How did this happen?

People posting messages on The Bay's boarded up windows. Photo: Zerlene

People posting messages on The Bay's boarded up windows. Photo: Zerlene

With the sun shining in Vancouver today, we’d normally be talking about the weather. Instead, we’re talking about yet another riot after a game seven Vancouver Canucks loss in the Stanley Cup final.

Shock, dismay, anger, bewilderment and embarrassment are just some of the feelings Vancouverites have expressed so far after watching or witnessing the destruction of a large part of the downtown core.

After weeks of cheering our team, celebrating peacefully in the streets and getting swept up in Canuck fever, a few hours of mayhem forever changed the world’s impressions of our city. It won’t be easy to forgive or forget.

The average, law-abiding citizen is asking a multitude of questions today. How did this happen, and why? Who are these idiots that started the riot and where did they come from? Are they proud of themselves today? Did they make their parents proud? What point were the culprits trying to make? Do they have a conscience?

As Vancouver residents, all we can do is pick ourselves up and dust ourselves off. We can look back at a terrific hockey season and thank our team for entertaining us all year. We can also show our appreciation for the people who risk their lives to serve us. They are the men and women of the Vancouver Police Department (with support from surrounding municipalities), Fire Service, Ambulance Service, doctors, nurses and others. We can also thank City of Vancouver employees who worked throughout the night to return our streets to some sense of normalcy for the good citizens and visitors to enjoy.

As much as it hurts to see our team lose, it pains us even more to see how some responded. That said, we are a proud city and I see evidence of that on this beautiful, late spring day as regular folks have been on the streets helping with the clean-up. That’s the Vancouver that I know and love. #ThisIsMyVancouver

Messages posted on the "Citizen's Wall" at the Bay


Vancouverites cleaning up

True Vancouverites pulling together to clean up. Photo: JuilieRobe


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