Vancouver by Trolley – Stop 13 Vancouver Aquarium (Red 5)

Stanley Park has many things to offer, but a family favourite has always been the Vancouver Aquarium. A non-profit that focuses on conservation and providing learning tools regarding aquatic life to the public, the Vancouver Aquarium has been in operation since 1956.

When you walk towards the Aquarium from the Trolley stop, you are greeted by caricature artists, balloon entertainers and Bill Reid’s famous Killer Whale Sculpture. Erected in front of the Aquarium in ’84, the statue represents the culture of the Northwest and the aquatic mammals both in the aquarium and in the neighboring Pacific Ocean.

Inside the Aquarium’s walls, there are many rooms for you to explore. One of my favorites was the humid amazon corner, featuring some of the Aquarium’s newest residents, Goeldi’s marmosets. Moving into the Aquarium in late March, these tiny monkeys can be hard to spot but are worth the search. Also found in this space are tropical birds, butterflies and three sloths.

Back into the aquatic spaces there are beautiful coral displays, sea nettle and thousands of species of fish. I was just in time for the last dolphin show of the day, showcasing the trained talent of some pacific white-sided dolphins. Although a spectacular show, I was eager to visit the Aquarium’s most popular residents, the Beluga Whales.

The family of whales can be viewed from the outside viewing deck or from the recently renovated Arctic Exhibit. This breathtaking exhibit features facts about the Arctic’s history, culture and inhabitants opposite the brilliant round viewing area of the belugas’ tank.

It’s so easy to spend a full day in Stanley Park that I didn’t have time to visit another great attraction at this stop, the Horse Drawn Carriages. I’ll be sure to include my visit on the Horse-Drawn Shuttles in my next Stanley Park post.

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