Little Saigon Neighbourhood of Vancouver

Vancouver’s amazing diversity is no secret.  Walk down Robson Street most days and you’re likely to hear Farsi, English, French, Punjabi, Korean, Japanese, Mandarin, Cantonese and probably a half-dozen other languages.

But I was surprised to learn recently about an ethnic community in the city I had never heard of before: Little Saigon.  This informal district stretches along Kingsway, between Fraser and Nanaimo streets, in east Vancouver.  It’s home to many of the city’s estimated 25,000 people with Vietnamese heritage.

Take a stroll along this portion of Kingsway, and you’ll notice that pretty much every other storefront seems to be a pho noodle shop with Vietnamese writing in the window.  There are also plenty of Vietnamese-owned beauty salons, as well as Vietnamese coffee shops and bakeries.  It’s a fascinating section of the city, and not one that many people know about.

According to a great article in the Vancouver Sun, Vancouver’s first wave of Vietnamese immigrants came during the Vietnam War.  Fleeing the struggle between Communist-backed North Vietnam and US-backed South Vietnam, they settled in Vancouver’s east side.  These refugees were informally known as the “boat people.”

Today, many of these immigrants have lived in Canada for more than 30 years, and second- and third-generation Canadian-Vietnamese live in the neighbourhood, as well. Businesses in the area have even formally petitioned the city council to rename the district Little Saigon and to set up signs and banners, similar to Chinatown or the Punjabi Market (on Main Street).

I should point out, however, that many Vietnamese aren’t comfortable with the nickname Little Saigon.  Saigon, after all, was the capital of South Vietnam, which was subsequently taken by the Communist North Vietnamese and renamed Ho Chi Minh City.  Technically speaking, today there is no city called Saigon in Vietnam, although many Vietnamese still refer to the capital in that way.

Anyone out there familiar with Little Saigon?  Do you have a favourite pho or coffee shop (or anything else)?  Please share tips below. 

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