Featured Attraction of the Week: Capilano Suspension Bridge (free tickets!)

photo: Capilano Suspension Bridge

Welcome to Inside Vancouver’s new “Featured Attraction” series. Each Monday we’ll be featuring a different Vancouver attraction, and giving away free tickets to our readers. To be eligible you just need to post a comment or send a tweet!

The thrill of crossing Capilano Suspension Bridge is a must do for many visitors to Vancouver. But in addition to the famous swaying bridge, the park offers much more, preserving and presenting its nature, history, and culture in unique and thrilling ways.

No more so than with the new attraction, Cliffwalk. Cliffwalk follows a granite precipice along Capilano River. With a labyrinth-like series of unobtrusive narrow cantilevered bridges, stairs and platforms, guests enjoy stunning river views and travel through rainforest vegetation to previously unexplored areas of the park. With only 16 anchor points in the granite cliff supporting the structure and, in some sections, only glass (very strong glass) separating guests from the canyon below, the new Cliffwalk is both environmentally sensitive and adrenaline pumping!

photo: Capilano Suspension Bridge

3735 Capilano Road
North Vancouver, British Columbia
Website: www.capbridge.com

Capilano Suspension Bridge Free Shuttle
Shuttle Pick-Up Locations:
1. Canada Place: Canada Place Way near Info kiosk
2. Melville Street: Entrance of Hyatt Hotel
3. Blue Horizon Hotel: 1225 Robson St.

Driving Directions
We are conveniently located 10 minutes from downtown Vancouver through Stanley Park over Lions Gate Bridge and north 1.6 kilometres (1 mile) on Capilano Road.

From the Trans-Canada Highway heading west, take the Capilano Road exit (#14) and travel north 0.8 kilometres (half a mile.)

Easily accessible by transit: from downtown Vancouver ride the Seabus to Lonsdale Quay and take the #236 bus to Capilano Suspension Bridge.

We have 2 Adult passes to give away to one of our readers. To be eligible, all you have to do is post a comment below. We’ll randomly select a winner on Friday and notify them by email.

Double your chances of winning by tweeting the following: I entered to win free tickets to Capilano Suspension Bridge from @myVancouver! RT to win. http://ow.ly/6ZO30

Updated October 21st: Congratulations to Meredith who was Inside Vancouver’s lucky winner of 2 Adult Passes to the Capilano Suspension Bridge!

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283 Responses to Featured Attraction of the Week: Capilano Suspension Bridge (free tickets!)

  1. Katie

    That Cliff Walk looks exciting and scarey at the same time!

    • Janice DeCap

      It sure looks like its changed since I was there as a child I will have to go back winning a ticket or not!

    • Liz Parkin

      Love to see it!

    • Ronald Y

      I want to try the Cliffwalk!

    • chahira

      alreadyhave a rash of adrenaline to visit this wonder. too nice to be true . when I post this message I start dreaming of reaching this place . hope my dream comes true.

    • lina

      Never had a chance to explore that beauty. Will come back this friday from Russia, and it will be nice outing with my boy-friend.

  2. Sophie

    I would really like those tickets!

  3. Jessica

    I’ve never heard of the Cliff Walk before, looks like a neat experience!

  4. I have been to Vancouver BC, but NEVER been on this bridge! Would LOVE to try it out! (~_~) I also Tweeted :)

  5. Abigail

    oh wow! thanks heaps, Ive been looking forward to checking out the new cliffwalk!!

  6. Patti Cote

    I would love to take my grandkids to Capilano Suspension Bridge. Although I live locally..sadly I have never been!!

  7. Patricia McShane

    We are planning on visiting Vancouver next month and crossing the Capilano bridge is at the top of my todo list! Free tickets would be awesome!!

  8. Alan

    I visited the Capilano Suspension bridge in June 2008 and absolutely loved it, my wife and I married in November of that year and this would be a lovely anniversary trip if I was to win.

  9. Meredith

    I haven’t been to Capilano Suspension Bridge since I was a kid and have been meaning to go again and take my kids. The cliff walk and treetop adventure look awesome!

  10. Sheila

    I live in Vancouver, but haven’t visited the Capilano Suspension bridge in over 20 years, when I worked for Tourism Vancouver as a summer student. It would be great to see all the changes!

  11. Kristine

    I have never been on the Cliff Walk would like to try it!!

  12. Kevin

    i’ve never been!

  13. Kleia

    Can’t wait to try that cliff walk! Would be so cool once we get the snow!

  14. Dee

    This looks spectacular! Would love a chance to experience!

  15. nobue

    I really wanna try that scary bridge!!Looks awesome!!

  16. greg

    Awesome views! Would love to visit again next time in Vancouver

  17. Lammie

    Always wanted to visit!

    • April

      This is exciting! I’ve been here for 3 years but haven’t done this yet!

  18. Hey! Nice action!
    I would really be happy when I can get to Capilano Canyon for free!

    Ben ;)

  19. Pam

    I have always wanted to take my kids here but living in Chilliwack and not having financial means has made it so we haven’t been able to go.

    • Vania

      Afraid of heights and want to brave it there! pick me, pick me!

  20. Strange

    If you dropped a cat with buttered toast glued to its back off the walkway, would it land feet first or buttered side down?

  21. Xavier

    Looking forward to experience Cliffwalk with my wife :P

  22. KimB

    Time to see if this CliffWalk rivals the thrill of walking outside the CN Tower in Toronto…

  23. Amber

    whoa looks sick! That would be such a thrill :D Looks so pretty there too <3

  24. Cathy

    I would LOVE to try out the new Cliff Walk!

  25. Sabinah

    I just moved here from Winnipeg and would love to take my kids to Capilano Suspension Bridge!!

  26. Andrea

    I’m traveling through Canada, currently staying in Toronto and will make my way towards BC starting today. Looking forward to Vancouver and the Capilano Suspension Bridge – I can’t wait to check out the new Cliffwalk!
    Cheers, Andrea

  27. David D.

    Would love to go!

  28. Sarah

    I’d love to try the Cliff Walk!!

  29. What a great idea for engagement. I’m going to comment AND tweet :)
    Can’t wait for the Hallowe’en Cliff walk. My kids have passes but I’d love to come with them.
    Thanks for doing this!

  30. Bryan

    The last time I visited Capilano Suspension Bridge was in 1995. I would love to bring my family there and see all the differences from then till now. Thank you for holding this contest!

  31. Kai Yan

    Oh that’s look scary – but a good place to end my fear of heights? haha

  32. Michela

    This is my first time in BC and I would love to experience as much as possible!!

  33. Cornelia

    I’ve been telling all my European friends about this place and can’t wait to see it for myself!

  34. sue

    My daughter wants to go here!

  35. Becky

    I haven’t been there in years! It would be great/terrifying to try the new cliffwalk!

  36. Teresa

    Capilano Suspension Bridge = One MUST VISIT Place @ Vancouver BC!! (^o^)

  37. Liz B

    Wow, the cliff walk looks awesome!

  38. rachelle

    awesome contest! would love to go!

  39. Heather

    We have never done the Cliff Walk and would love to see it!

  40. Dara

    My cousins from Ireland just arrived and really want to do the Cliffwalk + see the Suspension Bridge, I’m too terrified!

  41. Gizela

    My Birthday is coming in November. It would be great to spend a day there. I have never been on the Cliff Walk.

  42. Michelle

    I saw the video clip for the making of the Cliffwalk and it look amazing!!! Would love to see it!!

  43. J

    I would absolutely love to try the cliff walk

  44. Haven’t been to Cap Suspension in a while.

  45. Veronica

    We have been living in Vancouver for 3 years and never have gone to Capilano Bridge, I know We should have, so winning the tickets would be great!!!! :)

  46. Cheryl

    Whoa looks like scary fun!

  47. Anne

    I would love to win these tickets! I’m dying to go on, and take pictures from the new skywalk.

  48. Amy

    I love Capilano Suspension park but haven’t been able to go in years! Am dying to get over there to try the new cliff walk!

  49. Azrial

    Haven’t been able to see the suspension bridge yet! Would love to experience it. :)

  50. lucy kabatoff

    would love to go!

  51. Desiree

    I haven’t been since I was a kid!

  52. Rumen Bains

    I’m in love!!!!! Looks Amazingly breathaking! <3

  53. Faye

    Cool! Never been to the Capilano bridge but this looks awesome!

  54. Angela

    Would love to check out the new Cliffwalk!!

  55. Jennifer Aleln

    Me Please!! Going there for my honeymoon!

  56. The Cliffwalk looks like a wannabe thrill seeker’s thrill! Love the park, especially on a balmy summer night listening to jazz surrounded by those glorious trees.

  57. Jen

    My childrens dad and I have recently broken up after a long relationship, and my kids are not handling it very well. This would be a nice escape for me, a friend and my kids. They truly need something like this to take their minds off of ‘adult stuff’ … Please keep us in mind for the tickets. It would be SO appreciated, as I am now a single mom, not getting any financial support, am battling my own disease at the same time, and am on disability, so my funds are quite limited. We so need this. Thank you for thinking of us, just even a little bit :)

  58. Sreedhar

    Add me for free tickets!

  59. Linda

    I’m dying to check out this attraction!! :)

  60. me please!!

  61. Ema

    I would love to try this new Suspension bridge!!! My friend is visiting from England and He really wants to try it badly. Hope I can come to visit this attraction with him.

  62. Shannon

    I’ve lived here my whole life and have never been there. Would love to take my family!

  63. Melissa

    Would love to try this with our dare-devil preschooler! Always love to see her thrilled reaction to exciting things like – and this looks like a must-do!

  64. Rachael

    I have a friend arriving from
    Australia next week, would love to take her. Haven’t been since the cliff walk opened.

  65. Jennifer

    Have always heard this is what you “have” to do when up near Vancouver.

  66. Deena

    Look’s like it would be a spectacular view!

  67. Ronald

    I want to try the cliffwalk

  68. Teri Johnson

    We had a yearly pass several years ago and really enjoyed seeing the park at different times of the year. But that was before the cliff walk, and I would love to see that now. How can something be that peaceful and that scarey at the same time????

  69. Jennie

    I havent visited since high school, and that was …. well…. awhile ago. Would love to go again!!

  70. alice irwin

    this is a fab day out – slightly scary being so high up but thrilling too!

  71. Olivia Edwards

    My son (8) and I would love to come up and see the Cliffwalk. I haven’t been to the Suspension Bridge yet with him!

  72. Nicole

    The cliff walk looks like such a fun experience! Love the suspension bridge and can’t wait to try this great addition!

  73. Jill Dunnigan

    Looks like the perfect thing to do on a sunny, fall day!

  74. Kirsten

    I’ve lived in Vancouver for 20 years and never been to the suspension bridge! I would love to take my daughter.

  75. peter

    i’m 12what is this?

  76. Clara

    I live on Vancouver Island and the Capilano Suspension Bridge would be a nice place to visit on a weekend getaway to Vancouver :)

  77. Lilia

    That looks awesome! And the weather has been so perfect for it too. I’d love to take myself and the kids there for a thrilling fall walk.

  78. Kenneth Wong

    I used go to the bridge 3 times a week as a tour guide in the 80s, and my favorite spot back then was the teepee display where I took a family photo with my parents when we first visited Vancouver in 1974! It’s time to take my own three children to see this spectacular attraction, as they’ve never been there yet. And of course, I need to check out the cliffwalk.

  79. janet

    I would like to try the Cliff walk!

  80. Val D

    My best friend from Toronto is visiting next month and I would love to take her there.

  81. Please enter me in the Capilano draw. Thanks.

  82. Bonnie

    I have never been to the Cap Suspension Bridge, this would be a great time to go.

  83. FERAS

    Why not!

  84. Shawna W

    Looking forward to going! It’s been ages. :)

  85. DD

    I haven’t been to the Suspension Bridge yet either…

  86. irene

    My 3 kids have not visited Capilano Suspension Bridge yet. This would be a great opportunity for them to try it out and see if they are ready for more visits.

  87. Angela J.

    I quite often have friends come to the Vancouver area who have never been and we always try to visit.

  88. Helen


  89. Sunny

    I’d love the tickets please :)

  90. Hai

    I will go to visit the Capilano , I like the view in here !

  91. Burk Prael

    great views, can’t wait to see it again!

  92. Beth

    Love the whole Capilano Park. Wonderful place to bring visitors or take a walk on a beautiful day. A must see for everyone!

  93. Gordie

    it would be nice to visit the Cliffwalk. it sounds like fun!

  94. Nilly

    I will be thrilled to see it! Thanks

  95. Scott Frinski

    I would love to experience this!! looks stunning!

  96. jc

    Haven’t been there since forever…it would be nice to go again!

  97. Jay

    would love to go!!

  98. kiesha

    what an amazing place! LOVE it! :)

  99. Meg

    Love the cap bridge!!

  100. Janice

    Now that I have a replacement ankle I can walk over this amazing bridge again and check out the new attractions that I couldn’t access with my wheelchair or mobility scooter.

  101. Fiona

    Wow, this looks a little scary, but also a little awesome!

  102. Lorien

    Last time I was on the Capilano Suspension Bridge, I was about six months old, being clutched by my mother for dear life! Obviously I need to go back to recreate the moment with my own little boy :)

  103. Lauren

    I would really appreciate these tickets. Thanks for the chance to win

  104. Julian A

    i want to walk the suspension bridge! the view looks amazing!

  105. Reeza

    Kudos to Cap Suspension bridge for continually developing the site! New walk looks fun!

  106. Josh

    Would love to go! Won’t look down.

  107. Annie

    Ooh, pick me! Breathtaking!

  108. Sofie

    I would just LOVE to take my boyfriend there as he’s coming all the way from France to Vancouver next week. Both the bridge, cliffwalk and surroundings are amazing.

  109. Emma

    This sounds awesome!

  110. Candice

    I have not been here since I was a child when I used to live in North Van, would love the chance to bring my son there to enjoy in the amazement it encompasses as I did when I was young!

  111. Rosana

    I would love to go!

  112. Emily Yang

    Vancouver’s milder version of EdgeWalk on Toronto’s CN Tower? :)

  113. Henry Ho

    me me me! me want tix tix

  114. Grace Burns

    I’ve been wanting to check out the cliff walk with my family! Pick me :)

  115. Mimi Tse

    The new walk looks fun!! Hope I win the tickets! :P

  116. Natalie M

    I would love to get outside and see the awesome new additions since I was last there 10+ years ago! :D *fingers crossed to win!

  117. Alexandra

    So close to home! I haven’t been in years!

  118. Oana

    Sounds awesome! My husband is a thrill-seeker and would love this.

  119. Lydia Yuen

    Awesome tickets! I would really like them.

  120. Shawn de Jong

    Would love to see this. Awesome deal

  121. Nicole

    Would love to go! I’ve lived in Vancouver my whole life and have never been, my husband is from Slovakia and he hasn’t been either. We love exploring beautiful BC the best and this would be great to add to our list.

  122. Margaret

    Great idea for a stocking stuffer!

  123. Janet Kvammen

    My husband would love it if we won, then he can giggle at me when I freak out on the cliff walk! YIKES! Its look like a real adrenalin rush!

  124. Sophia

    I live in Vancouver, but haven’t visited the Capilano Suspension bridge. Would love to visit it!

  125. Tricia

    I would love to shoot photos on Cliffwalk! Tickets please!

  126. Nico

    We never been to there. Hope to try it for fun. Thanks.

  127. Charlene

    Haven’t been for more than a decade. Would love to check out the new attraction

  128. Amy

    I just moved to Vancouver from Australia and haven’t been on the bridge yet, but want to. Its looks amazingly beautiful!

  129. Susan

    My son & his family just moved up to Vancouver from the States. Capilano Bridge is one our top priorities to visit first. Looking forward to it – looks beautiful!

  130. E


  131. dan

    looking forward to checking out Cliff Walk with my son soon-we have gone there a few times in the past but have not seen this new attraction yet-we are big fans of xmas time when the place is lit up with xmas lights-what an amazing sight and I recommend it to everyone!

  132. Renata

    I’ve never been to the Capilano Suspension Bridge… would love to go!

  133. Dawn

    Grew up nearby and have been recommending it to visitors for 45 years. Would love to go myself as I’ve only been once.

  134. Chuck

    I want to go

  135. Colleen

    My resident membership expired just as the cliff walk opened. I would love to have a try !

  136. Leslie

    Haven’t been in so long! I would live to take our son now, he would love it too! :D. Thanks for the giveaway.

  137. Nina

    I would love to face my fear of heights by doing this! thanks :)

  138. Colleen

    My bc resident membership expired just as the cliff walk opened. I would love to have a try !

  139. Ivette

    the Capilano Suspension bridge !!!

  140. Tracey Hayman

    Would love to take my mom to the cliff walk!! :)

  141. Karina

    Would love to go with my family! We moved to Vancouver a couple of years ago, and have been trying all the things this beautiful city has to offer, but haven’t been to the Capilano Suspension Bridge yet.

  142. Gloria

    Would love to win and take my 6 year old (and husband, of course). :-)

  143. Cory Cyr

    For that drop-dead gorgeous view…I’m ready to face my fear of heights!

  144. Jenn

    Looks like so much fun! I would love to go!

  145. Adam Jay

    Love the Treetop Adventures, now time for the Cliffwalk!

  146. Annmarie

    Nice one! :-)

  147. Ivy

    Haven’t been to the Suspension Bridge in years. Would love to win those tickets :)

  148. Catherine

    We’d love to see the suspension bridge!

    • Kirsten

      My husband and I celebrate our 27th Wedding Anniversary soon. Doing the Cliffwalk at Capilano Suspension Bridge would be an AWESOME way to celebrate our anniversary!!

  149. Isabella

    Friend is visiting soon! Would love to take her here!

  150. Katie B

    I’ve never been before – and would love to go this time of year to see all the changing colors of the leaves:)

  151. Devan

    I’d like to take my girlfriend and surprise her!

  152. maryalice

    my 35th!!!! anniversary is coming and I want to go on this bridge!!!!!

  153. Amy

    Can NOT wait to try out this attraction, always wanted to go since I arrived in Vancouver 4 months ago!

  154. This would be awesome!

  155. Karen

    I have been living in Vancouver for a year now and would really like the chance to see the Capaliano Suspension Bridge. my sister is making a visit from Ireland and it would be a perfect opportunity for us both.

  156. Sandrine king

    This looks amazing! What fun my husband and I would have.
    What a grand way to celebrate autumn’s feast of colors.

  157. Tom

    I’d like to check it out, especially if it is free :)

  158. Ian

    I’d love to take my girlfriend there this weekend for her birthday… Did i mention we are both students…?

  159. Gloria

    I’ve heard awesome things about the bridge and would love to experience it for myself!

  160. Taigi

    Awesome, i’ve been wanting to check this out since I heard about it. Going for free would be just perfect.

  161. Rita

    I want to try the Cliffwalk!

  162. Anna

    I would love to visit the Capilano Suspension Bridge next time I’m in BC!

  163. Eva Lai

    I usually go during the winter, but would love to go in the fall! : ) Especially with the new additions! Cliffwalk!

  164. Entered

  165. LR

    Always wanted to go but never been, would love to finally be able to go.

  166. RJ

    That new bridge with the labryinth like features would be absolutely epic!

  167. Lauren

    Nothing better than watching the terrified people cling to the rope!

  168. Ashley

    Would love to see the area at fall. Loved it at Christmas time.

  169. Alan

    I would really like those tickets!

  170. Hannah Choi

    I would LOVE to go on the Cliff Walk!!

  171. I’ve been to the Lynn Valley Suspension Bridge, but never the Capilano one.

  172. Sheila

    Oh my my!.. the Capilano Suspension Bridge is awesome! and so close to downtown – I never realized!
    To think I’ve lived here all these years and have never been ….. my bad oh!
    Now I know what I’m going to do next weekend!

  173. Cristina


    I would love to go with my family! My kids are dying for Cliff Walk! Me tooooo!

  174. Kerri McGrath

    The Suspension Bridge was one of the first things I did when I moved to Vancouver and it was great fun. I’m leaving the country in December and it’d be great to get the chance to say farewell and hello to the new cliffwalk!

  175. Kelu

    I want to go here!

  176. Eleanor

    A very interesting attraction for both the family or those who want a bit of excitement! Great weekend activity! Gotta check out the cliff walk and tree house! Awesome fun!!! ^^

  177. Vicky

    Be a vancourian for almost 8 years. I haven’t have a time to visit the suspension bridge! Now it’s the chance. Thanks!

  178. Ian

    Would like to visit the bridge!

  179. Cherie

    I’ve lived in BC all my life and still have never been to the Capilano Suspension Bridge. I’d love a chance to go! :)

  180. Lauson

    Would love to try the cliff walk and take some nice pictures!!

  181. Tara

    The cliff walk looks exciting!

  182. Natalie

    The Cliffwalk looks like fun!

  183. Linda Hoang

    The Cliffwalk looks amazing. I hope I get the chance to experience this!

  184. Lea

    Would like to try the Cliffwalk and take nice pictures !

  185. Paul

    This is a random comment to win tickets

  186. Neil Cross

    Free tickets, count me in

  187. Gemma

    I’ve been so eager to check out the Cliffwalk!!

  188. that looks so cool!

  189. Carmen Tsang

    I would love love love those tickets!

    • Helena

      I’ve been to the Capilano Suspension Brige 11 years ago with my parents and then boyfriend. 11 years later I married the guy and now have a 2 year old daughter. It would be a nice experience to bring my family.

  190. Emily S

    I’ll be visiting the bridge while on my honeymoon…you should give the tickets to me! ;)

  191. Seila

    Looking forward to checking the Cliffwalk! It looks awesome!

  192. judy

    I would love to try this.

  193. Eun Hye Kim

    I’ve been lived in Vancouver for 4yrs, and I haven’t been there yet. Too bad:(

  194. Jenn

    Wow! Looks amazing!

  195. Anita A Pharand

    My family and I are visiting Vancouver, Whistler, Nanaimo & Victoria at the end of November 2011. Winnig tickets to the Capilano Extension Bridge would be one of the many highlights of our family vacation.

  196. Karen

    What a nice give away.

  197. Hayley

    That looks so scary but my boyfriend has never been before and wants to go for his birthday <3

  198. Anita Pharand

    My family and I are visiting Vancouver, Whistler, Nanaimo & Victoria at the end of November 2011. Winnig tickets to the Capilano Extension Bridge would be one of the many highlights of our family vacation.

  199. Jamie Pharand

    My family and I are visiting Vancouver, Whistler, Nanaimo & Victoria at the end of November 2011. Winnig tickets to the Capilano Extension Bridge would be one of the many highlights of our family vacation.

  200. Laurie

    I am still like a tourist here. I haven’t lived here very long, and there is so much to see. This has been on my list of “want to do”, and free tickets would be awesome!

  201. Nav

    Haven’t visited Capilano Suspension Bridge in the longest time ever. It would be nice to get free tickets and see the new additions. :)

  202. Stephanie

    Looks awesome!! Can’t wait to try the cliff walk :)

  203. Sonja S

    I’ve always wanted to check this out!

  204. Sue

    I have never been to the bridge. I would love to go…

  205. Peggy

    please~~ I want to go!!

  206. Jody D

    I love heights! The cliffwalk looks great!

  207. Colleen B

    I want to go there sooooo bad!

  208. Carla G

    I have been wanting to come here since I moved from Edmonton!

  209. Della

    can I go on the cliff walk on my hands and knees, looks scareyyyyyy hahahaha

  210. Sunny

    Cliff walk looks awesome! Definitely would like to check it out.

  211. Rebecca

    So fun!

  212. Cindy

    That looks awesome. Would love to bring my husband there to conquer his fear of heights hehe

  213. Brenda

    I really want to try the new Cliffwalk!!

  214. Jonas

    Wow awesome! Can’t wait to climb on that cliff walk.

  215. A.

    Wanna try!

  216. Sarah C

    I’ve lived in the Lower Mainland almost all my life and I still haven’t been to the Capilano Suspension Bridge! Now there’s even more to do and I’d love to see it all!

  217. Minnie

    Pick me please!! :)

  218. Tina Devani

    Dying to try the Cliff Walk!!!

  219. Akiko Glasgow

    I’m looking forward to be there!!! It looks so good!! View from there must be beautiful!!!

  220. May

    Wow! My knees are going soft!

  221. Elena Martinez

    It would be wonderful to visit during their halloween displays or christmas lights.

  222. Derek

    The Capilano bridge is one of the best attractions in Vancouver. The Cliffwalk is something we would love to try out.

  223. Jocelyn A.

    We are regular CSB goers, and we love it!!! Getting tix so we can share one of our fave spots with loved ones would be very cool.

  224. karen wilson

    Pick me!!!!! LOVE IT!!! :-0

  225. Stephanie

    I would love to take a Fall walk along Capilano Suspension Bridge… :)

  226. Jeanne

    That is one of the most attractions I’d like to see

  227. Ashley

    I really dying to try that cliff with my boyfriend who would not go otherwise it’s free. i really excited just as thinking of being there :)

  228. josephine

    I didnot know there’s shuttle bus to Capilano Bridge from Canada Place. Is it served all year around or just for peak season?

  229. Gigi

    Being a student, I have no budget for grand canyon. But cliffwalk is definitely a thrilling & rewarding experience!

    I’ve heard about it on my last hike at Grouse Grind! Would love to try it out if I can win the free tickets!

  230. Michelle

    Would love to win, looks like an awesome place to experience!

  231. Jen

    I have friends coming to visit from Taiwan. It would be awesome if they get to experience the Capilano Suspension Bridge and the Cliffwalk!

  232. Betty

    Haven’t gone there for a long time~ would love to go there again

  233. Amy

    I would love to go! :D

  234. Byoungjin Na

    Love to see it.

  235. Allyson

    I would love to go if it is not too late! Thanks

  236. Wend

    Have always wanted to visit! Hoping to finally do it this November when I visit B.C.

  237. Pat

    Thanks to the team at Inside Vancouver for these awesome blog posts. There is so much to see in our own backyard. Would love to take my daughter to this!!

  238. Visiting Vancouver from NZ for the first time in November with my family. Capilano is on our list of things to see!~…it would absolutely make our trip if we could win some tickets to visit for free. Does anyone have any other “Must See” suggestions for us please?

    • Anna

      My must-see list for visitors includes —
      : Granville Island, including an aquabus ride
      : Gastown (but not if it’s raining)
      : Robson and Davie Streets (for when it’s raining)
      : Stanley Park
      : Lynn Valley Canyon, which also has a suspension bridge for which there is no charge
      : Richmond estuary
      : Steveston
      : La Casa Gelato – see http://www.lacasagelato.com
      : Simon Fraser University main campus – see wikipedia entry for more information
      Hope this helps!

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