The Guide to PNE Discounts and Freebies

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It’s almost that time of year.  The PNE, Vancouver’s annual summer fair, opens on Aug. 20 for 17 days of carnival rides, concerts, deep-fried Oreos, barnyard exhibits and fireworks.

For many Vancouverites, it’s a celebrated summer rite of passage, bringing back fond childhood memories.   But one thing that has changed since those good-old-days is the price.  Adult admission to the PNE is $20 this year.  A ride pass will set you back another $42.75.  As amusement parks go, these prices are actually rather reasonable.  But for a family, the expenses can add up fast.

For the budget-minded, here’s a quick guide to PNE discounts and freebies:

  • Kids are always free: Children under 13 are admitted free everyday.  You still have to pay for the rides, but this does shave off the admission price.
  • Free admission on Monday, Aug. 22: From 9 a.m.-noon on Monday, Aug. 22, everybody gets into the PNE for free.  I don’t think they advertise this very widely, but it’s a great deal.  Again, you still have to pay for all the rides.
  • Free Summer Nights Concerts with admission: With your $20 admission ticket, you get access to the evening’s Summer Night Concert.  Some big-name acts usually show up.  This year’s lineup includes Chris Isaak, Air Supply (remember them?), Wilson Philips, Kenny Rogers, Hall & Oates and Donny Osmond.

President's Choice-SUPERDOGS at PNE-Photos by Ron Sombilon Gallery-14

  • Free Superdogs with admission: Another PNE highlight.  The Superdogs shows – showcasing acrobatic canines – are staged three times daily at noon, 2 p.m. and 6 p.m. inside the Pacific Coliseum.  Arrive early for good seats.
  • Twilight Ride Pass: After 5 p.m., Monday-Thursday, ride passes are discounted from $42.75 to $29.75 – not a huge break, but every bit helps.

Anyone else have any PNE money-saving tips?  Please share your suggestions below.

Check out our latest video blog about the PNE!

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20 Responses to The Guide to PNE Discounts and Freebies

  1. Ron

    Aug 20 is a Saturday. Did the article mean to say Aug 22?

    • Inside Vancouver

      Yes you are correct, it should have said Aug 22. We’ve corrected the typo, thanks.

      • Lesley

        August 22 is a Friday there it said Monday for the free admission which day is it the 22 Friday or is it on a Monday

  2. Marina

    You can buy your passes at 7-11 or Safeway and save a few bucks. Every little bit helps!

    Also, if you arrive early, as in around opening time, there’s lots of free street parking that isn’t too far away. Just be watchful of signage. Unless you have little ones, the walk at the end of the night is a good way to burn off at least a mini donut or two. :)

  3. Renee

    Eat a proper meal before you go to the fair. You will resist buying all those treats just a little bit longer. Bring a water bottle and refill it. They do have the bottomless pops at the PNE but who needs that much sugar?

    Sometimes The Province has coupons for discounts on food or free rides in it.

  4. Cathy

    If you’re a VanCity member, you can get in the gate for only $5 on Tuesday, August 24, 2011.

  5. Gen

    Local soccer fans will get a treat on Aug. 27 – Free #PNE admission with @WhitecapsFC ticket:

  6. Sandy

    Two years ago, the PNE offered free admission with a gold membership from Great Canadian Casinos. Do you know if they are offering that this year? Thanks

    • Mary

      No. Apparently the City Of Vancouver won’t allow access to the PNE from the casino anymore. However, if you have a Hastings racetrack interactive account, you can get free access to the PNE grounds. I didn’t bother to sign up online, too much hassle.

  7. Kal

    The Vancity Member day is Wednesday, August 24th. Take your member card with you, and admission is only $5.

  8. JC

    Buying online gets you the discount too and you get to avoid the ticket line-up, If you plan to go more than twice (imagine cost wasn’t such an issue so you just might), buy a season’s pass. It’s only $53, so you’ve earned it back it you go 3 times… even if you only go for the concerts, they start before the discount price comes into effect.

  9. thirdperson

    Cheaper to buy food at nearby MacDonalds or Burger King before entering PNE. Race Track has some of the lowest prices for food. Monday $1 for coffee and muffin. Tuesday $3 panini. Wednesday $3 beef stew. Thursday $3 smokie. Sunday $11 buffet. Also FREE WATER at agrodome and pacific coliseum.

  10. Chris

    Go to subway they are giving out $5.00 off playland admission coupon

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  16. Jan

    Does the season pass work for the PNE fair?

  17. Tyler

    Hi can you purchase fright night tickets anywhere else
    besides the gates and online