8 Must-Have Smart Phone Apps for Summer in Vancouver

Bard on the Beach's new iPhone App.

Summer in Vancouver is one of the best times of year for festivals, outdoor adventures and exploring the city. And there are loads of (often free) smart phone apps to help you make the most of Vancouver’s summer months.

8 Must-Have Smart Phone Apps for Summer in Vancouver

1. TransLink App – Free
This free app from TransLink helps you get around Vancouver easily by letting you access complete schedules for buses, SkyTrain, Canada Line, WestCoast Express and SeaBus.

2. Vancouver Tap App – Free
Find free sources for refilling your water bottles—a necessity in summer—with this free app from Metro Vancouver.

3. Tourism Vancouver’s Citysmart Mobile Guide – Free
Tourism Vancouver’s fabulous free app isn’t just for tourists. It not only leads you straight to Vancouver’s top attractions and keeps you updated on the city’s biggest events, it has fun features, too, like an integrated tracking and recording ability that allows users to “Footprint” photos taken and replay them on Google Earth!

4. iParks Explorer App – Free
Also from Metro Vancouver, this app is a mobile guide to Greater Vancouver’s 22 regional parks.

5. Vancouver Street Food App – Free
Vancouver’s street food scene has exploded in popularity, and this app helps you keep up with the growing selection. Find up-to-the-minute open hours and locations, contact information, and more.

6. Bard on the Beach iPhone App – Free
This brand-new app from Vancouver’s summer Shakespeare festival Bard on the Beach includes play synopses, schedules, ticket info, videos, podcasts, and more.

7. Go Play Golf! – Free
This free golf app covers over 30 golf courses in B.C., and includes info on weather, special deals, and the “Possibility of Sun” (instead of possibility of precipitation).

8. Wine Tripper B.C. – $2.99
The B.C. version of the popular Wine Tripper smart phone app helps you explore our region’s fabulous wineries, from the Okanagan to Vancouver Island to around Vancouver itself.

Know more smart phone apps that would be perfect for summer in Vancouver? Please leave your picks in the comments!

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15 Responses to 8 Must-Have Smart Phone Apps for Summer in Vancouver

  1. Great list Dana, can’t wait to try the rest of these apps. Thanks for including Street Food Vancouver.

    • ca

      Advertise the right thing, these are iPhone apps, most don’t work on any other platform. It is sad for those of us who don’t buy in to the Apple hype.

  2. Android User

    Agree with ca here. “Smart Phone Apps” does not mean “Apple apps”. Would appreciate it if anyone knew of Vancouver-y apps that are available for other platforms.

    • Dana Lynch

      While it is true that not all of these apps are available for Android/Blackberry, 40% are (hence the title). The TransLink app is multi-platform, as is Tourism Vancouver’s app. Metro Vancouver has an Android version of the Tap App and plans to develop the iParks Explorer app for Blackberry / Android in the future. (You can speed that up by contacting the developers and letting them know a customer base is waiting for the apps in other devices.)

      That said, if you guys have picks for Android / Blackberry apps, please leave your suggestions and I’ll add them to the list!

  3. the vancouver city smart app for iphone isn’t available in the canadian itunes store…only in the us store… says my itunes. fyi. it looks like the most useful one out of these.

  4. Mark

    Taxinow is a great app to hail a taxi with your iPhone.

  5. For theatre lovers the Greater Vancouver Professional Theatre (aka GVPTA) App is a must have. It’s not an app you download but you can easily add the website to your smartphone browser and it will display just like any downloadable app. How: Visit the website on an iPhone and hit the plus button and click Add to Home Screen. The GVPTA also have an excellent newsletter for those that love email updates on what’s opening & closing – ticket deals too. Sign up here http://www.gvpta.ca

  6. Chris

    I love the Bard on the Beach app. So cool to see local companies delivering for the theatre community!

  7. place z vcb

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  8. What if I don’t have a smartphone? will I survive?:))

  9. These are so awesome! I wish I would have some of these for my city. Like the one for street food. I’m always hungry at the worst moments and I can never find a place to eat.

  10. Wine Tripper…that has got to be the coolest app ever. I would be it’s number one user!

  11. Vancouver Tap App has saved me last summer. I have no idea how I would’ve survived that city without all the water I drank with the help of the app!

  12. Wine Tripper BC is awesome! I have never tasted so many flavors of wine before, I even tried an amazing pineapple wine and it was terrific!

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