Official Star Trek Convention in Vancouver – Ticket Giveaway!

Star Trek Convention

Join celebrity guests and fellow fans in honoring Gene Roddenberry’s enduring legacy of a positive future for mankind as Creation Entertainment brings The Official STAR TREK Convention: The Celebration of the 45th Anniversary to Vancouver June 10-12, at the Sheraton Vancouver Wall Centre.

This Vancouver weekend will feature a fantastic array of Star Trek stars, non-stop events, parties, contests, panels, music, performances, autographing, photo ops and some amazing extra surprises! There will be a live appearance of representatives of The Klingon Empire: Gowron and Martok and The Duras Sisters! The Klingons, after an extended period of talks and as yet unexplained disappearances of human negotiators, have agreed to appear at this convention provided they are treated with honor and dignity.

We have 5 pairs of General Admission tickets to give away. To be eligible just post a comment below telling us which Star Trek character is your favourite.

For an additional chance post the following on Twitter:

I entered to win FREE STAR TREK convention tickets from @myVancouver.

We will pick 5 random winners tomorrow at 11:00 and notify them by email. Winners will have to acknowledge and advise their full names by 3pm. The tickets will then be made available for them at the ticket pickup window.

Update June 10 – thanks to everyone that entered. We’ve picked 5 random winners and sent them an email (check your mailbox Kim, Sophie, Lois, Angie and Larisse). Tickets are waiting for you at the registration  desk.


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84 Responses to Official Star Trek Convention in Vancouver – Ticket Giveaway!

  1. karen

    Has to be quark – the ears, the sleeze and the resolve that makes sure he ends up looking after his friends no matter where they are from.

    • doc mabuse


      His character development thru TNG was off-the-wall.
      Fave episode: The Inner Light

  2. Jenni

    Seven of Nine!!! 7/9 from Star Trek voyager.

    Anyone who can wear a spandex bodysuit all day is on the top of my list.

  3. Andy


  4. paulo del rosario

    Kirk. The guy is a genius for being able to bed women, especially when they arent even the same species

    • Jen

      Now putting this in context…. if you bedded a horse….

  5. Alex


  6. Taigi

    Tossed between Spock or Gordie but overall Gordie.

  7. Kim Werker

    Mr. Spock, naturally!

  8. Linda

    has to be spock! :)

  9. desy

    Mine is Data too!

  10. Sophie

    I would say Picard, but my trekkie boyfriend would kill me if I didn’t give Data a shoutout. :)

  11. LisaB

    I’m going to buck the trend and say Wesley Crusher.

  12. data.

  13. Elisa

    Spork~~~~ <3 <3

  14. Daniel

    Picard definitely!! Data is a close 2nd.

  15. The logical response is surely Mr. Spock.

  16. Katherine

    definite fan of data but checkov was always my favorite on Star trek

  17. Amanda

    Mr. Spock! got a picture with him at the last convention :D

  18. Tracy


  19. sherb0t

    Q- star trek’s Great Gazoo

  20. Darlene

    Deanna Troy. She’s amazing… not sure why she digs Riker though!

  21. Lois Patterson

    Mr. Spock has to be my favorite.

  22. Olivia

    No idea why but if I have to pick one, it’s Charles Tucker in Enterprise! I got crushed when he died…

  23. Trisha

    Spock obviously

  24. Data!!!!

  25. Angie Milligan

    Data. Brent Spinner is one of my heros. Also, he made Data into a relatable character. My fav TNG episodes always have a Data story arc in them. I would love to play a round of poker with Data as the dealer ;)

  26. Kirk

    While Picard is fantastic, I have to go with the namesake: Captain Kirk. He could be one of the most awesome characters of all time.

  27. Madhu Jain

    Mr. Spock

  28. Larisse Atalie

    Easily…Leonard “Bones” McCoy!!!

  29. Sharon

    Spock :)

  30. David

    Garak, the tailor from DS9

  31. Gloria


  32. Paul

    Picard! Because there are four lights.

  33. J-C Roy

    Picard/Kirk. The ultimate fantasy dream captain. Brash and great with the ladies with great intelligence to outsmart all foes. Not sure what the hair would do though.

  34. My Favorite is Neelix because he is always willing to help out someone else or try to boost morale.

  35. Lisa

    Jadzia Dax!

  36. Jason Pineo

    I like Lieutenant Barclay. His difficulties were entertaining, and watching the show’s regulars interact with him always gave us new insight into their characters.

  37. LucieB

    Picard all the way!!!

  38. Yoony

    Captain Picard!!

  39. Bons

    Spock of course.

  40. Hannah

    I like Sulu! I like that they tried to represent the Asian countries with his character.

  41. Ashley T.

    A tie between Odo and Spock for me. I mean being able to shape-shift is pretty cool… and pointy ears too!

  42. Paul


  43. Alison

    Spock of course. He is Star Trek…..

  44. Jullin


    Who else can pull of “engage” so well?

  45. Elim Garak — the Cardassian spy turned tailor. A character full of mystery, humour and menace.

  46. drew


  47. Colin

    The Doctor. His snobbiness is always good for a laugh!

  48. Marta

    Wesley Crusher. Everyone hates him, but I think the kid deserves a bit of credit. A teenaged super-genius who has to live on the Enterprise with his mom, rather than doing the things that normal teenagers should be able to do. He makes the most of it, wearing festive sweaters to brighten the mood, or taking up hobbies like building portable tractor beams (and later using said beam to nearly kill everyone on the Enterprise in a faux-drunken state)…can’t say he wasn’t trying, right?

  49. Shannon

    Mr. Spock

  50. Anna

    Dr. Pulaski – loved her gung-ho, take-no-prisoners attitude.

  51. Jennifer


  52. Trina

    Data is the hottest!

  53. Michael


  54. Steve

    Definitely Uhura. The new Uhura. Hawt.

  55. Catherine

    Spock. It was always Spock.

  56. Annie

    Spock, for sure. He knows how to bring it!

  57. Meaghan

    Hard to choose — definitely TOS, though it’s a hard toss up between Kirk and Spock!

  58. Hannah

    Spock. Why? The Vulcan eyebrow!

  59. Manuel

    Sarek! He’s such a nice guy….

  60. Caryn

    I’ve always been faithful to my Captain, Kirk.

  61. April

    Spock. Difficult to pick just one, but if only one then it’s Spock.

  62. Giselle

    I have too many favorites… but if I absolutely had to pick one character then…Picard.

  63. Carol Francey

    Love Diana Troy because she’s elegant. Also I am a social worker and she inspires me to do my best. Go Diana!

  64. Jovian Francey

    Data. He’s compassionate, smart, child like and humble. Data saves the day a dozen times before breakfast.

  65. Bob Strandquist

    Picard. He’s the best captain of them all. They are all noble but Picard is the guy without the temper or swagger. He’s the kind of boss we could all use. He teaches about co-operation and speaks with the strong warm voice of a perfect theatre actor. Class act all the way.

  66. Michelle

    My favourite character is seven of nine!!

  67. Carol

    Kathryn Janeway

  68. Richard


  69. Albert Chu

    Picard. engage!!!!

  70. Michelle

    The Doctor from Voyager (he was awfully nice when I asked for his autograph a few years back!)

  71. Nina

    I want my tix!! :)

  72. lee


  73. Rafael

    Quark. definitely the most attractive ferengi with his eyeshadow

  74. Angela

    Lwaxana Troi. A strong, independent woman who is proud of herself and just as happy to reinvent herself.

  75. JJ

    That’s a tough question… I was Warf for halloween once (that’s right, an Asian klingon), so I’m partial to him. And Dr. McCoy had the best one liners, but I’m going to have to go with Geordi Laforge because he had the best glasses known to man.

  76. Kaitie

    There are so many great characters, but I think I’m going to have to go with the Doctor from Voyager! He is completely unique in the Star Trek universe and has a beautiful singing voice to boot!

  77. ron


    His character range was massive. Anything from patient teacher, protective captain to seething anger, it was all there. He was complete.

  78. Justin Baker

    Well i must say im old school! I like captain kirk, he was brilliant. I hope I win the tickets introducing my 7 yr old son. He would love it! especially the kling on breakfast!

  79. marko

    spoke rules!

  80. Ashley Sandquist

    Jean-Luc Picard!! He inspries his crew to take an initiative and perform better than their best at 110% and explore a side unknown even to themselves.

  81. Master Chief

    Star Trek? The Master Chief crashed their party… and they all wanted pictures. More details:

  82. Celeste

    i like Martok. i think the klingons are the coolest star trek race ever