A Peek Inside the New BC Place: By the numbers


On Friday, Sept. 30, BC Place reopens after an 18-month, $563-million renovation.  When the Lions take the field against the Eskimos in CFL action, fans will be treated to a new video screen, new seats and, of course, the state-of-the-art retractable roof.

Here’s a quick look inside the new BC Place, by the numbers (figures were obtained from this great Vancouver Sun article):

20 minutes: The time it takes for the new retractable roof to open or close.  The retractable portion is roughly 100 meters long and 85 meters wide.   The entire roof structure is supported by 36 steel masts approximately 50-meters tall.


35 kilometers: The length of steel cable used to support the roof, which is composed of 18,000 tons of Tenara fabric and Teflon fiberglass.

54,500: The number of seats in the new stadium, down from 60,000 in the old stadium.  Capacity dropped because each seat was widened to 22 inches (compared to 17-19 inches with the old seats), a reflection of the growing girth of the typical fan.  New seats also feature built-in cupholders.

18×11 meters: The size of the largest of BC Place’s new video screens.  Four HD screens are hung on a videoboard suspended from the centre of the roof.  The biggest screen is the second largest in North America (behind the one in Dallas Cowboys Stadium).


52: Number of upgraded washrooms in the stadium.  All toilets and urinals have been replaced and more stalls have been added in women’s washrooms.

$????: Cost of buying the rights to rename the stadium, purchased by Telus for an undisclosed sum.

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