Stanley Park Versus Central Park

Image Credit: See for Flights to Vancouver.

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13 Responses to Stanley Park Versus Central Park

  1. Rachel


    (Btw, “restaurant” was misspelled.)

    • Inside Vancouver

      Doh! We’ll get that rectified…

    • Raingurl

      Thank you for the wonderful comparison. I always thought I was missing out by living here on the West Coast but Stanley Park has almost as much to do and is bigger. I am curious about the hiker you have on “Things to do”. I noticed it wasn’t included on the Central Park side. Where is the hiking you mentioned in Stanley Park?

    • Bob stamnes

      Interesting note- both parks ( and many others) were designed by the same man, who eventually became secretary of the interior in the United States.(his name escapes me)
      Learned this on a carriage ride thru central park with my daughter

      • Shaun

        Stanley Park and Central Park were not designed by the same man, Frederick Law Olmsted, nor was he ever Secretary of the Interior. Many of Stanley Park’s elements were influencedby FLO’s general attitudes and Beaux Arts style though. What makes it more unique as an urban park is that Stanley Park was never, as a military preserve, really designed by anyone singular, but peicemeal, over time. There was a Beaux Art’s master plan developed that was never fully realized, but sadly, I forget the name of the designer.

  2. Inside Vancouver

    Raingurl – Stanley Park is filled with great hiking trails. Granted there are lots of places to walk in Central Park as well, but those are more like walkways than hiking paths.

    • Raingurl

      Yes, I’ve hiked through Stanley Park many times (sometimes off trail….sssshhhh) I didn’t realize Central Park didn’t have trails as well. Thanks for sharing your website. I love it.

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  4. Monty Bannister

    Two great parks, East and West coast. Having run in both parks
    so much fun.

  5. eve

    I went to both of them,But I like Central Park more cos there are more thing to see/do..

  6. Johnny Henschel

    I have seen both parks and they are both blessings to each city, it is a treat that we have both parks. My personal preference is to follow where my Mother was born, Manhattan on the 10th of December 1923 and to enjoy Central Park when I visit the best city in North America.
    I am truly spoiled because I was born in Vancouver. Indeed to use the Lions Gate Bridge is ideal.

  7. me

    go central park whooooooooo!

  8. Gary

    Been to both and Stanley Park is awesome – in splendor and majestic beauty. Central Park was “Meh” – a nice big city park with lots of green spaces and walking paths. I guess if you are from Manhattan, Central Park is an oasis to get away from the bustling city but Stanley Park blows it away with the spectacular views along the seawall, old growth forest, spectacular wildlife, aquarium, miniature railway, hiking trails (not walkways), beaches, beaver ponds (not a green turtle pond), harbour activities (seaplanes, cruise ships, helicopters, freighters), and the sunsets.