Smart Phone App for Exploring BC’s Wineries

Any other wine lovers had this problem?   You’re enjoying a great day of wine tasting in the Okanagan, hopscotching from one fantastic vineyard to the next.  But after the fifth or sixth stop – for whatever reason, wink wink – your memory gets a bit hazy.  Where exactly was that charming little winery that the concierge at the hotel recommended?  Did they offer free tastings?  And how late was it open?

If you’ve ever run into this little dilemma, you’ll be a big fan of Wine Tripper, B.C. edition.   This handy app for the iPhone and iPad has been around for a while now.   But recent updates and a growing base of users make it more useful than ever.

The interface is really straightforward and intuitive.  First, you can access the Region Map, a standard Google Map that shows all the wineries in British Columbia’s different viticultural regions.  So whether you’re interested in touring the wine country in the Okanagan, on Vancouver Island or even in Greater Vancouver, you’ll find the info you need.

You can also access information about each individual winery in the Winery section.  Need to find out hours?  The exact address?  Telephone numbers?  You don’t have to waste time hunting down data on the Internet.  Another cool feature here are the user ratings.  You can see how other Wine Trippers ranked particular wineries and also browse their comments.

Finally, a valuable feature for true oenophiles is the Wine Info section.  This is, in essence, a database where you can catalogue the specific wines you’ve tasted at different wineries and your impressions.  If you’ve ever spent a day tasting phenomenal wines only to forget their names by the time you got home, you’ll appreciate how useful this is.

You can learn more about the Wine Tripper, B.C. Edition app and download it ($2.99) here.

Is anyone out there using the Wine Tripper?  Please share any thoughts by leaving a comment.

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