Translink Introduces the Compass Card

Hooray! Vancouver is getting its very own re-loadable electronic pass for public transit! No longer do I need to scramble around in my change jar, fighting through all the pennies to find something that doesn’t require me walking out with fistfuls of coins, just to catch the bus.

Last October, Translink put out the call for Vancouverites to name this new card, and the finalists were Starfish, Tpass and Compass. As you can probably already guess, Compass came out on top.

The size of a credit card, the Compass Card will work like other pre-paid cards that many of us already use to buy coffee and the like. You simply load your card with money for a “pay as you go” option or with a fare product like a monthly pass. Translink will also be installing gates at Skytrain stations which will allow users to pass through only after their Compass Card has been tapped on the fare readers.

Although the Compass Card won’t be rolling out until 2013, having used the Oyster Card in London, UK and the Go Card in Brisbane, Australia for several years, I’m already looking forward to the ease of public transit in Vancouver with the introduction of the Compass. No more fistfuls of change for me!

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