Defend Vancouver Fashion: Support the Thuggie

Not since lululemon has Vancouver fashion attracted so much attention.   Earlier this week, Internet guru and Twitter magnate Guy Kawasaki posted a story on his website titled Canada Goes Gangster with the Thuggie and Tweeted it to his 400,000 followers.

The story, which went viral, was all about Vancouver’s latest loungewear fad, the Thuggie.  If you haven’t heard of this yet, it’s a very odd-looking, ankle-length hooded sweatshirt.  Its designers describe it as a cross between a hoodie and a Snuggie (those blanket with sleeves things).

Well, the Internet hasn’t taken too kindly to the Thuggie.  Some fashionistas on the web have slammed the product as a new low in Canadian style and a crude impersonation of urban, “gangsta” culture (On the other hand, plenty of people have also come out to rally around Thuggies after seeing the blog post).   Seeing as how Thuggies originate right in our backyard, handmade in a small studio off Venables Street, I thought maybe we should show our support and defend a Vancouver fashion statement.

A little background on the whole Thuggie phenomenon (courtesy of some great research by Gillian Shaw):  The product was developed by three Vancouver locals, Kim Bowie, Bryan Pudney and Brad Westerop.  The inspiration for the Thuggie came from the oversized T-shirts, hoodies and outerwear worn by snowboarders on Whistler Blackcomb.

Now, the important thing is that the Thuggie is supposed to be kind of a joke.  It’s meant to be a tongue-in-cheek thing, poking fun at the whole snowboarder fashion culture.  If you’re taking it seriously, you’re kind of missing the point.  The Thuggie website explains it best:

“Unlike other semi-ironic leisure apparel, the Thuggie equips the wearer with a sense of security, satisfaction, extreme comfort and a gentle sense of smugness.  You are guaranteed to feel smug in this Thug.”

And no self-respecting thug would be caught drinking a warm beer. Keep your beer cold with the Chuggie! 

Interested in getting a Thuggie of your own?  They sell online for $75.  For $45, you can pick up a Thuglet for your favourite gangsta baby. You can get a 6-pack of Chuggies for $45.

But wait, there’s more! The good folks at have provided us with a Thuggie and a few Chuggies to give away to a couple of our lucky readers!

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143 Responses to Defend Vancouver Fashion: Support the Thuggie

  1. Malika Garg

    I’d like a Thuggie!!! :)

    • Janice DeCap

      I’d like to represent the thuggie in the okanagan. I think they are funny looking but cute. I totally wear it on the slopes lol

  2. Erin

    I’d love a Thuggie or a Chuggie! I’d totally represent in Surrey :)

  3. TheJod-I

    Soooo down with the Thuggie and the Chuggie!! Send em my way please!! :)

  4. Cathy

    I’d wear it around the house – looks comfie.

    • jeannette debaca

      I would only wear this thuggie in the house,for sure NOT OUT DOORS, it is a UGLY PIECE OF FASHION, YOU WILL DIFFENTALY BE NOTICED. I will be in vancouver next month, sep 24, Maybe i can see this new Fashion

  5. Gotta hold true to Vancouver Style!

  6. Julie

    LOVE it!
    Definately a must buy for my teens…..and the chuggies would be a great gift for my friends!!!

  7. Ron K.

    I think I still have some old hoodies that could almost qualify as thuggies. But I’d rather have the real thing.

  8. Shannon

    Comical & cozy at the same time & so practical for our BC weather…LOL!

  9. CG

    Vancouver gives us the “Thuggie” a new low in fashion… In direct contrast Montreal gives us Naked and Famous Jeans…

  10. If I may say my piece, it’s “awesome new design, fabulous marketing, great new piece of Canadiana, eat your heart out the rest of the world for not thinking of it first, I’d love to dawn one of these to strut in, and HI FIVE to whoever thought of it first, KUDOS TO YOU!”

  11. Susan Hill

    I would totally wear this camping!!! Looks silly, but very comfy.

  12. Debs

    Awesome idea. I love how it’s Canadian!

  13. Michelle

    pick me!

  14. Val Diamond

    Can’t wait to get all snuggly in my Thuggie

  15. Catherine

    Should have called it the Smuggie! I would want one just to look ironic.

  16. Fraser

    Being an ex thuggie owner I vouch for their incredible awesomeness! Great for hangin out at home or stayin warm on the streets. Best of all you can go commando, kinda like the new school kilt. Unfortunately my thuggie went MIA after the last drinkin shenanigans

  17. roki

    Thuggie would be awesome to have for camping – always wear layers, or include it my emergency kit since I drive more than 50km a day.

  18. David Marsden

    As a new resident here in Vancouver, will the Thuggie guarantee to make me feel as snug as bugs do in rugs?

    Snug as a bug in a thug perhaps?

    Wouldn’t mind owning a piece of said *apparel* and showing off my fashionista side this winter on the slopes!

    Have a great one!

  19. Alex

    I have wanted one of these things for about a year now – absolute awesomeness!

  20. Daniel

    I can not believe. What is next? Big diapers hoodyskirt? I have not seen so many bad dressed people like anywhere else. Do you guys really want to look like cabbage rolls the rest of your life or what? Feeling cozy? Granola win again???

  21. k

    i’ve wanted a thuggie so bad for so long

  22. Damian

    yes please!

  23. Amy

    Sweet! A) Canadian product and B) looks super comfy and chic ghetto sarcastic fashion. Just super fun all around!

  24. Looks like the comfiest thing ever! Great for lounging around the house on a rainy day or popping in to the corner store…I like the optional pants rule!

  25. I’m a senior who wants one to keep warm this winter…I wanna be a gangsta

  26. Alison

    It makes me laugh so much that I want one. Also, the thuglet would make a funny baby shower gift!

  27. Kevin

    looks super comfy! I would like one!

  28. love love love the thuggie! so cute, so g! its even better than the snuggie which i love! i would wear it every day..

  29. Michelle

    My first reaction was “Those look ridiculous!”, but was quickly followed by “I kinda like them…”

  30. Jeremie Metcalfe

    They’ll be all over Whistler thise winter for sure.

  31. Stephanie

    Love it!! It looks so comfy, especially for the cold winter coming on…

  32. Pam

    I’d love to give that as a present to my bf! He can’t live without hoodies and beer! Lol

  33. Gerry

    All they need is a black Thuggie and a sickle, and they could apply for the next opening for the Grim Reaper position.

  34. Chellybo

    Love it! Takes away the awkwardness of answering the door in a housecoat and accidentally flashing the delivery guy… So west coast so awesome!

  35. Karina

    Australia gave us Uggs, France gave us a bejewelled Christian Audigier and the States gave us Crocs. Quite frankly the world kind of deserves this and Canada are just the ones to give it :)

  36. Jessica

    I’d Love a Thuggie!!

  37. K.C.

    Thug life is hard to represent in Vancity, with a Thuggie I’ll finally be legit Thuggin with steeze.

  38. Ruby

    Haha! This is great — I love Thuggies! Always wanted one ;)

  39. Kim

    I’ve wanted a Thuggie for months!!! Sooo sweet!

  40. Micky

    I would love one!

  41. Ooh! I’ve been wanting one of these for awhile now. :D They’d be perfect to wear on those chilly Fall/Winter days.

  42. Thomas

    A thuggie please :D. Looks awesome.

  43. cass

    i would love one! seems perfect after surfing in tofino

  44. Jenn

    Thuggies are awesome! Warm, stylish and you don’t have to suck your stomach in after nachos and a few beers! FABULOUS!

  45. Please throw a thuggie my way! I’d sport it proudly in my living room… Or on the odd Cheetos run at the 7-11…

  46. Samantha Clark

    I need a thug to increase my thugness

  47. As much as I revile Lululemon, I would definitely wear a thuggie if I had one…

  48. tara

    me,me, pick me…looks comfy..perfect snuggle wear for the upcoming Vancouver fall/winter.

  49. Mark

    Holla atcha Thuggie :)

  50. Alivia

    Thuggie life.

  51. kelsey

    yeeah. supporting the thuggie

  52. Megan

    Sign me up to win!!

  53. Danielle

    Totally want a thuggie.

  54. jessica g.

    I’d love one of these for work!! sometimes the AC just blasts like crazy and a couple of coworkers have snuggies, but this would be AWESOME!!

  55. Larissa

    This is so perfectly Canadian. I love it.

  56. I’m short enough that the Thugie would be a full length gown. That would be cool. And my kids are too young to be embarassed by it.

  57. Arielle R

    thuggies are rad!!! I would totally rock it everywhere, especially on the slopes. As soon as I saw it I instantly though ‘I want one to wear shredding’!!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. Ivy

    it hurst so bad, but feels so good.

  59. Jay

    Omg!! This is amazing! Lol I’m an avid avid avid snowboarder, and find this Thuggie bloody amazing!! If I didn’t feel the need to have to work two Jobs just to pay my rent and afford a weekly riding pass to Seymour, I’d be all over this! To be selected as a winner to own this I’d be so effin grateful!!! This is AWESOME!!!! Rocking this out on the hills would be amazing!!! LOVE IT!!!

  60. Sarah

    I’d like a Thuggie! They’re so amazing!

  61. Jocelyn

    These are awesome. I’m not very tall so this would probably be a full-length dress on me, but I would totally wear one just to embarrass my parents. :)

  62. RD

    So funny!

  63. MizJill

    I need a Thuglet for an impending kidlet! :D

  64. Anna Dixon

    Canadian Fashion at it’s best!! LOVE IT!

  65. Valerie Tyson

    It’s hard to be a gangster with a basket on your bike but I could be a thug with a new thugie.

  66. WANT!

  67. Ashley

    after i shared this on fb all my friends wanted one. but i definitely want to win one!

  68. Crafty Diana

    This is the best tongue-in-cheek fashion! Love it…. I mean- you can definitely take this and wear in many areas…. unlike the Snuggie. This is awesome. I like the X-game look without the full commitment. Would love to have one even down here in Texas!

  69. Karen

    Ridiculously awesome. I’ve got some peeps who need to wear more ironic clothing.

  70. Yvette

    OMG i think they are adoreable!!! PooPoo on the American’s hacking on our style !! with fall / winter coming up how cozy would they be.. and at the hockey game?? OMG ! Go Canucks GO!!!!!! We’ll be Thuggin as we’re Chuggin’ at the GAME!! I hope they come out with a Canucks color themed one !!!

  71. Heather

    I love this so hard.

  72. Jen

    lol!! OMG!! i want a THUGGIE!!! I will so rock it!!

  73. Amanda

    I’d like a chuggie! Better than a beer coozy :)

  74. Janet Abe

    OMG. I want to go to there. Please Thug me up!

  75. Lucie H

    Dear Santa,
    Please bring me one…or two! Love em!

  76. Sabinah

    I just moved here from Winnipeg (Go Jets!). I’d love this as a welcome to BC gift!

  77. Alli

    I would love to have one!!

  78. Kale

    The Thuggie is fantastic. I’d love to have one!

  79. Shelley

    how can you not smile when you look at the Thuggie :) Just think how happy you’d feel if one was hugging you!
    love em!

  80. Mary

    What’s better than being able to have the comfort of Smuggie and, at the same time, show your character and chic in your new thuggie in front of all the friends!

  81. Leigh

    So much want of a thuggie – and the website is sold out of most of them!!!

  82. shauna

    Is there one for my Mom? a Muggie? Suits the westcoast weather too!

  83. Emily

    Happy to see this Vancouver based clothing company having fun and being creative! Good job guys!

  84. Peter

    I’d totally rock out with these any day!

  85. Linda

    I could bring the trend to the states! Please send to me in California!

  86. Paul

    a Thuggie would be gansta’

    • Cathy

      Recently moved from Vancouver to Ottawa and am missing my Vancouver culture !! Will surely be needing a Thuggie for the COLD Ottawa winter !!!!

  87. Janet

    A thuggie would be good & snugglie in winter!

  88. Maria

    I would love to have one. Please! :)

  89. Lani

    I think they’re pretty cute! Perfect lounge around the house clothes!

  90. Lori

    Thuggie & chuggie for sure! :D

  91. Gigi

    It looks stylish to me, that’s all that it matters :)
    I’d love one for free!! and show it around to everyone how cool it is when they are in their short tees on a cold day.

  92. I LOVE visiting Vancouver (flying up next week, in fact!) and I’d love a Thuggie as a permanent reminder of my favorite BC city.

  93. Jennie

    I’d totally love to rock the thuggie look and support local fashion ;) pick ME!!!!! (Please)

  94. Elaine

    who can resist and say no?

  95. Jamie

    I would wear that thuggie everywhere! Soo stteezzyy! In love with this

  96. Jill

    Great idea, hope to see the line expanded to see more patterns and availability in the US.

  97. Brianna

    I am only 5’1″ I think a Thuggie would be fantastic for me!!! :)

  98. l ramdani

    Looks cozy

  99. Kathy

    I visited Whistler/Blackcomb for summer vacation in late June. Could have used a thuggie then as it wasn’t as warm as I’d expected. Would love to start the trend in the U.S.

  100. Lory

    Already envisioning myself wrapped in a Thuggie, settling down in front of a campfire, Chuggie-wrapped beer in hand. Could life get any better? I think not.

  101. MO

    Tug me up!

  102. KCD

    Heck ya I’d Thuggie it up! Checking these out win or lose!

  103. Terence

    thuggies are straight hood!

  104. Cindy Liu

    Please pick me! I’m sure my pregnant sister-in-law is dying to wear one of these.

  105. Jeremy

    This is awesome. Give me give me.

  106. gina kuizema

    misty moisty mornings and Thuggies and coffee on the deck =Vancouver autumns.

  107. Yu

    I’d love some of those!

  108. tiffymck

    I NEED a THUGGIE!! I do my fair share of travelling and I think the Thuggie would be the perfect travel attire – never be cold on a plane again AND multi-city advertising!
    I live in Toronto and will be tavelling to Ottawa and Kamloops shortly, let me spread the Thuggie love all over Canada!
    much love,

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  110. Melissa

    I seriously have to have one! They’re so stupidly amazing! And just for the record I hate the Snuggie but who doesn’t love an oversized sweatshirt while watching tv…I doubt anyone can deny they like to lounge in comfort!

  111. Ed

    I’d love a thuggie! Getting my thug on all day and night will now be possible!

  112. Jaime

    I want a thuglet for my gangsta baby!

  113. Ada J.

    I wanna chuggie in my thuggie. Proud of Vancouver for making a stake in the fashion scene.

  114. Melissa

    [grabby hands] Thuggie, please!

  115. Brittany

    Loveee the Thuggie!

  116. Jeff

    Beer me a Thuggie (or a chuggie)

  117. Sonia

    Yes! Awesome!

  118. stacey dempsey

    this would be great to win , really cool

  119. stacey dempsey
  120. Patty Kenny

    Nice to see a Canadian product even if it’s silly, I would wear it anyway.

  121. Nick Mann

    Love it! I would totally wear that here in Montana. Come on guys, our state shares a border with THREE provinces, plus I’ll be in Vancouver next weekend so I can save you shipping! Love the thuggie

    Stay ganster Canada.

  122. Nick Mann

    Love it! I would totally wear that here in Montana. Come on guys, our state shares a border with THREE provinces, plus I’ll be in Vancouver next weekend so I can save you shipping! Love the thuggie

    Stay gangster Canada.

  123. Wendy L.

    We should lend support to local Vancouver fashion.

    Express yourself with a thuggie!

  124. Liv W.

    I would be proud to sport the Thuggie in Bozeman, Montana! Especially in the snow!

  125. Eunice

    I would love a Thuggie to Thug around town with!

  126. Holly Cooper

    Love it! We need to take the Thuggie and make it world wide!

  127. Nancu von Euw

    love the thuggie-it’s awesome! love the swag too!

  128. Leigh

    I’m waiting for one in the mail, but 2 Thuggies would be even better!!

  129. H Richizzle

    Ingenius! I love the creativity, comfort, and warmth! Rock on Vancouver, represent!

  130. nav

    I’m sure this will help me stay warm during winter! :P

  131. Janice

    I have much to feel smug about….thanks for the contest!!!!

  132. Peg

    This is great! I think my son should have one. It would totally cover the space left between his t-shirt and his knees where he cinches the waist of his pants…

  133. ac07

    i’m so loving to have one!

  134. Lauren

    Looks kind of cozy…I think I would really like it! Thanks for the chance to win :)

  135. Laura

    I’m thinking that the Thuggie will make a cute Christmas card pic!

  136. Brittany

    Thuggie Thuggie Tuhggie Thuggie! I want one! *grabbie hands*


  137. Sarah

    I’d be proud to rock a Thuggie!

  138. laura

    I want a Thuggie. nothing better for a cold, wet vancouver day!

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