An Insider’s Tour of Granville Island

Fresh produce at Granville Island

The following article was contributed by Amanda Sellers. Amanda lives in Vancouver and works out of her home studio as a voiceover artist. She is also a tv host, singer, blogger and triathlete.

One of the highlights of my weekend was my Granville Island “Insider’s Tour”. About a month back, I entered a writing contest put on by Granville Island Works on “Why I Love Granville Island”. Low and Behold… I WON! They called and told me I was 1 of 4 Grand Prize winners (out of over 100 entries)

In my story, I told them about some of the reasons why I love Granville Island:

  • It’s the first place I take out of town guests
  • It’s the best place to buy market fresh fruit and vegetables
  • I love to walk through the Art Gallery at Emily Carr
  • One of my favorite dates with my fiancee was dinner and then watching a play at Arts Club Theatre
  • The Ferry is by far the best means of transportation in the city
  • Sampling beers at The Granville Island Brewery is a must
  • I’m not a kid anymore, but the Children’s Market is a perfect stop after the brewery
  • I love to sample the yummy Sake at Artisan Sake Maker
  • I am a singer/songwriter and some of my best shows have been at the Backstage Lounge :-)

Sampling beer!

So that was part of my submission (along with a video). The Grand Prize was a tour around the Island.

Each of us 4 winners started our day by working with some of the artisans on the island. I was paired up with leather designer Monika from Sadryna Designs. Our Mission? To make me a handmade custom belt in 90 minutes! I got to pick out the leather and design and we got right to work.

Monika was inspiring to watch. You can tell how passionate she is about her work.

I did some of the finishing touches. Monika was extremely accommodating. I will definitely pop in and say hi next time I am down Railspur Alley!

After the belt making, I met up with the other winners at The Sandbar for lunch. The food was amazing, and we could have anything we wanted :-)

I love the boat in the middle of the restaurant!

We got some big loot bags as part of our prize! It was like Christmas!! Fun stuff!

Then we went to The Granville Island Brewery for a tour. I was happy to hear that when the beer is given its flavour, it is not artificial.

For example, they have a new Raspberry Ale coming out for the spring and they actually just throw a bunch of fresh raspberry’s in the mix to get the flavour.

The day ended with a boat tour around False Creek. I highly recommend entering the next contest that Granville Island Works puts on. I entered the contest because I truly do love Granville Island and all it has to offer! It was a fabulous day!


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