Vancouver by Trolley – Stop 16 & 17 (Stanley Park Flag Stops)

While admittedly it’s been a very slow start to summer here in Vancouver, there are plenty of rainy day activities to keep us going through the drizzle, and enough breaks in the clouds to get us out and enjoying the nature surrounding our city.

Last weekend I hopped off the Trolley at The Teahouse in Stanley Park and enjoyed the views from their spacious outdoor patio along with some delicious Sesame Crusted Ahi Tuna followed by a BC Salmon Burger.  While the building itself is beautiful, the view looking over Ferguson Point and onto the ocean is pretty amazing, too.

Instead of hopping back on the Trolley right after lunch, I decided to join one of Vancouver’s newest tours and enjoy the bits of sunshine that were peeping through the clouds. Cycle City Tours offers an array of tour options, including an extensive Stanley Park Tour. Although I admittedly joined the group near the end of their tour, I was just in time to learn about the amazing Blue Heron Colony.

I don’t know how I’d never noticed this Colony previously, as it’s home to over 200 birds, protected by plastic bands around the trees to keep predators out. We were lucky to see a few Blue Herons on our journey along the seawall but unfortunately my amateur cycling skills didn’t allow me to stay upright and take a photo at the same time.

I left the rest of the tour group when we got to the Fish House, because I’d heard rumors of the creative menu by head chef Karen Barnaby and had to check it out for myself. Sure enough, when I was seated at a table with yet another beautiful beach view, I was served Bacon Cake for dessert. Yes, it may sound strange, but this cake was absolutely amazing. With bacon crumbs throughout the batter and a larger piece of bacon to top it off, Ms Barnaby definitely wins for creativity in the kitchen here.

While waiting to hop on the Stanley Park Shuttle for a more in-depth Trolley tour of the Park, I couldn’t help but notice the continuous stream of active Vancouverites walking towards the tennis courts and the Stanley Park Pitch n Putt. The great thing about this area of Stanley Park is that although you’re only a mere five minute walk from downtown, you feel five hours away from the strains of city life.

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