EAT! Fraser Valley Sep 16-18 2011 – Free Ticket Giveaway!

In response to overwhelming consumer demand in the Valley, the very successful nine year old EAT! Vancouver is recreating the magic of food and cooking at the Tradex Exhibition Centre in Abbotsford, BC. The festival serves a consumer base of over 1.5 million people in the fastest growing community in Canada.

Throughout the three days of the show The Food Network Canada Celebrity Stage will feature TV celebrities and featured presentations.

Celebrity chefs, popular local restaurants, wineries, food and beverage manufacturers, cookbook authors, retailers, artisans, and many others from the culinary world will come together for a three day public extravaganza at the Tradex Exhibition Centre.

EAT! Fraser Valley encompasses unique food experiences, opportunities to learn behind-the-scenes culinary magic from professional chefs, dynamic entertainment through celebrity chef cooking demonstrations, diverse food, beverage and cooking related exhibits; and of course fantastic shopping opportunities.

Congratulations to Sara and Mike! Check your in-box for instructions to claim your prize.


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125 Responses to EAT! Fraser Valley Sep 16-18 2011 – Free Ticket Giveaway!

  1. Christy

    I have always wanted to go to EAT! Lots of cool sounding stuff to see and do. Maybe this will be the year.

    • Tanya Kozak

      Hello, I would like to enter for tickets please.

    • Kym

      Really looking forward to this event!

    • linh

      I live in WA state, but always wanted to visit Fraser Valley. Just finished summer school, would love a chance to discover what Fraser Valley is all about.

    • Linda

      I LOVE food- eating and cooking it! I would be delighted to go!!! :)

    • Susie

      I will be going to Vancouver on vacation and I am from the east coast and would love to try out all your different foods.

  2. I hear Chuck Hughes from Chuck’s Day off will be there! I would love to go to this event. :)

  3. Ivy

    I’d love to go.

  4. Rebecca

    It would be awesome to go EAT!!

  5. Bailey

    This is such a fabulous event! I would love to go!

  6. Wilson

    I would love to attend this special event and checking out all the TASTY food !!

  7. Lani

    Cant wait for this!!!

  8. Hetty

    I’d love to go with my hubby who is the chief cook in our home to give lots of inspriation.

  9. Ine

    Would love to go!

  10. Lindsayy

    As someone who is new to the Vancouver area, I’d love to be a par t of what sounds like an amazing festival!

  11. chrissy

    I love Eat! It is always a wonderful day I enjoy with my foodie family :)

  12. I went to Eat Vancouver and thoroughly enjoyed myself. It was nice to try food from different restaurants and I loved the wine and beer area. I look forward to the Fraser Valley version. I am sure there is alot to offer. I really want to see Chuck Hughes as I went to his restaurant when I was in Montreal in August.

  13. Kristen

    I would love to go!

  14. Chantel S

    I love Eat! Vancouver and would love to check out Eat! Fraser Valley!

  15. Jennifer

    Wow! I would LOVE to go to this event!

  16. yum!

  17. I would LOVE to go! Just so happens to be that my mom is visiting me from Toronto this weekend! :P

  18. Sarah

    me me me ME!

  19. Jocelyn

    Last year’s Eat! was great. Can’t wait to go back!

  20. Tracey

    I would love tickets!

  21. Eileen

    I’ve always wanted to go but have never been. I am definitely clearing time on my calendar for this!

  22. Karla

    I’m a self proclaimed Foodie…would love to go!

  23. Tracey

    Love Eat Vancouver, never been to the one in the Valley, would love the opportunity!

  24. Wendy T

    What a tasty experience this would be!

  25. Dana

    Hopefully this will be my first time but not my last attending EAT! Fraser Valley!!!

  26. BurnabyGirl

    I’d love the chance to go see EAT in the Fraser Valley! My boyfriend used to love his job as a chef, until injury forced him to consider an alternative career, but he still loves going to these amazing foodie shows! This looks like a great time!

  27. I’ve always wanted to attend EAT! and check everything out!

  28. caryn wellman

    i love this event!!! would love to go again this year!

  29. Sherri

    I would love to go!!

  30. San

    I love to cook & eat and I would love the chance to go!!!

  31. Kitty

    Coool! I would certainly luv to go!! It’s such a great event that I’m looking forward to attend every year

  32. lisa

    I have never been, but hear it’s good :)

  33. Ange

    My sister and I are foodie freaks and would love to go for some much needed sister bonding time!

  34. Holly

    I recently moved to the Valley and would LOVE to attend!

  35. jen schulz

    sounds wonderful!!

  36. Mary Campbell

    Would simply love to attend with my husband…but we can’t afford it without free tickets. They would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, just in case!

  37. Teresa

    My world isn’t complete without tasty eats from all over! Take me to “EAT!” The Fraser Valley!

  38. helen the poor art student

    I’m the kind of person who’s afraid to try new restaurants or new food in a restaurant, thinking I might ‘waste’ my money on bad food. It’d be great if I have this chance to finally being able to go all out and try everything without being worried about $$

  39. Tricia Liu

    I would love to go!

  40. Liv

    To go to the EAT Fraser Valley would be nEAT.
    This event cannot be bEAT.
    Winning tickets will be a trEAT!

  41. JOanne Cho

    *****GO Eat! GO*****

    Pick me! We are LOVING it much~

  42. Sharon

    Sounds great! Love to go!

  43. Elly Kimchi

    EAT! Fraser Valley

    E: Elly
    A: And her boyfriend, Kelvin
    T: Together wanna go to EAT!
    F: Fraser
    V: Valley so that we can enjoy Food+ Coooking Festival!

  44. Janet Medler

    We would love to go!!! Sounds exciting.

  45. Simon chan

    This is a good opportunity to learn more about Vancouver culinary industry. I would like to go and explore! Count me in!!

  46. Liz

    always wanted to go!! <3 food

  47. Pick me and I’ll write something nice on my blog!

  48. Marline

    I missed the EAT! Vancouver show, so this would be just great!

  49. Andrea Giles

    I would love to go! :)

  50. I would love to attend, since I am such a food lover.. food is my life :)

  51. Laura

    I would really love to win the tickets and here is why,
    My husband is a chef and he desperately wanted to
    Go to Eat Vancouver but unfortunately had to work
    During the whole event well Eat fraser valley is from sept 16-18 which is perfect cause sept 18 is our wedding anniversary please pick me and let me give my husband an amazing anniversary gift!

  52. Pam

    I will be arriving in Vancouver on 9/16 for my first trip to Canada. I would love to win free tickets to attend this event. It would be a great way to start my visit!

  53. Susan Robertson

    Excited to learn what is new in the food world!

  54. Irene Lee

    Me Me Me…choose me. I want go to eat with my honey.

  55. Jennifer

    I’d love to go

  56. Angela

    I’d love to go and it’s nice to have an event like this a little closer to home for those of us in the Valley.

  57. Amber

    I’ve always wanted to go to EAT! I would love love love to win a set of tickets so this can be the year that I actually get to go

  58. Paul

    I would love to go!! Never been to EAT before but I’ve heard wonderful things about it from other friends of mine who are hardcore foodies.

  59. Rain

    We would like to win that pairs of tickets! Thanks!

  60. Ian

    Never been before, but would love to attend!

  61. Nic

    I am drooling already….

  62. Sue

    I would love to go.

  63. Henry

    Would love to go! Thanks for the opportunity!

  64. Lynn

    Have been watching cooking shows for years now and would love to be part of this event.

  65. Alex

    Soooo excited about EAT! Now, what’s the appropriate syntax for exclaiming the event? One exclamation mark, or TWENTY? EAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. Meagan Braun

    I wanna goo!!

  67. anna

    Oh I would love tickets to this! Pretty please ;)

  68. Carol

    Sounds delish…plz pick me!

  69. Michelle

    I would love to go to EAT!! I am 6 month preggers and ready to eat!

  70. Stephanie

    Never been…Love to go :) Thanks!!

  71. Alexander

    Mmmm… :)

  72. Sara Murphy

    I went to different convention in the same building as EAT once. I was there to support my cousin, but as soon as I saw the EAT sponsors (and smelled the food) boy was it ever hard to do the right thing! All I wanted to do was ditch my family and get my EAT on!

  73. Never been to Eat Vancouver yet but would love to this year.

  74. Mak

    Yes, please!! I’d love to EAT! at the Tradex :)

  75. Alice

    Food, glorious food! What more could you wish for?


  76. Alakitten

    would love to go!!

  77. Jane

    I’d definitely come and see if I win the tickets, no matter how I’m gonna get there

  78. April

    Yumm, yumm, I can’t wait!

  79. Ruby

    I have always wanted to go to EAT! Fraser Valley. This would be awesome to check out with my foodie fiance!

  80. Lesley

    I’d never heard of eat until just now. Sounds like fun!

  81. Kevin

    This sounds like it could be alot of fun!! It’d be nice to get a chance to go.

  82. Shannon

    I would love to go!!! :)

  83. Malika Garg

    Ticket please? :)

  84. Teresa Jeang

    I love food festivals! EAT Vancouver is awesome =)

  85. Ana

    would love to try : )

  86. Maricel

    will be visiting Vancouver that week, this will give me an opportunity to enjoy the gastronomic wonders this city has to offer

  87. linda

    We missed last year’s. So it be nice to catch it this year.

  88. John

    Its my first time visiting Vancouver and gotta try this event.

  89. Percy

    How exciting for free tickets! EAT Vancouver always has good ideas for taste combinations, and inspires me to replicate in my own kitchen!

  90. Sam

    I’d like to go to EAT!

  91. Carol

    Would LOVE to go and try the new products and taste the foods.

  92. LucieB

    Yes, please! I’d love to treat my Mom to this. She lives in Abby, but would never buy tickets for herself.

  93. Tracy

    I haven’t been to EAT Vancouver in a while and I would love to go !

  94. Carol

    What a great opportunity to experience delicious foods and meet well known chefs. Hope to get to this great event!

  95. Anna

    I never been to one and would love to go!!

  96. Svetlana

    I’d love to go!!!

  97. Katie

    I really want to go to this!

  98. Carol Anne

    I would love to go to the show. Since I am a foodie I would love to see the chefs, maybe they would give me some cooking tips. My Mom doesn’t get out much anymore since she is in a wheelchair, but she loves food and would like to go with me if I get picked.

  99. amanda

    Whenever food is invoolved this takes the cake!
    Well takes and devours the delish food on site!

    Please chose me, so I can write how wonderfull it was to go in my blog for the whole world to know.

    If that wasent enough I’m taking my grandma so you’ll have her say too. she’s the expert:)

  100. Dana

    I’d take my mama!

  101. Heather Bogue

    This sounds like a good time, I’m new to vancouver and looking for new things to do. I hope i get picked for the free tickets! :) :)

  102. Anna

    First time I’ve heard of this. I have a friend from Australia arriving this weekend – this would be a pretty cool event to visit with him.

  103. I’ve heard of the event and it sounds fun & informative…would love to win!

  104. I like to eat!

  105. Maria

    It sounds delicious!!! I will love to take my husband there!

  106. gina kuizema

    I’m a foodie who just moved here, I’d LOVE to go.

  107. David D

    Love to check this out! Mmmm!

  108. Oooh I would loooove to check this out!!!! I love foooood and I love the food network!!!

  109. Petra

    I’m new to Vancouver and I love it!!!One of the things that impressed me most is the FOOD here :)

  110. carmeli

    Last year was my daughters and my first year going and we have been waiting all year to go again. My daughter was inspired by “eat” and is now an up and coming chef!!!

  111. Pandora

    Eating is a great joy!! Love to share it too. Enjoy dinning out and trying all kind of good food ~ Vancouver is heavenly when it comes to eating. Cheers.

  112. Cadie Myers

    I LOVE food! I would LOVE to go!

  113. Nancy Kato

    I have entertained many of my friends with recreations from The Food Network. The shows are entertaining, educational and just plain fun! I’m always looking for opportunities to expand my culinary knowledge and would love to attend this event. Thank you!

  114. fiona

    is this the same as the vancouver one ? I missed it last time.

  115. Stefan

    I would like to do something with -or at least for- my wife and she LOVES cooking (even though she doesn’t look like it, she is very slender…). If I suggest to go, she might turn the offer down, but if I can say “you have been lucky enough to WIN these tickets”, she’ll go. I do not care if she rather goes with a girlfriend or one of her sisters – it would be a nice thing for her to enjoy and when she is happy, that’s my pleasure…

  116. Melissa

    With my maternity leave coming to an end, this would be an amazing “date” with my husband before returning to work. We both love to EAT and sample new and different cuisines!

  117. jeff

    Lookin forward to this!!!

  118. Robbie

    I unfortunately missed Eat Vancouver because I worked shift work that weekend. But I’m off for this one! ;)

    • That’s a creative answer to a difficult queiston

  119. ana

    An added something to do a and place to visit for my visiting hubby and myself!