Vancouver Hot Chocolate Festival – Through Feb. 13

I’ve always enjoyed hot chocolate, but for a long time it definitely wasn’t cool to admit it.  Hot chocolate was for kids.   So when friends ordered lattes and espressos and other socially accepted grown-up drinks, I’d hesitate before asking the barista for a hot chocolate in a low whisper.

Fortunately, those days are over.   Hot chocolate has come into its own, proving just as suave, subtle and sophisticated as coffee, teas and wine.  And the indisputable proof is the first Vancouver Hot Chocolate Festival, which started quietly in January and is running through Feb. 13.

Six Vancouver chocolatiers  and one gelato maker are currently serving a host of high-end, “haute chocolates” as part of the festival.  The participants are Bella Gelateria (1001 Cordova St.), Campagnolo Cafe (1020 Main St.), Cocoa Nymph (3739 West 10th Ave.), Mink Chocolates (863 West Hastings St.), Chocolaterie de la Nouvelle France (198 East 21st Ave.), Schokolade (2263 East Hastings St.) and Thomas Haas Chocolatier (998 Harbourside Dr. , North Vancouver and 2539 West Broadway).  Every day for the duration of the festival each participant is stirring up their own inventive take on hot chocolate.

And these guys get pretty creative. Some of the more exotic beverages on offer feature white hot chocolate with mango; sweet-basil infused vodka; caramelized coriander seed and dark chocolate; and Earl Grey with orange marshmallows.  You can check out a complete list of all the hot chocolate varieties and where to find them on this page on the CityFood Magazine website.

What all the hot chocolates served at the festival have in common is that they are ultra high-end.  No powders or syrups here.  Everything is made by hand with meticulously sourced ingredients.  At beloved chocolatier Thomas Haas, for instance, you can sample a classic hot chocolate with caramel, fleur de sel, Chantilly and caramel drizzle.  Or you can opt for something more adventurous in the Aztec hot chocolate, which is made with cinnamon, orange and Chantilly.

For more information, check out this great article in the Vancouver Sun.

Any other closet hot chocolate lovers out there?  Has anyone tried any of the exotic blends served as part of the festival?  Please tell us about your favourites by leaving a comment.


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