Hungry? Guided Foodie Tours of Vancouver

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So here’s a classic traveler’s dilemma:  You’ve just arrived in Vancouver and you’re starving.  You know the city has a reputation for incredible food and can’t wait to chow down.  But where to go?

You could do a quick, desperate search on the Internet, but we all know how unreliable those TripAdvisor reviews can be.  You could ask the concierge at your hotel, but he might just send you to some boring bistro around the corner.   Or you could just venture out on your own and hope for the best, but the clock is ticking and your stomach is growling.

The solution:  a cool, relatively new offering called Vancouver Food Tour.  This local company offers regular, guided eating tours of restaurants and bars in different neighborhoods around the city.  One price includes all your food and drinks, plus expert commentary and an introduction to some of the local hidden gems.

So, for instance, if you’re interested in exploring the burgeoning new culinary offerings in historic Gastown, you could tag along for the daily 5 p.m. Gastown Tasting Tour.    The four-hour tour includes pre-dinner drinks and appies at some of the neighbourhood’s trendier new spots, including a Barcelona-inspired taberna and secret whisky bar.

Then, it’s on to a communal dinner in an Irish pub and an award-winning cocktail bar for dessert.  Plus, since it’s a walking tour, you work off some of the calories along the way.  And the price isn’t bad either ($139/person), especially considering that the food and drinks are included.

Other tours focus on Granville Island, Chinatown and cocktail culture in Gastown.  There’s even a special Salt Spring Island Food Tour that starts and ends with a scenic float plane ride to the Gulf Islands.  Plus, the company can also design a custom, self-guided tour based on your culinary interests.

Has anyone taken a Vancouver Food Tour?  How was your experience?

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