Vancouver by Trolley – Stop 3 Hyatt Regency

This is the third of a series of blog posts, detailing some of the many things to do along the Vancouver Trolley line. This article is cross-posted on the Vancouver Trolley blog.

Although the rain is back in Vancouver today, my spirits were high as I hopped off the Trolley at stop #3, the Hyatt Regency. The reason I was so excited? Someone told me about the chocolate cake in the Hyatt’s restaurant, Mosaic, and I couldn’t wait to see what all the fuss was about. I had no idea, however, how big of a treat I was in for.

This photo tells no lie – it looks like the best cake in the world, and I’d bet that it truly is. Not only is the Mosaic Cake big enough to feed ten, but it’s only $10 when you sit down and enjoy it in their restaurant. The Hyatt also is home to the Gallery Lounge that features live jazz on Friday and Saturday evenings…and as the Preferred Partner of the Canucks, airs all games in HDTV.

Just paces from the Hyatt’s door and on the corner of Dunsmuir & Burrard, is a flower stand, open Monday through Friday from approximately 10am to 6pm daily. What makes this stand so wonderful is not just the beautiful flowers, but the price – only $5 for two bunches.

Directly across from the Hyatt and this flower stand is a unique structure in downtown Vancouver, the Christ Church Cathedral. Opened in 1888, this original free-standing Gothic style church is beautifully historic in one of Vancouver’s most modern areas. A regular site for special events and concerts, Christ Church Cathedral is also open for visitors Monday through Friday from 10am to 4pm.

My final visit today was to The Urban Tea Merchant on Georgia Street. Offering up to 150 tea varieties to guests, this is a unique must-see for visitors to Vancouver and locals alike. Their storefront offers everything from home decor and collectibles to sweets and of course all imaginable products related to tea. Their tea salon is open daily for Morning and Afternoon Tea Service, offering a wide range of savory treats, sweets and tea pairings.

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