening ceremonies at VAG on February 3 and the free 2011 Lunar New Year Lantern Procession (produced by Public Dreams, the same organizers behind the famous Halloween Parade of Lost Souls) on February 5 and February 12, from 6pm – 7pm. For all details on Vancouver LunarFest 2011 events, see the official site.

Though there won’t be quite the same crazy party spirit during the 2011 Lunar New Year Procession as there was during the Olympics—I can still remember the joy of the crowds and the press of bodies—I look forward to seeing what LunarFest and Public Dreams has in store for this year!

Vancouver LunarFest 2011 runs February 3 – 13, 2011.

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