Be A Tourist In Your Own Town Launched Today!

Today marks the first day of Be A Tourist In Your Own Town, a month-long promotion that offers locals free tickets to many of Vancouver’s world-class visitor attractions. Each day, locals can download a limited number of free tickets to the “attraction of the day”. These tickets are valid the following day. Our first attraction – the Britannia Mine Museum has already reached it’s cap of tickets, so make sure you up up bright and early for the rest of the month to ensure you don’t miss out! Don’t forget that many participating attractions are also providing a secondary offer for those that miss out on the complimentary tickets.

Below, Tourism Vancouver’s crack media team have come up with top five tips for playing tourist.

1. Be an early bird – like, 7 a.m. early. That’s when the “attraction of the day” will be announced on, leading to an inevitable frenzy as locals scramble to download the coveted – yet limited – free tickets. Make sure to set the alarm clock to claim yours!

2. Spread the word. Craft a Tweet, write a Facebook post or send a text about Be A Tourist In Your Own Town. After all, the more people you know who snag admission passes, the more likely you are to be offered their second free ticket. And if you score tickets for yourself, why not invite an out-of-town friend or relative to share the experience?

3. Don’t forget your camera. It may have been awhile since you last visited these attractions, and much has probably changed. Besides, you’ll want to document the outing for your blog/scrapbook/Facebook page.

4. Sniff out the freebies. Many attractions will feature special events and offers on their free ticket day. And don’t forget about the biggest freebie of all: a grand prize package that includes four tickets to each of the attractions taking part in the promotion. Remember, you’re automatically entered into the draw every time you download tickets – so make sure you enter early and often!

5. Act like you’re on vacation. When you’re in a foreign city, you make it a priority to tour local hotspots and major tourist attractions. But when was the last time you did that at home? Put on your walking shoes, don your coolest shades and get ready to soak in all the unique venues you never knew were here.

How are you going to Be A Tourist this May?

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5 Responses to Be A Tourist In Your Own Town Launched Today!

  1. Kevin Downie

    Tourist in your own city, What a great idea! It’s almost like you listened to my idea/ comments from 10years ago. About the same time you started the “Ambassador program”.
    Cheers! KD

  2. I did the Brittania Mine Museum about 8 years ago…it was fun and interesting and I’m a girl!

  3. GT

    Really, really bad form to make me enter contact details first…..only to then tell me that the deal has run out. Can anyone say bait and switch?

    Nice work Tourism Vancouver – you can now spam me, and I get $5 off the horse rides for your \’secondary\’ deal. I was excited by this, but now I\’m just annoyed.

    • Inside Vancouver

      Hi GT – rest assured we won’t be spamming you! Unless you checked the box stating that you would like to receive information on other promotions from us you will never receive an email from us. We respect everyone’s privacy and certainly w0uldn’t send out unwanted emails, nor would we share your information with any outside parties.

  4. GT

    Thanks for replying, but you’re missing my point. Why make me sign up for something only to tell me it’s not there. You know when there are no coupons left, so to make we waste my time and go through a registration and then tell me I’m not going to get what I thought I was going to get makes me feel like I’m being deceived. So what are you doing with all the personal details you receive when there are no coupons and the person has indicated they don’t want to receive marketing info from you? I bet you’re not deleting them.