Luminescence at the Vancouver Aquarium – Aquatic Light & Holiday Fun

Jelly Swarm interactive art installation, part of Luminescence at the Vancouver Aquarium. Photo: Dana Lynch

It may not be the traditional holiday lights we’re used to seeing, but the Vancouver Aquarium is celebrating the winter holidays with a new exhibit that is all about light. Luminescence: A Celebration of Aquatic Light examines and demonstrates the way sea creatures create and reflect light, and—along with highlighting the displays that include aquatic light (like the bright colours of the sea anemones fluorescing under blue light)—this temporary exhibit also includes a breathtaking, interactive art installation called Jelly Swarm.

Featuring over 100 origami jelly fish with LED lights that illuminate the entire ceiling of the Aquarium’s entry-way gallery, Jelly Swarm was three months in the making! Created by Tangible Intervention, in collaboration with origami artist Joseph Wu, visitors can interact with this magnificent technological display by manipulating the lights and patterns of the Jelly Swarm.

Check out this time-lapse video of Jelly Swarm in action:

To find the other Luminescence exhibits, visitors can explore the Aquarium’s galleries looking for lit, origami fish positioned as “sign posts” over certain displays. When you see the origami fish, you know you’re about to encounter the marvel of aquatic light in action!

Look for the lit origami fish to find the Luminescence displays throughout the Aquarium's galleries. Photo: Dana Lynch

Aside from Jelly Swarm, the other major stars of Luminescence have to be the Vancouver Aquarium’s two electric eels, who turn on the Aquarium’s Christmas tree! Check out the light show the eels give off when they feed at 11am daily, or their amazing light-the-Christmas-tree ability at 2pm.

The Aquarium's electric eels power their Christmas tree! Photo: Dana Lynch

Look out for Scuba Claus—the Aquarium’s scuba-diving Santa—while you’re there, too.

Catch the Vancouver Aquarium’s Luminescence in person this holiday season through January 2, 2012.

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