Vancouver In a Day: Dining 101

Looking for some adventure? You’ve come to the right city. No matter what time of year, when you start your day in Vancouver, it can take you anywhere.

Vancouver’s mastery of food was once a well-kept secret known only by the people who live here. Nowadays, it feels like hardly a week goes by before an internationally-renown chef opens a new restaurant or local talent innovates on Vancouver’s longstanding tradition of sustainable Northwest cuisine.

Locally sourced, ocean-wise ingredients are a way of life in Vancouver, not just a trend. Sushi and Japanese izakaya restaurants are still, by far, two of the most popular dining experiences in the city.

The Asian influence in our cuisine here turned up almost everywhere in this video, from the Mussels Congolaise at Chambar to Japadog’s uniquely Vancouver street creations to gourmet sushi at Lift Bar and Grill.

Street food has also gained some serious popularity over the past couple years, proving that Vancouver diners are searching for dining experiences that extend far beyond the stereotypical North American “three square meals.” As afternoon snacks and second suppers gain in popularity, so does Vancouver’s international culinary reputation.

A great way to experience the diversity of Vancouver’s dining scene would be to visit during Dine Out Vancouver™. This is Canada’s largest restaurant festival and it attracts tens of thousands food lovers from around the world.
This year’s festival takes place January 20 to February 5, 2012. For more information, please visit:

A list of the restaurants and food carts we visited for our segment:

  1. Chambar –
  2. Lift Bar and Grill –
  3. Imperial Chinese Seafood Restaurant –
  4. Cupcakes by Heather & Lori –
  5. Japadog –
  6. Tacofino –
  7. Fassil –
  8. Pho Central
  9. Himalaya Restaurant
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