Richmond’s Summer Night Market Opens May 13, 2011

Summer Night Market in Richmon. Photo: Dana Lynch

It may seem hard to believe, given our unseasonable weather, but summer must be coming soon because one of the great summer-in-Vancouver traditions is about to open for the 2011 season: Richmond’s Summer Night Market opens this Friday, May 13!

There are few annual traditions as beloved by Vancouverites as the Summer Night Market in Richmond. For many locals, summer just isn’t complete without a trip to this huge, Asian-style night bazaar, a market so packed with food, vendors and entertainment that it attracts about two million visitors each year.

The Summer Night Market’s 300+ vendors are divided into two sections: vendors selling a wide variety of cheap merchandise—everything from knock-off sunglasses to jewelry, kids’ toys, clothes, and electronics—and the street food vendors that are the market’s main attraction.

Every weekend night, throngs of people file past the food stalls, sampling Chinese, Japanese, Taiwanese, Vietnamese, and Korean delicacies, and topping them off with Western fairground favourites like twirled “Hurricane” potatos, sno-cones, and sweet waffles. Come hungry—you’ll want to try everything from the Japanese Osaka Balls to the fried squid and Pork Sui Mai.

For summer 2011, there are a full roster of “themed” Summer Night Market events—find a complete schedule here—included June 25’s Taste of Asia, July 1’s Chinese Karaoke Night (awesome way to top off Canada Day), and July 3’s Korean Days.

Need even more reasons to go? Check out Remy’s Top 5 Reasons to Visit the Summer Night Market in Richmond.

The Richmond Summer Night Market is located about 25 minutes south of downtown Vancouver at 12631 Vulcan Way (behind Home Depot on Sweden Way). It’s open Friday and Saturday nights from 7pm – 12am and Sundays and Holiday Mondays from 7pm – 11pm, and runs from May 13 – September 18, 2011.

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