Vancouver Beaches: A Photo Essay

English Bay Beach

The following photo essay was contributed by local Vancouver photographer Clayton Perry, exclusively for Inside Vancouver. In this photo essay Clayton takes a look at beaches around Vancouver.

When I was asked to do a photo-essay on Vancouver’s beaches, I was a little worried…to be honest, I didn’t think that I had enough images to make it worth the while and fall had already snuck up on us so the chance of me getting any good images this year is basically gone with the wind as it were…but as I looked through my database of images, I began to realize that I have quite a few images of beaches around the Vancouver area. I know there are literally dozens of great beaches and swimming holes around the Lower Mainland and I am sure that I am going to miss some of your favourites. Although we’re not really “world famous” for our beaches, at least not as much as we are for our mountains, I think Vancouver has some incredible places to lay your towel down, and people watching on the Kits Beach boardwalk rivals an afternoon on Venice Beach any summer day.

Since I didn’t really have a ton of “stories” or historical references to the beaches around the Lower Mainland, I decided to do a little research and find out what the locals liked most about the beaches and what were their favourites, and why, and the most responses I received for favourite beach was Spanish Banks, but the true feeling I got from most of the people that I spoke to was it was not necessarily the beach but the people, and the times that they had there, from barbequing, walking the dog, playing Frisbee, reading a book, flying a kite, sun tanning, hanging out with friends, or just taking in a sunset, Vancouver beaches have it all.

So for this photo-essay I am going to ask for a little “audience” participation. Tell the readers and the potential visitors to Vancouver what you love about our beaches. What’s your favourite and why? Let’s tell the world why Vancouver’s beaches should be famous.

English Bay

English Bay Sunset

English Bay

English Bay

English Bay Beach

English Bay Beach

English Bay

English Bay

English Bay Beach

Lonely Beach

White Rock – Crescent Beach

White Rock B.C. Canada

Crescent Beach

White Rock Beach

A Winter Day At The Beach

White Rock Pier


West Van


Beach Time



Spanish Banks / Jericho

Vancouver in the Summer

Vancouver Skyline

Little Folks At The Beach

Kits Beach

I Miss Summer!!

Beach Volleyball In Vancouver

A Little Beach Action

Kits Beach

Centennial Beach – Tsawwassen

Skimming At Centennial

Centennial Beach - 05.24.09

Centennial Beach

Centennial Beach - 05.24.09

Tsawwassen Beach


Stanley Park – Second Beach / Third Beach

Stanley Park Seawall

Third Beach


Third Beach

Fraser River Park

Fraser River Park

Sunset Beach

Sunset Beach

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13 Responses to Vancouver Beaches: A Photo Essay

  1. Deb Reynolds

    A visit to a beach especially at sunrise or sunset is good for my soul. It fills me up. My favorite beach is Spanish Banks at low tide. I love to see the many dog owners and their beautiful dogs playing and running along the tide edge at Spanish Banks. It is a joy to see.

  2. Stacey Daman-Willems

    I think Clayton’s photos speak for themself. You have captured what Vancouver, and their beaches are all about. I hope these photos get passed on to every corner of the world showing off what our city is all about…

    • Harris Hui

      Great photo series by our local photographer. Great job! Clayton.
      I have not visited many of these beaches myself and I will do so after looking at Clyton’s pictures!

  3. Sandy Vinnish

    Beautiful photos of the wonderful city of Vancouver Canada!!

  4. Great photo essay on some of the beaches found around here.

    :) People probably don’t think of Vancouver as having beachs, let alone being able to swim in the ocean.

  5. I’m sure it was a tough assignment hanging around these beautiful locations! You have done a remarkable job! The photos are superb! You are a gifted photographer, thanks for the beautiful images!

  6. Anna P

    Wow! These photos are amazing! I can tell that you put a lot of thought and time into each one, and probably shot hundreds of pictures to get just the right ones. I love the way that you set each of them up,; they represent perfectly each location. I love the bottom Kits and Richmond photos… they are beautiful. Did you have to find just the right time and conditions to get the sand like that?

  7. Peter H

    Great Photos, left out Wreck Beach, Tower Beach/ the coast line along that area, but awesome stuff!

  8. Bev Callender

    Have spent lots of holidays visiting friends in B.C. (from Ireland) but we always spend a couple of days in Vancouver walking the beaches and seafrontage, you have an amenity right in the heart of the city that has to be the envy of most countries. The photos bring back so many happy memories of sun, sea and sand. We’ll be back, hopefully many more times.

  9. Josette

    Great pictures… Make us dreaming about next summer !

  10. These all hold warm memories for me :)
    Thank you so much for posting this. My favourite soul restoration is to walk down at the beach. I am fortunate to be a short walk from West Beach in South Surrey but have spent many years living in Vancouver as well. In fact, my husband and I had our wedding at English Bay right in front of the Inukshuk!

  11. Each beach has its own personality and beauty. So many amazing views, walks, swims, picnics and special times have been had by those of us who grew up in Vancouver. We love beach life so much, we bought ourselves a piece of paradise on the Sunshine Coast! Love it.

  12. Beautiful photos that bring back many memories for my wife and I. Thank you Clayton Perry. We have been to all of these beaches. We have pictures of of children swimming in Centennial Beach. If you do another photo essay, it would be wonderful to see all of these beaches in the various moods and stark colours of winter. As West Coasters, we love walking our dogs year round and the winters provide both solitude and brooding seas.