Wanna Live at YVR Airport for 80 Consecutive Days?

A few weeks ago, I posted a story about how Vancouver’s YVR airport was voted the best in North America at the annual World Airport Awards.  A lot of people commented about how much they loved YVR.  Well . . . now it’s time to put that love to the test.

Are you a big enough fan of YVR to live at the airport (a la Tom Hanks in Terminal) for 80 consecutive days?   YVR announced the Live@YVR contest a few weeks ago in honour of its 80th anniversary, and it’s no joke.  The winner gets put up for 80 straight nights in the Fairmont Vancouver Airport Hotel and cannot leave the Vancouver Airport Authority’s home base of Sea Island – for any reason – for 80 days.

During that time, you’re expected to share your experiences with the world by tapping into social media tools like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube (You actually have to complete a pretty rigorous list of assignments).  You get free food and – oh yeah – $15,000 for your troubles.

The winner will be selected based upon videos submitted to the Live@YVR website, which should illustrate applicants’ interviewing and video-making abilities.  Five finalists will be chosen by an in-house panel, and then the public gets to select the winner.

So far there are just a handful of videos . . . and they’re not that great.  So, if you have any interest in imprisoning yourself at YVR for three months, make sure you submit an entry.  The deadline for videos is July 18.  Finalists will be notified on July 20.  And the 80 days of confinement at YVR officially starts on Aug. 17.

And, actually, hanging out at YVR probably wouldn’t be that bad.  Here’s what it says on the contest website: “[E]verything you might need is right here at YVR. Work out at the gym at The Fairmont Vancouver Airport Hotel, and visit our dentist, doctor, chapel, drug store, convenience store, hairdresser, florist, bookstore, and more. Need a pedicure or hair cut? Check out one (or all four!) of our spas.”  Outside, there are also bike and walking trails in two separate parks.  Complete rules are available on the Live@YVR website.

But still, 80 whole days in the airport?

Do you think you could make it for 80 days at YVR?  What would be the hardest part?


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