Featured Vancouverite: Matt Chambers

Hometown: Mississauga, Ontario

How long have you been a Vancouverite?
My parents moved us back here when I was two. We bounced around the Lower Mainland before settling in Richmond. I’ve been living and loving in Vancouver proper for the last two years.

I’m the editor and founder of The Dependent Magazine. It started as an excuse to attend the events and meet the people that shape this city, but has quickly become a fully functioning online publication. With over twenty contributors, we produce daring and creative works of journalism and entertainment, focused on the city of Vancouver. Check us out at thedependent.ca.

Favourite place in the city:
I’m drawn to the alleys of the Downtown Eastside. Beyond the stereotypes, they’re filled with amazing stories, fascinating history, beautiful street art and crumbling buildings.

Best way to spend a Saturday in the city:
My best Saturdays start with a bike ride through Stanley Park to Second Beach, where we juggle the soccer ball, dive in the ocean, rinse and repeat.

Favourite Vancouver band:
Red Cedar. The music is melodic, soaked in reverb, shining and gorgeous. Catching them live is highly recommended.

Top insider tip:
A trip to Solder & Sons at 247 Main Street will take you off the beaten path and reward you with books, friendly conversation and an amazing freshly squeezed grapefruit-orange juice.

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2 Responses to Featured Vancouverite: Matt Chambers

  1. Jeanne Jensen

    Loved the piece on Matt. Three suggestions for featured Vancouverite:
    Dale Baltrop
    Brent Hayden
    Spencer Chandra Herbert

    • Thanks for the suggestions Jeanne! I’ll get in touch with all three next week to see if they’d be up for being featured. Have a great long weekend.