Holy Crap: Local cereal with funny name goes global


It might not sound appetizing, but a local cereal called Holy Crap is taking the world by storm.

It’s made right on the Sunshine Coast, not far from Vancouver, and is now available in thousands of stores in 11 countries, with $5 million in annual sales.

The cereal is the brainchild of a local retired couple who were looking for a healthy breakfast alternative, according to a great article in the Vancouver Sun.  It has no wheat, no dairy and no animal products.  It’s also all organic and filled with chia (an ancient seed from Mexico) hemp seed and buckwheat.  And, the amazing thing is, it actually tastes good.  The cereal gets its name from its four tastiest ingredients: Cranberries-Raisins-Apple Pie (a mix of apples and cinnamon), which form the acronym CRAP.

Interestingly enough, the couple originally called their cereal Hapi.  But almost no one bought it.  It was only after adopting the unique and provocative Holy Crap name that sales really started to roll in.  That led to an appearance on CBC’s reality program Dragon’s Den last November, where they tried to convince a panel of investors to buy a stake in their business.  The next day they sold $1.5 million in Holy Crap online.

Things have gone so well for the one-time mom-and-pop business since then that Holy Crap will be profiled as a success story on Dragon’s Den in January.  The couple now have 16 employees and recently moved into a bigger factory.

So where can you find the stuff around Vancouver?  Pretty much everywhere.  I’ve noticed the bright green bags on the shelves in Whole Foods and Choices markets, and I’m sure it’s stocked elsewhere.

Or you can take a trip yourself and see where Holy Crap comes from.  The company doesn’t offer tours yet, but it’s headquartered in Gibsons, a beautiful seaside Sunshine Coast town well worth a visit.  If you’re thinking of a daytrip, this link explains how to get there from Vancouver.

Any fans of Holy Crap out there? Is it really as good as they say? 

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