Adopt a Whale at the Vancouver Aquarium

How would you like to add this bundle of joy to your extended family?  He’s six meters long, weighs in at a whopping six tons, has a curving dorsal fin, distinctive white spots and 20 pairs of razor-sharp, interlocking teeth.

This wild killer whale, and hundreds of others, are up for adoption through the Vancouver Aquarium, part of a unique initiative started in 1992 to fund research on these magnificent predators of the deep.   And for as little as $64, you can become a  proud parent of one of Canada’s noblest – and most fearsome – creatures.

The process is surprisingly easy and starts with choosing your whale.  Log onto the adoption program website and you’ll find descriptions of hundreds of orcas living right now off Canada’s west coast.  Each adoptee is identified with a number, name, gender and year of birth.

While you don’t get to take the “little guy” home, you do receive an extensive adoption package in return for your donation, with a cute ID photo, personalized biography of your new whale and a CD featuring whale songs.  You also receive regular updates on the status of your whale from researchers working in the field.

Funding from the program enables biologists to learn more about these amazing animals and also rehabilitate injured whales.  In one remarkable case, researchers rescued a killer whale known as Springer eight years ago from Seattle, where she had been orphaned.  Today, Springer is alive and well, living happily in British Columbia waters.

If you’re interested in adopting, check out the B.C. Killer Whale Adoption Program website.

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