Get Ready for the Eastside Culture Crawl Nov. 18-20

Robbie Vergara original, silk-screened napkin; Image by Joey Armstrong

Sure, Horace Greeley once said: “Go west, young man.” For art in Vancouver, however, you have to go east. The 15th annual Eastside Culture Crawl takes place Nov. 18-20. The Eastside Culture Crawl is the consummate free art event of the year, where over 10,000 people will visit 338 East Van artists’ studios in just three days.  

The Eastside Culture Crawl launched in 1997 with 45 artists in three Strathcona-area studio buildings. In 2011, the Eastside Culture Crawl spans the entire area between Main St., 1st Ave., Victoria Drive and the Waterfront—including Strathcona, Chinatown, and the Downtown Eastside. Over 300 artists will display their work and interact the public. Expect oil paintings, textiles, drawings, sculpture, jewellery, glass, furniture, printmaking and more.

Chinese ink painting by Ban Wei

Part gallery viewing, part scavenger hunt, you can download a PDF studio guide program and pick and choose where you’d like to visit, scheduling the requisite leisurely food and drink stops. Some use the opportunity to meet new talent. Others check out the latest work by established artists, or even shop for holiday gifts.

The Eastside Culture Crawl takes place Friday Nov. 18, from 5:00-10:00 pm, and Saturday and Sunday, Nov. 19-20, from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm. Check out the map here. Browse the participating artists here.

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4 Responses to Get Ready for the Eastside Culture Crawl Nov. 18-20

  1. Art is an infinite expression of what it means to be human.

  2. Celebrate culture! It was such a feast for the senses and so encouraging to see people following their passions and expressing their creativity.

  3. Without art — ooooh — how boring. I think it is a pity that creative people are not paid as well as scientific types….who dictates worth?

    • So beautiful to see artists celebrating their gifts! Long live art!