The Virgin Diaries: Abbotsford Virgins to appear on TLC reality show

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“I am 29.  I have never had a boyfriend.  I have shared one kiss in 29 years.  Yes, I’m a virgin and no, I don’t plan on being the old, grumpy, crazy spinster that never gets married.”

So begins a diary entry on, the blog by four Abbotsford women who will be profiled this Sunday on TLC’s new reality show, The Virgin Diaries.

The four ladies, who are all 29 or 30 years old, started the blog four months ago in order to fight back against the stigma of being a virgin in a sex-saturated culture.  They all belong to a small church in Abbotsford called The River and contemplated writing a book about their experiences before deciding to start a blog.

Looks like it was the right choice.  In just four months, that blog has attracted the attention of readers around the world.  Ellen DeGeneres showed a video of the celibate quartet on her popular talk show.  They talked about their quest for the perfect guy who must, in the words of one blogger, “be strong in character, a leader and have Jesus as his centre.”

The ladies will also be appearing on an upcoming episode of the Dr. Drew Show.  And, the big news, this Sunday the group will be starring in a new reality show pilot on TLC called The Virgin Diaries.  You can see a trailer here.

Each of the Abbotsford four has an interesting back story.  Ringleader Lisa Marziali is a photographer who thought it important to share her story with other virgins.  Tamara Larson was an aspiring basketball player and describes herself now as a “born-again” virgin.  Danielle Michaud is a former foster child who now works as a nurse.  And Amy Schmidt is the daughter of pastors and is now doing missionary work in Uganda.

To learn more, check out their blog.

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