New at the PNE: Deep-fried Pop-Tarts

It seems like every year, a new novelty food is introduced at the PNE, Vancouver’s annual 17-day summer fair.  Last year, if I remember right, there were the deep-fried Oreos.  Before that came deep-fried Twinkies and even deep-fried Coke (I’m not even sure how that’s physically possible).

Well, this year is no exception.  And I hope you’re not counting calories because once again this year’s culinary darling is in the deep-fried category.   New at the PNE this August, from the twisted imagination of one serious junk food addict, is the deep-fried Pop-Tart. 

These decadent goodies are being sold at the Pennsylvania Dutch Funnel Cakes stand (Somehow, I doubt the Pennsylvania Dutch ever ate Pop-Tarts . . . but I’ll let that slide).   The recipe is pretty much self-explanatory.  You take an ordinary, everyday strawberry Pop-Tart.  Then you batter that up with some seriously sweet funnel cake batter.  Then you plop that into the deep-fryer, and after a minute or so of bubbling away in hot oil it emerges – miraculously transformed into a deep-fried Pop-Tart.

But just in case that isn’t a heart attack waiting to happen, there are the finishing touches.  Each Pop-Tart is served with whip cream and a generous sprinkling of Fruity Pebbles.  As far as I know, there’s no nutritional information available for the deep-fried Pop-Tart.  Maybe that’s for the best – The fat and calories must be completely off the chart.

Here’s a video of the Pop-Tarts from the Calgary Stampede in July:

And the price?  Considering the hand-made, artisan food product you’re getting, the price is actually quite reasonable: $5.

Of course, that’s not the only decadent treat on offer at the PNE.  There are those humongous turkey legs, the classic mini-donuts, Hunky Bill’s “Winnipeg Garlic Sausage,” deep-fried jelly beans, poutine-covered hot dogs and more.  I’d like to know your favourites from this year’s PNE.

What did you think of the deep-fried Pop-Tart?  Have you tried other inventive treats at this year’s PNE?  Please share your feedback below.

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