Fete de la Musique Vancouver (Make Music Vancouver)

On June 21, 2011, the Fête de la Musique comes to Vancouver for the first time.

On June 21, 2011, the Fête de la Musique comes to Vancouver for the first time.

From the streets, buildings, and alleyways – on June 21, Gastown will be transformed and resonate with music for Vancouver’s inaugural Fete de la Musique. Presented locally by the association Français du Monde à Vancouver in partnership with the Alliance Française – Fete de la Musique is a worldwide, admission-free, grassroots event celebrating music, and features both amateur and professional artists of diverse musical backgrounds.

Locals and tourists, music lovers – everyone is invited to wander around the neighborhood and enjoy live performances played from 35 musical zones. Musicians will perform in a variety of genres including classical, pop, jazz, heavy metal, traditional, indie, world music and more. Rain or shine, performances begin at 5pm and run until 10pm.

An annual event, Fete de la Musique is an international one-day celebration of music in all its diversity. Started in France 30 years ago by France’s Culture Ministry, the idea spread rapidly to other countries in the following years, growing to more than 100 globally. Current participants include: Germany, Australia, Britain, USA, Canada, China, India, Lebanon, Malaysia, Morocco, Philippines, Colombia, and many others. Every year across these countries the event is organized in 460 cities. In Canada, Vancouver now joins Toronto, Moncton, Ottawa, Mont-Tremblant, Quebec and Montréal, in celebrating the first day of summer with music. Participating US cities include New York, Boston, Chicago and Sacramento.


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5 Responses to Fete de la Musique Vancouver (Make Music Vancouver)

  1. Thanks for posting this! I definitely will be there! I love this!! My Gallery is in Gastown, ( La G Gallery) so I will be sure to share with everyone to join me! I cannot wait!

  2. I love that Vancouver is going to celebrate Fete de la Musique! Everyone should be playing music on the summer solstice and now we will be celebrating at the same time as others around the world while giving any musician a chance to debut… what a wonderful event.

  3. Thanks for helping us spread the word!

    We’re in great shape for June 21 – over 130 bands and 60 volunteers have already signed up.

    We’re still looking for more people to perform and give a hand with the organization, so feel free to tell your friends about the Fête de la Musique!

    Looking forward to seeing everyone on June 21 in Gastown :)

  4. nathalie

    What a great evening! La fête de la musique fut un succès according to me. The volunteer did a great job trying to keep people out of the traffic’s way, there were a good variety of music, levels of musicien, and a good crowd. Next year, could you please put the quieter entertainenrs ( ie: accoustic music) further away from the R&B band or other rock band. it did not seem fait for them. Overall a great initiative! I hope Vancouver City will support more concretely your efforts next year

  5. I took some pictures of Leave The Lion playing at fete de la musique. Check it out! Awesome festival , can’t wait for the next one!!