Vancouver in a Day – Chinatown and Cypress Mountain

Looking for some adventure? You’ve come to the right city. No matter what time of year, when you start your day in Vancouver, it can take you anywhere.

Lunar New Year is celebrated by a number of Asian cultures around the world. Of Vancouver’s 2 million or so residents, over 800,000 are of Asian descent. Every spring, tens of thousands of people pack the streets of Vancouver’s Chinatown for one of the biggest and most colourful festivals of the year.

If you’re already planning on coming to Vancouver to ski or ride, try to time your vacation to coincide with this festival. Make sure to research and plan in advance though because the exact dates for Lunar New Year change every year. The festival takes place according to the phase of the moon.

Cypress Mountain is Vancouver’s largest ski area. With 53 ski runs, six lifts and 2010 vertical feet, it’s obvious why this is such a popular destination for visitors to Vancouver. In addition to the alpine skiing and riding area, there is also a Nordic area for snow shoeing, cross country skiing and snow tubing, making Cypress a great family destination. For more information, visit:

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4 Responses to Vancouver in a Day – Chinatown and Cypress Mountain

  1. Mary Anne Jarvin

    Really enjoyed the video blog. The host is pretty special and the material was interesting and well presented. Good work on the photography. I liked the idea of going to the mountain for something other than skiing for those of us who aren’t skiers (yes there are people who don’t ski).

  2. Sandy

    This put a smile on my face. Thanks, Inside Vancouver.

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  4. Janie C

    The colours in the parade are incredible and those flower girls are so cute. When’s the next parade?


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