TD Vancouver International Jazz Festival introduces the Hopper Pass for 2011

Tourism Vancouver/Dannielle Hayes

In spite of what some of our friends on the East Coast may say, Vancouver has an abundance of Festivals and Events that make our city vibrant and alive all year.  One of the most well-known has to be the TD Vancouver International Jazz Festival. Viewed by many as the unofficial launch of summer, the festival is launching into it’s 26th year with an amazing promotion that is certain be popular with long time Festival goers and newbies alike.

The Hopper Pass will enable you to maximize your Jazz Fest experience by “hopping around” to shows at five of the participating venues during the course of the Festival which runs from June 24th – July 3rd. You could potentially see up to 60 shows – ranging from more established acts such as Blonde Redhead (love them!) to acts even I haven’t heard of yet (which is saying a lot).

While the pass will not include the big acts of the festival – for instance, shows at the Orpheum are not included – this will be a great pass for any Jazz lover to have.  The participating venues are the Vogue theatre, Venue, Performance Works, The Ironworks, and the Roundhouse Performance Centre.

Tourism Vancouver/Dannielle Hayes

A limited number of Early Bird Tickets go on sale through Ticketmaster for only $75 (plus those pesky service charges).  The early bird price runs until May 6th, but considering a little birdie let slip to me the “limit” in the “limited number”, I suspect that they will sell out long before that.  Regular price of the pass will be $125 (plus service charges).

If I promise to literally hop from one venue to the next  – do you think they would they give me an additional discount?

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