Dine Out Vancouver – 10th Anniversary Giveaway!

The upcoming Dine Out Vancouver Festival will be the 10th anniversary of this much anticipated event. We started Dine Out Vancouver as a way to raise the profile of Vancouver’s culinary scene, and also to help fill our restaurants during a generally slow period between Christmas and Valentine’s day.

The festival, which began 2002 with just over 50 participating restaurants has grown each year, and now features over 200 participating restaurants. In addition to dinner menus, many restaurants are also offering lunch menus. In recent years a number of exciting events have become part of the festival, including Plated and Paired, Dine Academy, Secret Supper Soiree, Act I Eat 1, Street Food City, Salt & Pepper, and Brasserie Mystere.

In honor of our 10th anniversary, and as a special thank you to everyone that has supported Dine Out Vancouver we are offering a fabulous prize to one lucky reader!

Prize package includes:

  • $100 gift card for Goldfish Pacific Kitchen
  • $100 gift card fro Federico’s Supper Club
  • $100 gift card for The French Table
  • $100 gift card for The Shore Club
  • $75 gift card for Cardero’s
  • $75 gift card for The Keg Steakhouse & Bar
  • $75 gift card for Oishii Sushi Japanese Restaurant
  • $50 gift card for Judas Goat
  • 2 x $50 gift cards from Wines of British Columbia

You have two opportunities to win this incredible prize package:

1) Post a comment below saying what your favourite Dine Out restaurant is (1 chance to win)

2) Tweet the following (1 chance to win):

I entered to win an incredible Dine Out Vancouver prize package from @myVancouver http://bit.ly/woKmEg #DINEOUT

We will pick one lucky winner on January 19 and will notify them by email.

Good luck everyone!

Updated January 19th: Congratulations Stephanie! You are the lucky winner of the Dine Out Vancouver – 10th Anniversary Giveaway. An email has been sent to you with further details.

Thank you to everyone who posted a comment and spread the word through Twitter!


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1,938 Responses to Dine Out Vancouver – 10th Anniversary Giveaway!

  1. Rishad

    Favorite Dine Out restaurant: Pourhouse

    • Marlene


      • Jen

        West is best!

        • Shelley

          You will be pleasantly surprised at Bistro 101 near Granville Island.

      • Suzanne


    • Ed

      Love the Boathouse restaurant

    • Sandra Liang

      Favorite Restaurant – Fraiche Restaurant, Market

    • Barbara-Anne Kelly

      I like Mr. Mikes, Red Robin and Boston Pizza

    • luvsabin

      The Keg Steakhouse & Bar!
      A restaurant for all ages!

      • Kevin

        The Keg is a great restaurant, loving the dine out menu

        • Pirkko

          Love the Keg! Go every year :)

    • Rebecca

      The American Grille

    • Sharon

      Monk McQueen’s is my favourite!

    • Rachel


    • Gypsy Feng

      Five Sails, Chamber

    • Scanly Lo

      My favourite Dine Out restaurants are Miku and The Keg

    • Chris

      The Boathouse has always been a good place, and trying it last year, I agree with the critics!

    • Anja

      Arms Reach Bistro!!!!!!!!!!! Great atmosphere, unique and tasty dishes, friendly staff.

    • Harry

      Looking forward to Dine Out Vancouver at Coast! Great food, wine selection, service and atmosphere!

    • Jennifer

      Gusto di Quattro

    • Daniel Ryu

      Zen Restaurant was delicious!

    • Sara

      My favourite Dine Out Restaurant is Q4!


      We have enjoyed every restaurant we’ve tried, but WEST is BEST!

    • Moira

      My favorite Dine Out Vancouver restaurant is Chutney Villa

    • haley

      My favourite Dine Out Vancouver restaurant is definitely Chambar! The service, ambience and of course, food, is always amazing.

    • Theresa Cruz

      My fav is the Carderos!

    • HT


    • robin

      Salmon House on the Hill!

    • Linda Harold

      CRU – always had delicious well presented food. Love their grilled Caesar & wine suggestions

    • joy

      favourite dineout restaurant is Q4!

    • Martin

      I used to love aqua riva too bad its closed=(.

    • Kaori

      Diva & Shore Club!!

    • Michelle M.

      Fav Dine Out-Cork&Fin

    • Joy

      Chambar, Rocky Mountain Flatbread. I love them all.

    • Tom Chen

      Favorite Dine Out Restaurant: Joe Fortes

    • Lisa

      Fav dine out place has to be Goldfish.

    • Michelle

      New fav the Pourhouse

    • Carrie

      Favorite Dine Out restaurant: Salmon House on the Hill

    • Judy

      Judas Goat for sure!

    • Lori


    • lexcy li

      kegs in burnaby

    • I’m keen to try the menu at the Kitsilano Daily Kitchen. A friend got a glimpse last evening and said it is going to be amazing!

      Excited for Dine out to try it ourselves.

    • Stephanie

      Favourite Dine-Out Restaurant: Market

    • NamePauline

      you have to go to Joe Fortes great food, ambience was my spot for dine out 2011

    • Cimi


    • Carmen Yau


    • dee


    • Rachel

      La Terrazza!!

    • Rose

      My favourite restaurant is the Teahouse in Stanley Park.

    • ryan

      I will never forget pink elephant!

    • Vicki

      The Boathouse

    • Vicki Gieselman


    • Yi

      The Keg Steakhouse & Bar.

    • markie g

      Shore Club makes some of the best traditional seafood with some novel ideas that usually pay off

    • Carol


    • BillyPang

      Boathouse !

    • David


    • Miss Minty

      Chambar – great food and lot’s of fun.

    • charlotte


    • Jan

      Boathouse – wonderful atmosphere

    • Yvonne

      My favorite dine out restaurant is Shady Island!

    • Sybil

      The Boathouse in White Rock!!!!

    • elaine

      Mistral is delicous!

    • elaine

      Mistral is delicious!

    • Bill

      The Boathouse at Horseshoe Bay is a perennial favourite!

    • Shifana

      The KEG has and always will be one of my favorite places to dine out!

  2. Avril

    Oh I think it has to be The Keg Steakhouse & Bar

    • Mary Curran

      favorite dine out restaurant is hands down ” The keg” the restaurant has always been great

  3. Favorite Dine out Restaurant: Cobre!

  4. Rachel

    Chambar is the BEST!

    • Anna

      Chambar’s food was great and the ambiance was lovely!

  5. Cynthia

    My favourite dine-out restaurant is glowbal!

  6. Karen


  7. How the heck do you just pick one??!?!! That’s an impossible task!

    I love going to Trattoria, so I shall say this!

    Thanks for hosting this AMAZING giveaway!!!!

  8. Billy Cheung

    Favourite dine out restaurant: C Restaurant!

  9. Jenn

    My favourite Dine Out restaurant is Nu Greek.

  10. YiChen Lee

    Favourite Dine out restaurant is The Keg!!!

  11. Sam

    Fav Dine Out restaurant: Provence Marinaside!

  12. Nicole T

    Has to be Chambar!

  13. Christina

    Yew at the Four Seasons!

  14. Zooly

    My favourite restaurant is Cactus Club!

  15. Diana

    I love Baru or Goldfish..they are both really yummy and great service!!!

  16. Susan

    Favourite Dine Out Restaurant: Cru!!

  17. John Yeum

    Joe Fortes is one of the Best!!

  18. So many to choose from, it’s hard to pick just one!

    The Keg Steakhouse never disappoints; therefore, it has to be my favourite. :)

  19. Erin

    My fav Dine Out is Abigail’s Party!

  20. Sydney

    This is awesome.

  21. Chloe

    The menu at Abigail’s Kitchen looks delightful! And it’s close to home.

  22. Michelle

    My favorite dine out restaurant is C restaurant

  23. My vote goes to Cardero’s. Amazing view, nice atmosphere quality food & people

    • teresa

      I love going to Cardero’s. Great variety and fantastic view.

  24. Diana

    Horizons on Burnaby Mountain…the service is also amazing…..luv it!

  25. Ryan

    Favorite Dine Out restaurant: Society

  26. so many, but Raincity Grill is always such a treat, even at full price!

  27. I love West!

  28. Carol Anne

    I cannot say that any of the above restaurants are my favourite as I don’t think I have been to any on the above list. You could send me to the worst one and I would still be happy!

  29. Ron

    The Reef!

  30. Francisco Villa Sánchez

    My best resturant for dine out is Don Francesco good is great there!!

  31. It has to be The Keg for me!

  32. Keary

    So many fantastic restaurants. Vancouver really showcases an amazing range. I have to pick Joe Fortes. It has great food, good service, an electric atmosphere & most importantly great memories for me.

  33. Julia

    The Keg!

  34. Richard Pinto

    Flying Tiger!

  35. Derrick Freedman

    West is the best!

  36. Dan Adrian

    My fav Dine Out Restaurant is…HAPA IZAKAYA!

  37. I love Dine Out at CinCin. Fabulous food, great service, wonderful ambience.

  38. Christine

    Probably the sandbar. I love seafood!

  39. Kobe Japanese Steak and Seafood House is an amazing dining experience!

  40. Judas Goat is my fav!

  41. Munira Samji

    <3 I've Only Been to the BOATHOUSE For DineOut Vancouver But I Would Looooove to Check Out Other Ones! <3

    Looking forward to this year's!

  42. Valerie

    I choose Cardero’s!

  43. namit malhotra


  44. Our favorite resturant to date is Q4 but we are super pumped to try The Poor Italian this year!

  45. Kitsilano Daily Kitchen for sure!

  46. Kelly

    The reason I love dine-out… a chance to try something new! So I never know what my favorite will be.

  47. Hawksworth!!!

  48. My fave:

  49. Andrew

    I have to go with The Reef on the Drive!

  50. Love the ambiance and quality at Bacchus restaurant & lounge!

  51. Jen

    Goldfish Kitchen is one of my favourite Dine Out spots!

  52. Al

    Hmmmm so difficult to pick, but since my wife n I love prime rib and lobster so much I’ll have to pick….

    The Keg Steakhouse!!!

  53. My favourite Dine Out restaurant: Black + Blue

  54. Tara

    So excited to try Hawksworth this year!

  55. Jeremy

    I love the Keg!!!

  56. fave place from the list has to be Goldfish Pacific Kitchen
    as it’s got the old Cannery style food as well plus it’s close to transit

    i tweeted as well

  57. My fave Dineout restaurant is West

  58. Michele Wiebe

    Il Giardino & Joe Fortes are a tie for my favorite. Both have great ambience, consistently high food quality, and amazing service!

  59. Brad Cunningham

    Favourite Dine Out restaurant: Chambar

  60. Quan

    Thanks for doing this (:
    favorite restaurant – Chamber

  61. Jake

    I love all the restaurants Vancouver has!! but we have a young son who we have taken to THE KEG and he loved it!!…so our favourite is THE KEG..

  62. Definitely The Teahouse in Stanley Park.

  63. Katie

    So far, best dine out has been Monk McQueen’s! Can’t wait for this year!

  64. It’s a tough choice but I’d have to say the Keg is my favourite!

  65. Akira

    Goldfish !!

  66. Stephanie C

    We are lucky to have so many amazing restaurants in Vancouver, but currrently my favourite has to be Goldfish. There’s something really special about the food, atmosphere, and great service that just makes you want to go back :)

  67. Jeanette

    my fave is cork & fin!

  68. Alison

    I <3 Cobre Nuevo Latino. Beautiful food, wonderful atmosphere, fabulous staff!

  69. Jennie

    Chambar has been a continued favourite as was the Cannery before it closed down to my dissappointment! Thanks for hosting this great event year! Always enjoy it!

  70. Vanessa

    The Sandbar!

  71. Anna

    The Keg Steakhouse :)

  72. Michael

    Chambar is the BEST

  73. Jen

    I love C Restaurant – for dineout, or anytime!

  74. Chubbychick

    The Keg!

  75. Sandra

    Black + Blue is my favourite Dine Out restaurant!

    • Sandra

      AND The Shore Club… AND Goldfish! How can you choose just one!!! ;)

  76. Noreen

    The Keg Steakhouse and Bar …. awesome place!

  77. Chelle

    I’m rather fond of the Boathouse in Port Moody.

  78. Shelley

    I would have to choose The Keg as well….my 5 yr. old son always says he “Weally, weally wants to go to that restaurant, cause it looks so fancy.” whenever we drive by the one in Abby. The Keg never disappoints!

  79. Sydney

    Probably the Sandbar

  80. Alex

    I like the Keg for their filet steaks

  81. Jean

    Love the Keg Steakhouse,but I have yet to try the others!

  82. Shane

    My favourite Dine Out restaurant is: Pear Tree!

    • Jen c

      Love Cobre! Can’t wait for the dine out again.

  83. Wendy T

    MARKET By Jean-Georges is one of my favourite restaurants.

  84. Shelley

    The Keg – my 5 yr. old begs for us to go there! Yum!

  85. Brandi

    My favourite is Society!

  86. Khya Fellingham

    My favourite restaurant participating in Dine Out Vancouver is Abagail’s Party for its great menu, ever changing wine list, great staff and cozy atmosphere.

  87. Val

    Mmmm Salt Tasting Room for sure :)

  88. Farin

    My favorite is the Boathouse

  89. Hercy

    Favorite restaurant La Terrazza! :)

  90. My favorite restaurant has to be The Keg Steakhouse and Bar. Always great service and atmosphere and of course – delicious food!

  91. Martin

    Has to be Baru latino! The food is amazing there

  92. Chris

    Cardero’s or the Keg!

  93. Suzie C.

    Favourite dine out restaurant: The Keg

  94. Rebecca Ind

    My favourite Dine Out Restaurant would have to be Las Margaritas!! Super tasty food, everytime!

  95. Angie

    If the unexpected welcome of “Irasshaimase” being yelled at you when you walk in doesn’t bring a smile to your face it is the menu that any Vancouverite / sushi enthusiast can find something new or a new variation of an old favourite. I am also smitten for their “Hello Kitty” cocktails; I know it’s the little things that make Hapa Izakaya my favioute Dine Out restaurant.

  96. Lin

    Favourite Dine Out Restaurant: The Keg Steakhouse & Bar

  97. Charlene

    Carthage Cafe on Commercial Drive! Tres Magnifique!

  98. michelle

    Had a great time at Joe Fortes last year!

  99. shore club – hands down!

  100. Taruna Goel

    Our favorite dine out restaurant has to be the Keg. Great food, superb service and it always helps to have a kids menu :)

  101. Kyle

    I always have an awesome time at Horizons Restaurant; love that place.

  102. A big fan of Chambar!

  103. Nicole

    Fav dineout resto: chambar!

  104. Jin

    My favourite is Trattoria

  105. My fav is Chambar!

  106. teresa simunac

    my favorite is the keg love it

  107. Hercy

    My favorite restaurant is La Terrazza :)

  108. Robyn


  109. I love Goldfish!

    • Tweeted @EpicEventsVan

  110. teresa simunac

    tweeted teresa43

  111. My favourite is ORU at the Fairmont Pacific Rim. Delish!

  112. I’ve been very curious about Federico’s Supper Club but I’ve always loved Chambar.

  113. Clare

    Just one? Well the most fun was Cloud 9 (the revolving restaurant) wonderful views and good food ;)

  114. Kirsten


  115. Darian Noel

    oh goldfish is so yummy but so is Market…so hard to choose. :)

  116. Meredith

    There are so many fantastic restaurants participating, but I have to go with Deep Cove favourite the Arms’ Reach Bistro! Great food, great service, great view and a fun atmosphere.

  117. cheryl

    Definitely something the hubby and I can use :)

  118. Colleen

    Kingyo :)

  119. Winnie


  120. Petra

    I love The Reef, but it’s really hard to pick just one :)
    thank you for doing this!

  121. Doug


  122. henry

    raincity grill

  123. Amanda

    Last year’s favorite was The Boathouse.

  124. Rhonda Cates

    Already reserved – Teahouse in Stanley Park

  125. sharon adelman

    mmm…Raincity Grill

  126. Erica

    I love the keg! But to be honest I have not tried all these fabulous fine out restaurants!

  127. Craig

    Goldfish, not only just a cute pet, but a delicious restaurant as well.

  128. Meredith

    Difficult choice but i will pick black & blue

  129. Lynn F

    Horizons on Burnaby Mt.

    Great food, great view, shared with good people on top of a Mt. – close to heaven!

  130. Annie

    Judas Goat!

  131. Odette

    We don’t get out much because of our children, but when we do we like CHAMBAR! They have the best beer and great atmosphere :)

  132. Michal


  133. Vincent


  134. Michelle

    Chambar!!! Beautiful dining venue and delicious food!

  135. Barb f

    Favourite Dine Out restaurant? They are all favourites, depending on the menu and mood and who you’re dining with. Looking forward to C Restaurant, don’t usually get there otherwise.

  136. Christina

    Favourite Dineout restaurant: Goldfish Pacific Kitchen!

  137. Estee C.

    Definitely YEW!

  138. Olivia

    I love Provence Marinaside!

  139. AlexOfAnders

    I think I’ll go with Chambar as many others did

    • Maureen

      My favorite restaurant is Bacchus

  140. joyce


  141. leah

    cardero’s for sure!!!!

  142. Kamila

    Salt ;)

  143. NPT

    Oishii Sushi Japanese Restauran

  144. Ben

    L’Abattoir serves amazing food and is definitely my fav!

  145. Ruth

    I haven’t had the chance to try most of these but I’ve had some wonderful food at Chutney Villa

  146. Heather

    C Restaurant!

  147. Kevin Williams

    My Favourite restaurant is Cardero’s.

  148. Alison

    Mine is definitely The Keg!

  149. Rinat

    There are so many fantastic restaurants to choose from, but I think I’ll go with C Restaurant–for the view, the food and the service.

  150. Linda

    My favorite restaurant is Boathouse!

  151. Ashley

    Chambar for me!

  152. Mine is Judas Goat! Just moved to Vancouver a few months ago so I still have lots to learn!

  153. Dexter Wuennenberg

    My favorite of all time – Italian Kitchen, Alberni St. A couple of years back they made the most incredible Crab Risotto……

  154. Kotie

    my favourites are glowbal and goldfish

  155. Bennett

    Baru Latino never fails to make my tummy & companion happy! I’ll be re-visiting them this DOV again!

  156. Angela

    Griffins dessert bar – YUM!!!

  157. cass

    i love coast but C is also great!!

  158. Chambar is my ultimate favorite :) followed by a close second of Pourhouse

  159. Libby

    My fav Dineout restaurant is Yew! Never disappoints!

  160. Heather

    I think my favorite is Italian Kitchen. So good every time.

  161. Lisa

    Love The Keg!

  162. g

    It’s Miku – delicious aburi sushi.

  163. Howard

    Monk’s by far, best food value and best deck!

  164. Gracelle

    I’ve never really eaten anywhere else but the Keg so I’d say that is my fave, which also means I need to get out a bit more :)

  165. Charlene

    chambar rocks!

  166. I would have to say Shore Club for steak, although all the choices are tasty!

    French Table probably has some great steak too

  167. mike

    based on past experiences, The Keg Steakhouse & Bar is my favorite place to go for dinners. ggreat steak!

  168. Eric


  169. keeley

    I LOVE Goldfish….great food and great staff!

  170. BLACK + BLUE – menu looks delicious!!

  171. Jocelyn Chan

    I’m a newbie… but Sandbar is great :)

  172. Samantha K.

    My favourite restaurant would be the Sandbar!

  173. My favourite is Raincity Grill!!

  174. Irisss

    I always love the shoreclub. Gonna try out some new ones this year!

  175. MJ

    Loved the keg during dine out!!

  176. i LOVE to teat at Lolitas on Davie street. Every cocktail is made with love. I especially love the pina lolitas and the real FRESH young coconut that comes with it. The cramped cozy quarters help to ensure that even if you dine alone you will ALWAYS meet a friend, or at the very least, have some casual conversations. LOVE LOLITAS! XO

  177. Serena

    Goldfish is incredible!

  178. Winnie

    I love Lift! It’s right beside Coal Harbor and has breathtaking scenery!!

  179. Iriss

    The shore club.

  180. Kam P

    Favourite Dine Out restaurant has to be the Keg!!!

  181. Nicole

    I’d like to try Mosaic Bar & Grille.

  182. j. groot

    G L O W B A L !!!



  183. Rob Smith

    Chambar by far!

  184. COAST, loved it!

  185. Nancy

    So many great restaurants to choose from but at the moment my fave is Cobre!

  186. Erinn

    La Terraza

  187. Kevin


  188. James

    The keg hands down.. how can you go wrong with steak & potatoes?

  189. Anthony


  190. Jenny

    Oishii Sushi Japanese Restaurant!!!!!!

  191. Alexandra

    I have only been to a few and of those Provence Marinaside was great!

  192. Marian VanLaar

    Boathouse Restaurant – Horseshoe Bay! Great Views, Great Food!

  193. Kaeda

    My favorite year after year is CRU Restaurant.

  194. tina

    out of all of them The Shore Club is my absolute favorite of them all! great food!!

  195. Bons

    I like Joe Fortes!

  196. Sean Lim

    It’s a tie between Joe Fortes and Bistro Pastis for me!!

  197. Iris

    Favorite Dine out Restaurant:l’abattoir!

  198. Matthew K.

    My favorite dine-out restaurant is the boathouse…as that is the only dine-out I have had before.

  199. Ollie

    LOVE Cardero’s!

  200. Chambar!

  201. Rando

    Favourite would have to be Chambar – delish!

  202. Ashley


  203. Micky

    Cardero’s is delicious!

  204. Shawna

    Yum the keg!! :)

  205. Tracy

    C Restaurant!

  206. Katie P

    I really like Hidden Tasting Bar and Social Lounge.

  207. Kayla

    Cardero’s is great! Nice atmosphere and fresh food :)

  208. Sandra


  209. marissa


  210. Jenny S

    Would love to try all of them, but The Boathouse would be great!

  211. Zainab

    My Fav hands down has to be Rocky Mountain Flatbread Company…never dissapoints!

  212. Ine

    We really liked Asia restaurant. Don’t think it’s still on the list but it was good at the time!

    The Boathouse in Port Moody is always a hit as well!

  213. Richard W

    My girlfriend and I love The Keg.

  214. Linda Lea

    i choose O”Douls. they never fail to impress

  215. Tina

    The Shore Club

  216. Annie

    I love going to Chambar for Dineout!

  217. Adrian


  218. lucy kabatoff

    the keg !

  219. Mariane

    My fav is C Restaurant!!! <3 delicious seafood!

  220. Amy

    I love Cardero’s! Zen in West Vancouver is also really good!

  221. Cin Cin is the best I had so far.

  222. Ivy

    Chambar is my absolute favourite!

  223. Nabila


  224. Maki Owaku

    I love The Keg!!:)

  225. Kat

    Hawksworth Restaurant

    • Wesley

      Consistently Market at the Shangri-La!

  226. Kelli

    The Keg is still the one!

  227. lily

    it would have to be cardero’s for sure!!

  228. Kris

    Octopus Garden!

  229. Cherie

    I love their braised short ribs, and their Scotch Eggs are heavenly!

  230. Shaun

    My favourite is The Keg Steakhouse & Bar!!

    I would also love to try Cardero’s and Cloud 9!

  231. Sharlene

    Salt Tasting Room! It was fantastic!

  232. Matt

    Boathouse for sure!

  233. Jennifer

    Cru :-)

  234. Anselmo

    West is fantastic!

  235. Jenn

    I love Abigail’s Party. Fantastic food and great atmosphere. Parkside was also amazing but has sadly closed.

  236. jasmine

    I have to say the keg is my favorite.

  237. Teri

    Carderos…..would love to convince my hubby he would like to go, too!

  238. Cheryl

    My pick would be Al Porto’s. Thanks for organizing this giveaway!

  239. Britt


  240. Idy

    The KEG!

  241. Makaela

    The French Table! Please and thanks/

  242. David


  243. Brian

    Gotta love Raincity Grill!

  244. Alpha

    Chambar! Chambar! Chambar! Chambar! Chambar! Chambar!

  245. Hawksworth Restaurant is my new favourite one!

  246. My fav Dine out Vancouver Restaurant is Cardero’s. =)

  247. Ben

    Joe Fortes!!!

  248. jass

    Chambar is my fav !! :)

  249. Vinnie

    I love Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts – Bistro 101! It’s affordable and super delicious!

  250. Elizabeth


  251. Vanessa Van Dkye

    I’ve been crazy about Rocky Mountain Flatbreat Co. Since I first tried it at Dine Out a few years ago. Also really enjoyed Joe Fortes.

  252. I want to win!!

    I liked The Thai House (1st dineout experience)

  253. Darcy

    Italian Kitchen!

  254. Alex


  255. Jen Wiens

    The keg!

  256. Chuck

    Seasons in the Park

  257. Janet


  258. Kelly


  259. Ginger Gervais

    My fav is The Keg :P YUM!

  260. David Lee

    West is my favorite dine out restaurant

  261. Alyssa

    Chambar is by far my favourite restaurant, both at dine out and in vancouver!

  262. dan

    Favorite Restaurant – Boathouse!

  263. Jewels

    Black & Blue Steakhouse

  264. Su Sker

    Chambar is my fave restaurant.

  265. Carmen

    I like The Boathouse. A close second is the Banana Leaf.

  266. Duncan

    We had a great Dine Out Vancouver experience at the Hart House, and it is definitely a favourite!

  267. Loved Griffins when I went for lunch with the fam. :)

  268. Chambar is a constant favorite for me. Always great food & service.

  269. J Elliott

    Chambar is the best on the list in my opinion.

  270. definitely Hapa Izakaya!

  271. Evan

    I would have to say The Boathouse.

    Best wishes to all entrants =)

  272. Craig


  273. Raina Beeksma

    Hands down: The Keg…yum yum!!!!

  274. Inder

    Mmm (˘ڡ˘) Trattoria! (The Glowbal Collection)

  275. Christy

    I love Phnom penh.

  276. J. Farris

    My fav is of course the Keg

  277. Ken

    Me too, phnom penh, best wings in town!

  278. Brendan

    I’ll say Mexi Cali!

  279. Lauson

    Joe Fortes!!!!!

  280. Megan

    Judas Goat!

  281. Jasmine


  282. Jack

    La Terrazza

  283. Ritchie

    The Keg Steakhouse & Bar!!!

  284. Linda

    Diva at the Met looks amazing!!!

  285. Lilian S.

    Oishii Sushi!

  286. Luci

    Joe Fortes!

  287. Richard

    Chambar ftw!!

  288. tim

    the Keg

  289. april

    I <3 rtl <3

  290. jen s

    i love the keg!

  291. steve


  292. val

    the keg

  293. Jen

    Cardero’s – hands down – had the best meal we’ve ever had there on New Year’s Eve

  294. Neal R

    Oooh…ok I’m going to go based on last year…and my favorite was definitely “Glowbal” The traditional of the chain…amazing food…but the serice was a step above the rest!

    This year I want to try the west coast Pizza place…the one that one all the awards last year!

  295. Lincoln

    Fav: Goldfish!

  296. Keg

  297. Caitlin

    So many – it’s impossible to pick a favourite! However, if I must… I’ll say Edible Canada on Granville Island!!

  298. Lareina

    Trafalgars Bistro <3 is my all time fave :D

  299. Michelle

    Joe Fortes

  300. Chambar !

  301. Jeff

    Favorite dineout restaurant: Goldfish Pacific Kitchen

  302. Henrik

    Favorite Dine Out Restaurant – Griffins!

  303. Jessica

    Favorite: Teahouse

  304. ashmita

    Ive only been to the keg from the list so thatv would have to be my favorite :)

  305. Eric

    I like any Dine Out experience when someone else picks up the bill!

  306. Jonathan

    The Keg – Yaletown or Kits

  307. TJ

    Favorite = Chambar!

  308. Jess Y.


  309. tim

    five sails restaurant!

  310. HC

    Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts

  311. Suzie

    I’m going with the Keg!

  312. Tammy

    My favourite is Chambar.

  313. Jon

    My favourite from Dine Out restaurant from previous years has been Boneta.

  314. Heather

    L’Abbatoir YUM!! (Chambar is a close second)

  315. Lee

    Goldfish Kitchen

  316. Love Chambar!

  317. Matthew

    I love Kitsilano Daily Kitchen

  318. Rosanna

    I would have to say the Keg :)

  319. Jennifer

    Mmm Mmm Mmm The Keg and Carderos are delish!!

  320. Mimi

    Favourite dine out: Sandbar. :)

  321. Karen

    I <3 Boathouse!!

  322. Dena

    Love dining at CinCin!!

  323. Justin

    Joe Fortes. :)

  324. Pierson

    Don Francesco Ristorante is the absolute best!

  325. Provence Marinaside has one of the best atmospheres! Can’t to experience of Dine out 2012!

  326. Goldfish Pacific Kitchen for their fresh seafood and excellent service.

  327. Edwin

    Favourite dine out Restaurant: The Keg Steakhouse & Bar … Nom, Nom, Nom…

  328. Alice

    Favourite dine out restaurant: Boathouse

  329. Judy M.

    We love Cardero’s! Wonderful Steaks, Seafood and friendly staff!
    Shout out the the Keg too!

  330. Black + Blue looks like a great deal for dineout!

  331. Paula

    C restaurant!

  332. Luke


  333. warren

    any restaurant that has dineout but my favs at the keg glowball and boathouse

  334. warren

    the keg

  335. Hannah

    Blue Water Cafe!!

  336. Tom

    Budgies Burritos…

    Vancouver’s best Vego Burrito

  337. Art

    I am anxious to try West this time but I’ve always been happy with the Fish House in Stanley Park.

  338. Russ

    Hard to pick a favourite seeing as it looks like almost every restaurant in town in participating! But I would have to say Hawksworth after the great time I had there last week!

  339. PD

    My favourite is Chambar!

  340. gordon

    My favourite is the Boathouse – great food & ambience. :)

  341. Gonna have to go with some other people and say that the best Dine Out meal I’ve had was at Goldfish

  342. Adrian

    Marcello Pizzeria!

  343. Tracy

    i love c restaurant!

  344. Amy


  345. Kris

    My favourite dine out experience has been at coast. I like trying at least 1 new one each year.

  346. Peter

    Carderos has my vote!! Great menu, awesome view… What else could you want.

  347. Wansum

    Goldfish Pacific Kitchen!

  348. Debbie

    Love the Boathouse!

  349. Sandra

    So many great choices, but I pick Salt Tasting Room :-) Have a great day!

  350. Ada

    I have to say my very first dine out experience at Lumiere many years ago was my favorite!

  351. Doris

    Griffins is my favorite.

  352. Nina

    I love Glowbal! The staff are just so friendly!

  353. Sue

    I love milestones!

  354. Stephanie


  355. Sunshine G

    I always have a hankering for the Keg…

  356. Rebecca

    Hard to just pick one!! okay…if really need to, i will pick WEST!

  357. Arthur Crowson

    Gotta be Pourhouse for sure!

  358. Mariko

    West, Chamber and L’Abattoir
    I’ve already made reservations!!

  359. Yasmine

    Trattoria!!! Mmmmmmmmmmmm & Yum- mmmyyy! Cheers, Yasmine

  360. John M.

    My fav is The Keg !

  361. Jessica

    Favorite Dine out restaurant is Goldfish Pacific Kitchen!

  362. Elena M

    Burgoo or The Keg, or, or, or… all of them?

  363. maria

    I love the all but Reginal Tasting Lounge has a great menu this year!! Amazing prize!!!

  364. Bacchus at the Relais & Chateaux Wedgewood Hotel

  365. Shirley

    Joe Fortes

  366. Kaylesha

    I have to say my favourites are a tie between Horizons, you can’t beat the beautiful view from the top of Burnaby Mountain or the Keg.. nothing beats their blue cheese filet mignon! Would love to try more of the restaurants on this list though, Vancouver has so many great places to eat and drink, would love to try them all!

  367. Armee

    5 sails restaurant! woot woot!

  368. Kristel

    La Regalade or la Regalade bistro; their boeuf bourguignon and mushroom omelet are amazing… just to name two dishes!

  369. lori


  370. Moshe


  371. Alice

    CinCin! =)

  372. Pavel

    The Keg is a nice place

  373. chrysta

    The Keg is tried, trusted and true but I would love to try any of the others!

  374. Laura

    I recently moved to Vancouver from Columbus, OH and my brain is about to explode reading about all of these fantastic-sounding restaurants. I have been to Edible Canada on Granville Island and was v. pleased by the experience. Can’t wait to try more….

  375. Joanna

    Boathouse @ new west!

  376. tracy

    got to love chambar!

  377. Lois

    C restaurant, but a really hard choice.

  378. Amy

    The Keg Steakhouse & Bar

  379. Hei Moon Lim

    The Shore Club

  380. Andrew

    The Boathouse

  381. Dana

    So many good ones, but love Chambar!

  382. Helen

    haven’t tried most of them.. The keg is prob my fav of those I have but definately would LOVE the chance to sample a few more!

  383. Jennie


  384. S.Jeffery

    WOW – what a great time to be arriving in Vancouver – last time were there in 2009 we visited GOLDFISH…WOW – we have raved about the experience ever since and have recommended it to many Australians visiting Canada. My Canadian Australian Partner and I move to Vancouver in 2 weeks and the one thing we cant wait for is to return to GOLDFISH.

  385. Mark


  386. Mae

    Chambar for sure..

  387. Denise

    I really like the Boathouse!

  388. Diane

    Lots of good independent restaurants in Dine Out but too hard to single out my favourite, so I’ll just say that the Keg is always good for a nice meal.

  389. Bonnie

    La Terrazza

  390. Percy

    Zakkushi’s on Main is fantastic!

  391. Cannot wait to try out some new restaurants during Dine Out 2012, but for now my favourite is La Terrazza!

  392. Dana

    The keg

  393. Carol

    I love the Tea House.

  394. Ursula

    Hapa Izakaya! Also love Horizons.

  395. Regina

    My sons and I love Joe Fortes! Great food & great ambience!

  396. Katie

    My favorite is The Reef (on Main)!

  397. Justin

    West for the win!

  398. Marissa

    Sandbar! :)

  399. Gwen

    Favourite restaurant: the fabulous WEST Restaurant + Bar!!!!

  400. Favourite: The Reef

  401. Chris

    My favourite dine-out restaurant is C Restaurant

  402. Sarah

    gotta be “C”

  403. Sherri

    Brunch @ The Boathouse. Crab bennies!

  404. coral

    chambar, by far!

  405. Christy

    The Keg Steakhouse & Bar!!

  406. @Maxwell250

    I’m lovin Chambar for DineOut 2012!

  407. Steve

    I love the long table dinners at Irish Heather Gastropub.

  408. Favourite definitely has to be Goldfish Pacific Kitchen <3

  409. Irene

    Food at Trattoria was tasty. Would like to check out Frederico’s Supper Club…heard good things about it!

  410. T

    Favorite Dine Out restaurant: Blu Water Cafe

  411. Leslie

    I really loved the Dockside Restaurant!! :D

  412. Sarah

    The Keg!

  413. hwa yeong jo

    my favourite restaurant is …. keg steak house!

  414. Laurie Cottingham

    I haven’t ever been out to a restaurant in Vancouver yet! I would love to try Tojo’s after watching a documentary on it, but would adore going to any restaurant with fresh seafood. Thanks for this incredible opportunity to fine dine in Vancouver! Here’s hoping I get the chance! <3

  415. Tmak

    my favorite restaurant is Cardero’s. Their Oysters and Claws are amazingly good. Delicious!

  416. Don Lim

    For Dine Out – Carderos.

  417. Iris

    Favourite dine-out restaurant is Chambar!

  418. Audrey

    Fav: Goldfish Pacific Kitchen

  419. alison omelus

    CinCin always has the most gourmet fare! & THE best value during dineout!

  420. Patrick

    Favourite dine-out: the good ol’ KEG!!

  421. Melanie

    My Favorite would be The Keg Steakhouse & Bar! Can never go wrong with the tasty food at the Keg!

  422. miele


  423. Cougan

    The Keg Steakhouse & Bar! Cause I understand their food!

  424. Terry

    Hapa Izakaya!

  425. linda

    just one? We try new restaurants every DOV and have enjoyed EBO and Salmon House on the Hill to name a couple.

  426. Tiffany Kalinowski

    The Keg is the best!!

  427. Tony


  428. Viola

    Favourite Dine Out Restaurant: The Italian Kitchen!

  429. Kara

    I would soooo love the chance to win this amazing prize and share the gifts! My potential fave is Goldfish…..I havent gotten to try the menu but have heard so much about the restaurant! Id love to go!

  430. Favorite Dine-out Restaurant: Cardero’s! <3

  431. Elsa

    My favourite Dine-Out restaurant is Goldfish.

  432. Natalie

    Goldfish!! Love their tuna!

  433. John

    Favourite Dine-Out Restaurant is Five Sails in Waterfront

  434. Linda

    Stone Grill :)

  435. May

    Love Dine Out and love the Keg!!

  436. Gigi

    My favourite Dine Out Restaurant is Italian Kitchen. I absolutely love the Spaghetti with Spicy Kobe Meatball. The truffle cream sauce is simply phenomenal!

  437. Von

    I love Coast. Can never say no to seafood!

  438. Salva

    Favorite Restaurant – Fraiche Restaurant, Market

  439. Jeff

    The Old Spaghetti Factory is awesome!

  440. Lena

    Most memorable dine out meal was at Goldfish a few years ago. Their duck breast was AMAZING!!!!

  441. L’Abbatoir.

  442. zee

    Favourite – Oishii Sushi Japanese Restaurant ^_^

  443. Gloria

    DIVA at the Met!

  444. Tracy

    We LOVE trying new places. Last years favourite was Pastis :)

  445. Harmony

    Miku Japanese Restaurant!!

  446. Cam

    Sutton Place Hotel — Chocoholics buffet!!

  447. Love Goldfish, delicious spot!

  448. Dara

    Twisted Fork – absolutely delicious for the eyes and stomach!

  449. Darryl

    Ensemble is wonderful culinary experience and Chef Dale Mackay makes you feel welcome at his restaurant.

  450. The French Table!

  451. Sara

    Favourite Dine Out Restuarant: Chambar.

  452. James Wang

    Fleuri Restaurant at Sutton Place Hotel :D

  453. mike curran

    With out a doubt Cru was unreal, the food, the staff and the atmospher was the best . The Caesar salad was off the hook .

  454. The Keg Steakhouse & Bar has sweet past memories and I wish for more future memory making times too! ☺
    Tweeting @toothfairycyber

  455. Kate

    Favourite Dine Out Restaurant: Getting to try new restaurants that I otherwise might not take the time /have the cash to go to.

  456. https://twitter.com/#!/toothfairycyber/status/156600142689075200
    Tooth Fairy @toothfairycyber sweetly tweeted it!

  457. Faith Vickers

    Judas Goat

  458. Cru is one of my favorite restaurants for Dine Out

  459. Roanne G.

    The Cannery (RIP)

  460. Susan

    C restaurant & Boathouse & Joe Fortes … too many to list <3

  461. Audrey

    The Keg Steakhouse & Bar!! Love

  462. George

    I really enjoyed eating at Hamilton street grill!!

  463. Natalie

    Cardero’s for sure. Can’t beat the mussels or the overall atmosphere!

  464. Dan

    Love Central Bistro

  465. lyolya

    Edible Canada :)

  466. Susan

    Hapa Izakaya!

  467. Fay Jensen

    My favorite restaurant of all times is Il Gardino. Classic Italian with a fabulous menu. Truly a Vancouver favorite.

  468. Moni

    Hands down — Chambar.

  469. Jonathan

    Federico’s Supper Club is a blast with a bunch of friends.

  470. steph

    My favorite…THE SANDBAR :D !!

  471. Abigail’s Party!

  472. Minnie

    Westward Ho! has always been my favourite! Consistent quality and friendly service every single time!

  473. lora

    Al Porto Ristorante was exquisite!

  474. Angela

    My favorite dine out restaurant is Boat house!

  475. Catharine


  476. Ruby

    The Keg

  477. The Keg is my favourite!!

  478. Cardero’s

  479. Mary


  480. I have had the best Dine Out experience at La Terrazza. Would recommend others to give it a try!

  481. Chantelle


  482. Jordan

    Favourite would have to be Don Francesco’s on Burrard. The food is great and the service is always amazing!

  483. Winnie Wong

    My favorite dine out restaurant is Chambar!

  484. Sandy


  485. Jess

    I always wanted to try Goldfish!!

  486. John

    Chambar ftw!!

  487. Favourite Dine Out Restaurant: Kitsilano Daily Kitchen. Have you seen their DOV menu yet? Mmmmm!

  488. Tyler

    Fav Dine Out place: Goldfish!

  489. CarlyAnn

    I love The Keg!

  490. I had a great time at Goldfish Pacific Kitchen ! As a matter of fact, here’s my experience :

  491. Vivian Wang

    the boathouse by english bay !! a great view too <3

  492. Jeff Jou

    West hands down! Going back for 5th consecutive year!

  493. Cristian Gomez

    The boathouse!!

  494. Camille

    Hawksworth, been on my wish list since they opened.

  495. Cristian

    The boathouse

  496. i like ebo!

  497. Cam


  498. Iva

    I loved Baru Latino!

  499. Kelvin

    Chambar! Chambar! Chambar!

  500. Mardin

    Vancouver is slowly becoming one of the best places internationally to eat! I love it!

  501. clay

    Brana’s at Stamps Landing in False Creek. Frida night Argentinian music, view of the marina and fantastic food. The best date night in the city

  502. Tamara

    I love all the Dine Out restaurants listed but my all time favourite Dine Out experience was at Joe Fortes – from a tweet welcoming me to the restaurant, to the impeccable service and delicious food- I would gladly dine out here any day

  503. P.Chu

    Cobre is delicious!

  504. Christine K

    So many to choose from but I have to go with Le Gavroche.

  505. Jenny

    Zakkushi Dining on Main

  506. Jon

    Was at Oakwood Bistro recently. Would love to try their DOV menu!

  507. Samantha

    Chambar! Followed closely by the Pourhouse.

  508. Craig paterson

    The keg is a good family favourite but I want to go to Judas Goat!

  509. Liz Hopgood

    SUIKA So good and always great service

  510. Andy

    Stone Grill at Metrotown

  511. My favourite Dine Out restaurant is Coast by the Glowbal Group!

  512. Katherine

    There’s so many great choices and so many restaurants that I’ve still yet to try. Right now it’s a toss up between Salt tasting room, Chambar, and Zakkushi.

  513. Jean

    Chambar for sure!

  514. Jessie

    There’s so many restaurants that I love included on the list! Right now my favourite would have to be Suika and Coast! But my friends and I have reserved seats for Chambar as well and I’ve heard great things about that place!

  515. Krista Lee

    Fav Dine Out restaurant has to be Samba’s, but looking for a new one this year :)

  516. David

    Irish Heather Gastropub! Can’t beat the food or the table-mates!

  517. Jeannie

    Chambar! Every year :D

  518. Marina

    My vote is trendy Goldfish Pacific Kitchen!

  519. Of the restaurants I’ve tired, I would have to say Hapa Umi is my favourite :)

  520. Dilara


  521. Matt

    I’m going to have to say C. The scallop wrapped in octopus I had there a few years ago is still probably the #1 greatest thing I’ve eaten in this city.

  522. Joyce L

    Boathouse! And the keg too!

  523. Mae

    Goldfish Seafood & Chops

  524. Jared Lo

    The Shore Club

  525. Ivy

    Chambar! I definitely want to try it again!

  526. The Fish House in Stanley Park!

  527. Wendy

    Goldfish Pacific Kitchen has been my favourite Dine Out restaurant so far!

  528. Angela

    favourite restaurant?
    hmmm….that`d be The Observatory on Grouse Mountain :)

  529. Sarah

    Boathouse and Keg :)

  530. Eileen


  531. Jasmine G

    Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co.

  532. jeff


  533. Favourite Dine Out restaurant was Society Lounge!

  534. Melanie

    My fave is The Keg!

  535. Spencer

    Choosing a favourite is hard, but I would have to say Coast!

  536. Andrea

    Joe Fortes!

  537. Norman

    do it up!

  538. Cristalle

    I loved Al Porto last year!

  539. Yvonne


  540. Chris

    The Boathouse, mmmm seafood and cheesecake.

  541. Doris Chan

    West! Excellent food, service and atmosphere.

    • Gen

      Our favourite Dine Out Vancouver restaurant is definitely Chambar.

  542. Colin Chiu

    My Favourite part of Dine Out is all the wonderful options and being able to try new places in Vancouver

  543. Tiffany

    Hamilton Street Grill!

  544. Janson Wong

    West is my definite favorite! Go every year!

  545. David

    Provence Mediterranean Grill!

  546. Rachel

    West is scrumptious!

  547. Chris

    Harolds bistro & bar

  548. So hard to pick a favorite when I haven’t even have a chance to try them all!!

    I guess I will have to go with The Observatory.

  549. Sophie

    The Boathouse!
    Fresh seafood and the espresso crème brulee to die for!

  550. VancityBeerGuy


  551. Josh

    The Keg!

  552. Kelly

    Milestones & Earls!

  553. Gigi

    Market by Jean-Georges!

  554. Society!!

  555. sunny

    My Favourite Dine out restaurant “The Keg”

  556. Kim

    The boathouse in kits!

  557. Kobe!

  558. Serge

    Shabusen on burrard

  559. David S.

    Favourite dine out spot is definitely Goldfish!
    Great ambience and amazing service!

  560. Joann

    My favourite Dine Out Restaurant so far is Glowbal Grill !!

  561. Alexandra

    Bistro 101! Never disappoints, and always serves up something surprising and fresh. Impeccable service from student chefs learning the tricks of the trade.

  562. Kevin


  563. Jonathan

    Favourite Dine Out Restaurant: The Boathouse!

  564. Amy

    I’d have to say Chambar!

  565. My favourite dine out restaurant is: Ouisi bistro

  566. kelvin


  567. Market !

  568. Stefanie

    Gotta say one of the newest additions: Black and Blue

  569. Justin

    Cloud 9, I have some good memories up there =).

  570. Carmen

    Hidden Tasting Bar & Social Lounge :D

  571. May

    The Keg – always consistent, always good value :)

  572. Caroline T

    My favourite dine out restaurant is definitely GLOWBAL or SOCIETY.

  573. Annie

    I love the Central Bistro! I never went during Dine out, but it’s one of my go to places when I’m down town and around the English Bay area.

  574. Natalie

    My favourite dine-out restaurant is society!

  575. Sophia


  576. Lisa

    My favorite Dine Out restaurant is The Keg Steakhouse and Bar – Park Royal!

  577. Ben


  578. Louisa

    I like Boathouse in Richmond, their food is like our community people – fabulous ^_^

  579. Melissa

    Such a difficult question…but I would have to say GOLDFISH!

  580. Brianna Huxtable


  581. Amy F

    Fave dinout restaurant: Raincity Grill

  582. Rene

    My favourite Dine Out restaurant is: C Restaurant

  583. sonia c.

    Favourite dine out restaurant would definetly be the keg!

  584. Jennifer

    Five Sails, had a very memorable evening there :)

  585. wanda

    Wished they were still participating…Gotham’s.

  586. John

    Think ill have to try Chambar this year

  587. The Keg~!

  588. Joe Fortes

  589. janet

    of couse is CIN CIN

  590. I absolutely adore Cadero’s! My favorite one by far.

  591. Robbie

    C restaurant…yummy.

  592. Walter


  593. Katie


  594. Jane

    My favourite Dine Out restuarant is definitely Diva at the Met. Fantastic food & spectacular service! Can’t wait to go back again!

  595. Andrew

    My favorite is C restaurant so far, but I am really looking forward to visiting Five Sails this year :D

  596. danny


  597. Jason

    Trattoria was fantastic last year.

  598. Debi

    Our family loves the Dine Out Vancouver weekend. A great way to experience new places. We love the “Keg” for a great family dining.

  599. Ken

    Love Baru Latino but will try other this year.

  600. cal

    Chambar :)

  601. Minori

    I am drooling. I think I’ll go for Fabre, Q4 Al Centro and Zen restaurant. Thanks for making me greedy! I make choose more…

  602. Josephine

    Goldfish for sure….

  603. Alex


  604. Anne

    Banana Leaf is my favourite Dine Out Vancouver restaurant

  605. Lindsay

    There are so many good ones but over and over again I end up at the Boathouse..

  606. Shirley

    My favourite so far is Il Giardino. But that might change as there are a few new exciting restaurants participating this year!

  607. Wally

    I don’t have a favourite because I like to take this opportunity to try new restaurants. With the bargain price, I can try more!

  608. Dora Schweber

    Chambar is the one!!

  609. Mandy


  610. Sarah

    My current favorite has to be Goldfish. Both the food and the service are incredible.

  611. Leanne

    Banana Leaf is my favourite!

  612. Michelle M

    Favorite Restaurant: The Shore Club! YUM!

  613. Chandni

    I went to Chutney Villa last year and really enjoyed it. Will go again this year for sure!

  614. Maggie

    My Favorite: West Restaurant + Bar

  615. Kylie

    My favourite Dine Out restaurant is Italian Kitchen!!! Absolutely AMAZING food and excellent service from all the staff!

  616. Callie Hanson

    Favourite Restaurant: Coast!

  617. I don’t have a favorite but can’t wait to try out some of these on Dine out Vancouver!

  618. I love the keg !!! Prime rib with mashed potatoes … Yummmmm

  619. Hapa Izakaya on Robson!

  620. Karen

    Boathouse is soooooo yummy

  621. mary

    hapa izakaya kits

  622. Kenneth

    My Favorite: Chambar!!

  623. Boathouse is amazing!

  624. Josephine

    Goldfish :)

  625. Lawrence

    Unfortunately I havn’t had the chance to try many of the Dine Out restaurants (this festival being a good opportunity to catch up). My favourite (by default unfortunately) is the consistently good Keg Steakhouse.

  626. Marilyn B.

    First, the lovely walk along the harbour before and after dinner. The unparalleled view from the ‘boat deck’. The exquisite food. Excellent service. AND – if you go on the right night, beautiful and stirring opera arias as a delightful accompaniment to dinner!

  627. Olivia

    Had a great time with friends at the Boathouse, Kitsilano last year – great service, great food and an amazing view.

  628. Kimberly

    I still have yet to try so many places on that list! But Joe Fortes is on top of my list. I’m a steak and seafood kinda gal :)

  629. rubai

    Don’t have a favourite but can’t wait to try out Five Sails this year!

  630. betty

    Favourite Restaurant: La Terrazza

  631. Trent

    My favourite is C Restaurant.

  632. Karla

    I love Chambar…and Society…and The Keg…and The Pourhouse…and …and…and…and!!!

  633. Kristi

    The Irish Heather Gastropub!

  634. Dane

    Carderos :)

  635. Jeanie

    Had an amazing anniversary at The Observatory!

  636. Andra


  637. Celine


  638. Maninder

    The Boathouse in Kits

  639. Midori

    Italian Kitchen!

  640. Vera Sal

    I love The Keg, naturally

  641. Carmen

    I really liked Smiley’s Public House!! It was the first DineOut place I went to!!

  642. Jennifer

    The Irish Heather is a really nice place!

  643. Leonard

    Chambar is by far one of our favourite places. Even without Dine Out, their pot of mussels is a good deal.

  644. Jonathan


  645. merissa

    my favourite dine out restaurant is abigail’s party!!!

  646. Jen

    Cobre- went last year and the options and tastes were amazing

  647. Jason

    Tough to say. I have so many. YUM!

  648. Lindsay

    My favourite Dine Out Vancouver restaurant is The Reef on Main! Great local spot!

  649. Amanda

    the keg!

  650. Leah Dionne


  651. Hailley

    There is never a wrong time for the mussels at Chambar!

  652. Black & Blue!

  653. michelle su

    the keg!

  654. Lorna

    The view AND the food at the Boathouse at Kits Beach makes it a perfect place for date night :)

  655. Jocelyn

    La Terraza! Such good food!

  656. Jennifer Sharein

    Federico’s was my favourite Dine Out restaurant!

  657. Jay

    L’ABATTOIR! By Far!

  658. Dennis L.

    I’d have to go with Goldfish

  659. Jen

    My favorite Dine Out restaurant so far has been Global, but I’m looking forward to trying some new ones this year!

  660. Monica

    I love Hells Kitchen!

  661. Pearl

    Five Sails

  662. Mark

    My favorite restaurant is Boathouse.

  663. Nicole


  664. Alexandrine


  665. The Irish Heather – hands down best deal for the quality and amount of food you get!

  666. Patti

    The Keg and the Boathouse Port Moody!

  667. Kathryn

    my foodie-heart belongs to Goldfish. Sososo good.

  668. AmyC

    C Restaurant for amazing seafood and service. The view doesn’t hurt either!

  669. HollyC

    Coast is my favourite! Lobster mac and cheese!

  670. Becs

    I always hit up West during Dine Out!

  671. Bailey

    All of these REstuarants sound fantastic, I havent been to most of them, but the few I have I would say, Carderos…i love it!

  672. Irene Alcock

    We love every restaurant we’ve tried but West is the Best!

  673. B

    My favorite is Kobe. I would love to win the prize!

  674. Maggie

    Favoriate Restaurant: La Terrazza!!

  675. Amy


  676. Lyna

    There’s too many! I like Sandbar

  677. Steve Burr

    the TEA HOUSE RESTAURANT in Stanley Park is my favourite

  678. Bre

    The Boathouse

  679. Amy

    Goldfish :)

  680. Yasmin

    The French Table is amazing!

  681. Kathleen

    The Yew!

  682. Jenn Wyant

    YEW at the Four Seasons was incredible!

  683. I love Maurya! Great Indian food!

  684. Jeannie

    Mad Greek Restaurant – delicious food & the belly dancer is an added feature – livens up all the diners

  685. Karen

    My favourite Dine Out Restaurant is The Boathouse!

  686. Jessica

    Definitely Wild Rice! Mmm, I still remember my boyfriend’s lamb curry. Delicious.

  687. Peter Law

    The Yew at Four Seasons!

  688. Ashley Lillyman

    I really loved this one time me and my girlfriends went to Sanafir.

    Every part about it was just so…fun! It was the perfect girls’ night. The upstairs was sexy & playful, the staff & manager were a dream, the food & wine were divine and to top it all off, it was Dine Out so we felt like we were getting it all for a steal!

  689. My favourite dine out restaurant is Sandbar on Granville Island. I love sitting on the covered patio with heatlamps, and looking over the water and the two bridges leading into downtown Vancouver!

  690. Chambar!!! Pick me!!! Will blog this experience!

  691. A. Kim

    Hapa Izakaya Kits is my favorite!

  692. tweeted this!!

  693. Corrine

    C Restaurant !

  694. Cindy

    West Restaurant and Bar!!!

  695. Angela


  696. Melissa

    Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts – Bistro 101

  697. Maria

    Bar none, my favourite is CHAMBAR!!!

  698. Mimi

    Favourite is Blue Water!

  699. Louise

    Favorite Dine Out Restaurant: Cru

  700. amanda mckay


  701. Lenore Johnson

    MARKET by Jean Georges

  702. Cara

    My favorite is West. My first dineout was there now I go there when I can.

  703. Bryan

    Cloud 9

  704. Stanley

    My fav. dine out resto is Society. So far.

  705. Peter

    Gramercy Grill for sure.

  706. Jessica


  707. Mmm… TOO MANY!
    But for now, let’s say CHAMBAR! Every year I go to it during DOV.
    This year, I’m stoked to get a reso @ Hawksworth.

    And just for the record, I’ve made DOV an annual social meet-up for friends in different circles to meet each other. I LOVE IT! Thank you DINE OUT. January is such a happy happy month for me!

    (PS. Tweeted about the contest!)

  708. Janet

    My fav is Goldfish Pacific Kitchen!

  709. Thuy

    Fav Dine Out Restaurant: CinCin

  710. Lana

    COAST – priceless.

  711. Phil

    Favorite Dine Out: Cibo Trattoria!

  712. Ricky

    Favorite Restaurant: Miku

  713. Tracy

    Zakkushi’s was delicious!

  714. Judy

    Haven’t attended any dine-out Vancouver events. This would give me an incentive.

  715. Tommy Tseng

    Boathouse :)

  716. Naomi

    Too many to name! Current fav: Poor Italian. . .

  717. Bea

    My favourite is the Mosaic Bar and Grill!

  718. Patrick Wong

    Boathouse Richmond ^^

  719. Christine

    I enjoy taking advantage of DOV to try a new restaurant each year. My favourite, however, would probably be the Boathouse.

  720. Bree Procter

    Favorite Restaurant – Banana Leaf

  721. Patricia

    Le Gavroche!

  722. Winnie Chang

    One of the most memorable restaurant experiences – CHAMBAR!!

  723. Jamilla Ng

    my favourite dine out restaurant is L’Abbattoir!

  724. Melanie

    Global, for sure!

  725. Tanis

    Definitely The Keg, but only because I haven’t tried the other restaurants.. would be a great prize! Thanks!

  726. Annie

    Hell’s Kitchen!

  727. Linda

    Fave dineout: Cin Cin for impeccable service, delicious food and beautiful ambiance!

  728. Gary Bains

    Favorite dine out restaurant would have to be West and/or Boneta

  729. Rayna Winton

    My favorite this year is Hawkworth’s!

  730. Chambar all the way – great belgian beers and moules frites! My fav is the lamb shanks served in a tajine.

  731. Michele

    Five Sails is my all-time favourite

  732. Ebo!

  733. Terri

    Love the Keg at Granville Island. Their garlic shrimp and prime rib is awesome!

  734. Susanna S.

    My favourite restaurant is The French Table. Their food is awesome. :)

  735. Since I’ve been to few on that list, will have to say the Fish House in Stanley park. This little gem is sadly underrated.

  736. Mike

    Federico’s Supper Club is my fav. restaurant for Spaghetti

  737. Amanda Webster

    Italian Kitchen is my favorite restaurant, it was the first place my now husband took me for our first valentines day <3

  738. My favorite dine out is Griffins. The buffet is tremendous.

  739. Sachi


  740. Jocelyn

    The Keg Steakhouse & Bar!

  741. Goldfish Pacific Kitchen. Yum!

  742. My fav dine out resto is Coast! Miku is great too :)

  743. Kevin Chan

    My fav dine out restaurant is L’Abattoir :)

  744. Eri Okazaki

    My favorite restaurant Joe Fortes seafood & chop house

  745. Amber Todd

    The Hart House

  746. Scott Sadgrove

    The Hart House

  747. Shiela

    My favorite is Joe Fortes!

  748. Amanda


  749. Alana

    The Chambar is amazing!

  750. Anna

    Seasons in the Park or any of her 3 sister restaurants are always our absolute favouritest!

  751. Manson

    The Keg Steakhouse & Bar

  752. YEW at Four Seasons Hotel Vancouver!

  753. amy


  754. Karen

    Il Giardino is my favorite spot

  755. Denise

    chambar is my favourite!

  756. Teahouse!!!

  757. Kerry

    The Keg and Pourhouse!

  758. Patricia


  759. Dianna


  760. April

    Brix, fantastic everything

  761. I’m really looking forward to Oakwood Canadian Bistro!

  762. katie

    Chambar !!!!!!

  763. K

    the hart house!!!!

  764. KL


  765. w

    Goldfish Pacific Kitchen

  766. martin

    Goldfish Pacific Kitchen

  767. Julianne Han

    Joe Fortes Seafood and Chop House

  768. karl

    Goldfish Pacific Kitchen

  769. Connie

    My favourite dine out restaurant for this year will be l’abattoir

  770. Meghan Pritchard

    My favourite Dine Out restaurant is Brix!

  771. Ian

    The Salmon House on the Hill

  772. Chrissy

    There are a ton of great restaurants on the list this year, but my favorite has got to be Chambar!

  773. Monika & Rene

    We love Chambar!

  774. Melissa

    Five Sails

  775. Nicole

    Judas Goat is amazing!

  776. Melissa Y

    Griffins at the Fairmont!

  777. Mei

    I love Joe Fortes

  778. Caroline

    my favourite restaurant is goldfish pacific kitchen!! :D!!

  779. Linda W.

    Joe Fortes Seafood and chop House!:)

  780. Abe

    Only been to a few, but the Boathouse was probably the best out of them!

  781. Belinda Cheer

    I love the Five Sails Restaurant; my ultimate fav!!

  782. Sherry


  783. Sherry

    Harold’s. Good food, and a chance to meet Harold, the man they named the restaurant after (he’s been going there for lunch for over 35 years).

  784. Yoko

    Monk McQueens ☆☆☆☆☆ \(^o^)/

  785. Dada

    Joe Fortes seafood & Chop house- food was amazing!

  786. Maria

    Favorite restaurant: Boathouse Horseshoe Bay

  787. Irene

    La Terrazza! my favorite place in Vancouver

  788. isabelle

    Best restaurant for Dine Out is Monk McQueen’s. They always have a new menu just for dine out, i feel they really try to please the dine out crowd, each year i have been the food was excellent… and only 28$.

  789. Natalie

    Hands down Chambar is the BEST Dine Out Restaurant

  790. Cathy

    Chambar hands down.

  791. Robyn

    Favourite DineOut Restaurant – Banana Leaf! Yummmm!

  792. Chambar is definitely our special occasion go to.

  793. aaron larson

    Boathouse – something for almost everyone.

  794. melissa

    C! yummm…

  795. David Johl

    We find Hart House Restaurant as our go to place when we want to spoil ourselves and enjoy a romantic setting

  796. Devon

    ooohhh…very difficult to just pick one favorite Dine Out restaurant…cuz I’m such a foodie…But if I had to choose one I would say FRAICHE! The food is delicious and thoughful, the view is like no other, and the service impecable!

  797. Howard


  798. Dana S

    Chambar has the best overall experience. The food is both interesting and delicious.

  799. cadi

    Hard to pick just one but I’ll go with Chambar!

  800. Devon

    hhmmm…It’s difficult for me to just choose one favourite Dine Out restaurant as I’m such a foodie and I go to a lot of these restaurants on a regular basis…But if I had to choose one, it would have to be Fraiche! The food is unbelievably delicious and beautifully presented, the view is like no other, and the service is fantastic!

  801. Always a fan of the The Keg Steakhouse & Bar.

  802. HJ

    Mistral French Bistro :)

  803. Alexis Hall


  804. Heather

    The Keg! Always delicious. I want to try out some new restaurants, though

  805. Kaitlin

    Favourite Dine-Out Restaurant: Chambar!

  806. Caroline

    I looooove Coast! Amazing food, fantastic service, and spectacular atmosphere. What more can you ask for?

  807. Judy

    I love Bluwater Cafe!

  808. Mike Clark

    Boathouse and Banana Leaf

  809. Courtney


  810. vicky

    My favourite dine out restaurant is CinCin

  811. Yuko

    The French table

  812. Jenny

    The Market!

  813. Debby

    Blue Water Cafe

  814. tara burton

    Favourite: Provence Marinaside!

  815. Chad

    Salmon House

  816. JP


  817. Kay

    C restaurant! (^U^)*

  818. Alynne Neault

    L’Abattoir – hands down!

  819. trace

    Observatory- Grouse mountian !

  820. Peaceycharl

    Totally Goldfish!

  821. Kaka Lau


  822. Annie

    I’d have to say the Boathouse never disappoints! But I’d love to try all of these! Thanks for the giveaway!

  823. Traci

    The Boathouse! ALL of ’em!! Never been disappointed there!

  824. Kelly

    This is a wonderful idea. We look forward to sampling several of these delightful restaurants for our first time.

  825. Margaret


  826. Pat

    Five Sails

  827. Joyce

    I love Boathouse! :)

  828. My Favourite Dine Out Restaurant is: The Shore Club!

  829. Desy Cheng

    Love The Shore Club!

  830. Olivia

    The Shore Club, for sure!

  831. Soo


  832. Jordan S

    The KEG!

  833. wp

    I love the boathouse! Dine out Vancouver is awesome! Happy Anniversary!

  834. Sidney Chang

    The Keg! :D

  835. Jasmine

    Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co.!

  836. Lena

    Love COAST!
    And looking forward to Abigail’s Party, Cork and Fin and Players Chophouse for the 10th anniversary!

  837. Andre

    @#$%^ The Boathouse ^%$#@

  838. Stephanie

    Five Sails is amazing

  839. May

    My favourite restaurant is Chambar. Divine Belgian cuisine! I’m drooling just thinking about the last meal I had there! :)

  840. Sabrina

    My favourites are West and Refuel!

  841. Pat


  842. Anna

    La Terraza!

  843. priscilla

    Probably pick Joe Fortes, but gotta try more to know! :)

  844. Polly

    my favorite: L’abattoir!

  845. Debra Kato

    Dine out 2011 introduced me to my present favourite restaurant, Hidden Tasting Lounge! This year I’ll go there again for the short ribs!

  846. Jay

    My choice would be Chambar!

  847. Christy

    Favorite this year is Fraiche!

  848. Justine

    My favourite for Dine Out is The Boathouse!

  849. Candice

    My favorite for Dine Out Vancouver is Seasons In The Park!

  850. Raju


  851. Kevin

    Favorite DineOut restaurant? Provence Mediterranean Grill.

  852. Kirsten

    I love Chambar, such a great place!!

  853. ed

    My fav was the Keg!! Best value!

  854. Daria

    Favourite has to be the C :)

  855. laura y

    chambar, would like to try cork and fin this year :)

  856. Vivian


  857. kelsey slonopas

    my favourite resto would be the keg!

  858. janet slonopas

    the keg is the best!

  859. Fraser

    Blue Water Cafe sadly isn’t part of Dine Out anymore but I love that place! Of the remaining contenders, I choose Seasons in the Park.

  860. Fawziyah

    Vancity has AMAZING restaurants with AMAZING food and dine out gives me the opportunity to indulge

  861. Hannah

    My favourite is The French Table!!!

  862. Anna Cheng

    The boathouse was very good (Richmond) !

  863. Jessica

    My favourite dine out is Cloud 9 :)

  864. Sophia


  865. James A

    I love the Keg for the sweet, sweet meat sweats.

  866. Violet

    My favourite Dine Out restaurant is Chambar!

  867. Howard

    My favourite Dine Out restaurant is Chambar

  868. shaunna patel

    My favorite dineout restaurant is normally Trafalgers but i have to put my vote in for Cardero’s!! And it’s one of the prizes!!!! Yay Dineout Vancouver and Tourism Vancouver!

  869. Jessica

    My favourite Dine Out Restaurant is Joe Forte’s. The food is absolutely amazing and the service could not possibly be any better!!! Cannot wait for the amazing menus this year!

  870. Erica M.

    My favorite is Griffins at the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver – just love the desserts!

  871. Linda

    The Keg – Park Royal is my favorite – prime rib…yum.

  872. Julie K

    The Keg!

  873. Paul

    favourite is five sails restaurant!

  874. Peggy

    My absolute favourite Dine Out restaurant is Al Porto. Always great food, excellent service. A truly enjoyable experience whether payiing full price or during Dine Out. Don’t miss out on a such a wonderful opportunity. Bon Appetite!

  875. Nadia

    my favourite is Miku!

  876. Diane

    My favorite dine out restaurant is Seasons in the park at Queen Elizabeth Park. Great service and food.

  877. Elaine

    Dessert buffet!!

  878. Gotta love Chambar!

  879. Elaine


  880. RG

    CinCin without a doubt – great food, amazing service!

  881. Cathryn

    Ack SO many to choose from!! I have to say my favourite Dine Out restaurant last year was DB Bistro, but unfortunately they have closed down. My other favourite then would be Market (at Shangri-La)!! YUmmy!

    But I’m trying some new ones this year, so there will be competition ;)

  882. Kim


  883. PLC

    Hate to sound like a broken record, but Chambar for me too!

  884. Yvonne S.

    Dine Out Vancouver makes January a fabulous month!

    Booked for L’Abattoir and can’t wait!!!

  885. Lisa

    The boathouse at horseshoe bay :)

  886. Joe Fortes was definitely amazing.

  887. Gina


  888. Samantha Mok

    I love The Keg and Five Sails :)

  889. Benedicte

    My favorite : Refuel!

  890. Tannis


  891. Whitney

    Boathouse! Granted, If I had a big enough stomach, I would probably eat at all the restuarants.

  892. Jess

    Cant wait to go on dineout with my friends this year!!

    • Jess

      Forgot to mention. My fav restaurant is definately the KEGs~~~ going to try to go to at least two this year!!

  893. Roxsane

    The Boathouse is always a classic!!

  894. Lina

    Miku would have to be my favorite.

  895. Taylor

    My favourite is r.tl! I can’t wait to go

  896. Loren

    Sanafir is so yummy!

  897. Edward

    Poor Italian Ristorante ;)

  898. Ravina

    Favourite dine out restaurant is diva at the met!

  899. Lize

    The Keg!

  900. Colleen H


  901. Tiziana

    Teahouse in Stanley Park

  902. Courtenay

    Joe Fortes

  903. Carolyn


  904. Robyn

    Favourite Dine Out restaurant – Chambar!!!!!

  905. Margarita

    My favorite is Cincin

  906. Margarita

    My favorite restaurant is Cin Cin

  907. Catherine

    Al Porto!

  908. Stephanie

    My favourite are: The Fish House in Stanley Park & Hart House Restaurant.

  909. sharon

    The Keg!!!

  910. Troy Stasiuk

    We love the Coast

  911. natelle


  912. HSimpson

    So many great restaurants this year. Have to say Chambar is my favourite.

    They have some sort of genius pastry chef, and a lot of times, the dessert course is the deciding factor for which Dine out to attend. Looking forward to trying Campagnolo this year!

  913. Adrian Leung

    Chambar is my favorite!

  914. Benn Neufeld

    ****Joe Fortes****
    Can’t beat a proper steakhouse. Meat and fire!
    Huge menu, tons of fresh seafood, and nice big portions. Makes me want a cigar.

  915. Robyn

    Sadly I have not been to enough of these restaurants but I do like the curries and sangria at The Reef.

  916. Aqua Riva!

  917. jocelyne

    Joe Fortes! Had an incredibly romantic dinner there!

  918. Anita

    West is by far the best restaurant I’ve ever been. I generally try 5+ restaurants each year and West’s service is never compromised; each guest is treated with respect and care; the food is phenomenal while the portions are fair and you get great value overall for your dining experience.

    Kudos to West for maintaining standards and exceeding expectations during such a critical time and before an even more critical guest list :)

  919. Erin O’Reilly

    The keg! Love me some potatoes!

  920. henry

    out of all the ones listed, I have only tried the keg so I’m going to have to go with them. However, if I win, it will give me an excuse to try all of them.

  921. thomas

    Favorite is C Restaurant

  922. Sandy

    banana leaf

  923. Jared white

    I’ve always enjoyed WEST.

  924. Tracy

    The Keg Steakhouse and Bar!

  925. Estrella Pedroso

    I LOVE The Pourhouse Restaurant. I always have such a good experience when I go to dine there! Highly recommend it. =)

  926. Kristen

    Chambar is my fave!

  927. Lisa

    Hapa izakaya on robson!!

  928. Vicky

    maurya indian cuisine!

  929. Jeremy C

    Definitely Cardero’s! Love the location.

  930. Chao

    haven’t tried too many, but i enjoyed West (:

  931. Lorraine

    enjoyed the fishhouse at stanley park and brunch at the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver

  932. Insi

    Would love to try Beyond Restaurant and Lounge – Century Plaza Hotel & Spa

  933. Mabel

    Tried Dine Out few years, so far I like Cru the best!!! :)

  934. melanie

    Cardero’s is my favorite to dine out :)

  935. E. Tang

    Kitsilano Daily Kitchen

  936. jeff

    My favorite dine out restaurant: SIP Resto-lounge

  937. Reb A

    My favourite Dine Out Restaurant is Coast!

  938. Karen

    Joe Fortes was SOO good last year!!!!

  939. John S

    My favourite Dine Out Restaurant is Coast.

  940. cameron

    Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co. is my favorite!

  941. Melissa

    my favorite dine out is stone grill.

  942. Masumi

    They all look so great!! I’m going to say society because right now I am craving a bevy topped with cotton candy!!

  943. Susan

    I love Monk McQueens! Beautiful view, food, and service :)

  944. Kiran

    My favorite restuarant is Chambar! Will have to try other places on the dineout list to see if that changes.. but I doubt it! :-)

  945. Darwis


  946. Vanessa

    Favourite Dine Out Restaurant: Miku Restaurant

  947. Melissa

    Bistro 101 – Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts – my favourite dine out restaurant.

  948. Sarah

    My favourite is Society! A meal is never perfect without a cotton candy drink!

  949. Amy

    It’s gotta be The Italian Kitchen. :D

  950. nancy

    italian kitchen!

  951. Povnearyroth Phan

    My favourite dine out is Jeo Fortes Restaurant !

  952. Karen

    Favorite Dine-Out Vancouver restaurant: Hapa Izakaya all the way. So. Good.

  953. MAdeline

    Ouisi’s is my fav!

  954. The French Table!

  955. Ben Van

    Banana Leaf

  956. Howie

    The Keg Steakhouse & Bar

  957. Tina Guo

    My favourite is Kingston Tap House and Grill

  958. Steph


  959. Nellie

    Chambar. Hands down best guava gelé I’ve tasted this side of the Caribbean. Can’t wait to try their D.O. 2012 menu.

  960. Christine

    My favourite dine out is cork and fin because of their 3 courses are all savoury dishes!!!

  961. Jasmine

    My favourite dine-out restaurant is Ciao Bella!

  962. Christine

    My favourite place is Bistro Pastis :)

  963. Shamsul Hoque

    Carderos is the one..

  964. Allison

    Coast from the Global Collection!

  965. Gail

    Argh! Decisions, decisions!

    From an initial list of 70 at which I would like to dine, I have narrowed it down to a more manageable 12!

    Always a favourite – never disapppoints –
    Provence Marinaside!

  966. Annie

    Five Sails :)

  967. Kelvin

    Cloud 9 revolving restaurant was pretty good!

  968. Favourite dineout restaurant: Coast Restaurant

  969. Michelle


  970. Emma Chen

    Stone Grill is my favorite!!

  971. Juliana

    Hamilton Street Grill! :)

  972. Louis

    Zakkushi! :)

  973. Brandon

    Suika Snackbar!

  974. Pamela

    Favorite dineout place: Boathouse =)

  975. Love the Keg!

  976. Maggie Chan

    It’s my first time being aware of this “Dine Out” thing! I think this is the best idea ever! I particularly love Cloud 9 Revolving Restaurant! It’s a great deal! :)

  977. Anna

    Provence Marinaside is awesome!

  978. Tanya

    I’ve never tried Dine Out–what perfect way to start?!

  979. Michelle

    coast :)

  980. sally

    I love The Reef!

  981. Priscilla

    My favorite is the keg :D

  982. Lena

    Thai House! :)

  983. Helena

    Ooo tough one, but I choose Yew!

  984. Shar

    The French Table was divine!

  985. henry


  986. mandy


  987. Regina

    My favourite Dine Out restaurant is Five Sails

  988. jiajia

    my favorite dine out restaurant is KEG

  989. Monica

    There are too many wonderful dine out restaurants in Vancouver. My absolute favorite is La Terrazza!!!

  990. Vanessa

    My favourite is the Goldfish Pacific Kitchen.

  991. Toby

    My favourite restaurant is the French Table!!!!!!

  992. Jennifer

    Banana Leaf

  993. Brian

    The Keg!!! =)

  994. karmen

    My fav, is 5 sails!

  995. Emily


  996. Johnny

    Favorite Dine Out Vancouver restaurant: Banana Leaf! Gotta love the Southeast Asian Cuisines!

  997. Jane

    Favourite Dine Out restaurant: CinCin :)

  998. Denise

    Definitely has to be C Restaurant! Such interesting dishes and not to mention it was a 4 course meal last year! I love Dine Out! :D

  999. Gloria

    I love Cardero’s!

  1000. Lydia

    Nu has definitely been my favorite!

  1001. Martin

    Favorite Dine Out restaurant: Boathouse

  1002. christa

    WAY too many fantastic restaurants to choose just ONE, so I’m going with the one I’ve most recently been to, and always go back to: ‘Libra Room’. VERY curious about Gastown’s new ‘Bitter ‘ though… Wish I could try them all!

  1003. Anita Kapoor

    I absolutely love Glowbal Grill, and it happens to be that dine out always lands on my birthday every year it cant get any better than that :) !

  1004. Jessica Daniels

    Favorite Restaurant: Boathouse

  1005. Deby

    I enjoy the five Sails Restaurant, the food, the view, the wait staff. All make for a very pleasant dining experience!

  1006. Ruby

    I love The Keg as well as The Sandbar Restaurant!

  1007. Ronald

    Aqua Riva

  1008. Abra

    Campagnolo is my absolute favorite! I’m coming from Montreal just for their pork pasta!

  1009. Sandra

    Always love the Keg!

  1010. Bronwyn

    The Reef!

  1011. Piotr Zapasnik

    I love THE KEG STEAKHOUSE. Nothing better than sitting on the rooftop in Yaletown enjoying a medium cooked tenderloin, lobster tail and some mashed potatoes.

  1012. Carol

    I love the Boathouse in Port Moody. Great atmosphere, staff, food and tranquil view. LOVE IT !!

  1013. Tae

    My Favorite Dine Out restaurant:
    C Restaurant!!
    Romantic venue, great service, and amazing food. :)

  1014. Xavier


  1015. Y

    Chambar !!! We had a great experience there and we are going back again!

  1016. Vanessa

    My favourite Dine Out restaurant is CAMPAGNOLO!!! Love love looooove Campagnolo!

  1017. Brandy

    My favourite Dine Out restaurant is West!! Please pick me :-)

  1018. Alice C

    CinCin is my favorite dine out restaurant!

  1019. Sutton Place Hotel

  1020. Rachel

    so hard to choose but i really like the reef on commercial

  1021. Amber Gottselig

    Laguna Blu Restaurant &Tapas Bar

  1022. Charles

    Banana Leaf!

  1023. Love so many but today I’m going to say…the Goldfish restaurant~

  1024. Anne

    Salmon ‘n Bannock! Great folks, great chef and not your everyday fare. And you’d be supporting a great small business!

  1025. Karen

    Favorite dineout restaurent is the Boathouse, Port Moody.
    Thanks for the chance to win a great prize!

  1026. Bernadette

    Goldfish is definitely one of my faves. Great ambience and great food!

  1027. Stacey

    Salt. I mean, who doesn’t love cheese and wine??? :)

  1028. Jason


  1029. Deb Hutton

    We spoiled for choice. If I have to say one, I’ll say West!

  1030. Jen

    Boathouse in White Rock!

  1031. Kristy

    Coast is my favourite! :)

  1032. Lisa

    I’m partial to trattoria on 4th! The food is absolutely delectable! From their rustic flatbreads, to their kobe meatballs and their powdered sugar covered dessert, it’s a definite winner! My first dinner date with my boyfriend of over a year and half was there and the food, ambience, lighting, and service definitely set the tone for our first date. So now not only it is an amazing place to eat great food it’s a place to build memories too!

  1033. My favorite Dine Out restaurant has to be the Yew restaurant at the Four Seasons. Great value and high quality food. I’ve found that some of the Dine Out restaurants can skimp out on portion size or quality to feed a high volume of people.

  1034. Sam

    Oishii Sushi Japanese Restaurant!

  1035. Ryan Scholz

    Favourite Dine-Out restaurant is Chambar!

  1036. Kelsey

    Bistro 101 – Dine Out reminded me of this place, can’t wait to go back and try it again!

  1037. Melissa

    My all time favorite has got to be La Tarrazza. The food is always amazing and service is fantastic, not to mention the after dessert espresso….

  1038. Tracy

    Joe Fortes!

  1039. Tina

    The Fish House in Stanley Park!

  1040. Coast!!

  1041. Hayley

    Sandbar for the win. Great atmosphere and food!

  1042. Okan

    Favorite Dine Out restaurant: Oishii Sushi Japanese Restaurant

  1043. My favourite Dine Out restaurant is: Cardero’s! Delicious seafood & and a beautiful view of the West coast. What more could you ask for?

  1044. Brenda

    Pourhouse, yum!

  1045. Eamon L

    Chambar! Really lookind forward to trying some new places this Dine Out.

  1046. Last year’s fave was Cru. I’ll have to see what it is this year and write about it in my blog!

  1047. Eamon

    Chambar! I am really looking forward to trying some new places this Dine Out.

  1048. Roxane

    C restaurant!

  1049. Love carderos – What a view!! or Golfish! Love the atmosphere.

  1050. darlene

    The boathouse in White Rock is the best!!! I love it, love it love it….food is always fabulous, staff always happy and this year their dine out menu rocks!!

  1051. Trina M.

    Love Joe Fortes. My favourite restaurant. Food and People are fantastic!!

  1052. R. Chang

    Definitely Kits Daily Kitchen!

  1053. Tania

    Has to be the Boathouse!

  1054. Yokohama Teppanyaki Japanese Restaurant is my favourite Dine Out Restaurant!

  1055. Lindsey M

    Chambar! or Boathouse

  1056. Amanda Kanski

    Ouisi Bistro

  1057. Winton Li

    I really enjoyed Seasons in the Park last year. But my all time best has to be Gothams Steakhouse a few years back when they were part of the Dine out group.

  1058. We did Salmon House last year, and it was SUPERB. We may go back this year!

  1059. C Medina

    Boathouse for sure!

  1060. Adelyn

    Definitely the Boathouse! We go back year after year!

  1061. Jenn Dagg

    Chambar! Good luck to me!

  1062. Ryan

    Rocky Mountain Flatbread!!!!!

  1063. Joy

    society dining lounge is my fave! :)

  1064. Joy W.

    Chambar, Hamilton Street Grill, Rocky Mtn….. I love them all. How can I choose a favourite?

  1065. Jonathan

    Nice Dine Out experience is Bacchus Restaurant at Wedgewood Hotel — fantastic!

  1066. Natalie Wnuk

    Favourite Dine Out Restaurant: Arms Reach Bistro!

  1067. Scott Nishi


  1068. Ev

    Cardero’s – Fine food and fond memories with family and friends

  1069. Christy

    Al Porto is one of the best Italian restaurants in Vancouver. Best Dine Out menu for sure!

  1070. DO

    Favorite all time – West Restaurant.

  1071. Irene


  1072. Anne B

    Horizens – wonderful food and spectacular views!

  1073. Vince S

    Hart House – loved it, the food, the service, the whole thing!

  1074. Pam

    Mahony & Sons!

  1075. Lauren Hulse

    My favourite dine out resaurant is The Keg!!!

  1076. Sara A.


  1077. Lindsay


  1078. Amanda

    Monk Mqueens

  1079. Nadia

    Love so many but love Goldfish :)

  1080. Patricia

    Love La Terrazza!!

  1081. tim

    my fav dine out restaurant is CARDERO’S!

  1082. Kimberley

    The Boathouse (English Bay)

  1083. Aleeza

    I like Bistro Sakana!

  1084. Michelle

    Favorite dine out restaurant Pastis Bistro – even when so very, very busy – it’s still great.

  1085. Jennifer M.

    Cobre restaurant’s menu looks amazing

  1086. Bien

    The Keg is the best for me!

  1087. Candace

    i love mistral french bistro!

  1088. Wendy

    My favorite Dine Out restaurant has to be The Keg Steakhouse & Bar. Every time I go there, I order their Keg Omega sized prime rib!!!

  1089. Tiffany

    C Restaurant!

  1090. Lisa Marchant

    My favorite is Sushi Town (especially the one in Burnaby)

  1091. Catherine

    Absolutely LOVE Carderos!!!!!

  1092. Jing Lin

    I love Trafalgars Bistro!!

  1093. Darcey

    My Fav is: Cento Notti

  1094. Neil

    My fav is Yew.

  1095. Anne

    I had the best experience last year at The Raincity Grill

  1096. Janet

    The Boathouse. Great dine out menu :)

  1097. Cora

    Five Sails’ menu looks the most promising!

  1098. Wesley

    Chambar! Their muscles are THE best.

  1099. Kits Daily is the best value and most fab for Dine out!

  1100. Christina

    I love Brix!!

  1101. Ivy

    i must say my favourite is trafalgar bistro!! love it!

  1102. Jennie

    My favourite dineout restaurant is Chambar

  1103. Annie

    My favourite dineout restaurant would have to be BOATHOUSE! :D

  1104. Jason

    I like Chambar Belgian Restaurant.

  1105. Christine

    Kitsilano Daily Kitchen is my favorite, hands down.

  1106. Benjamin

    Kits Daily.

  1107. I like Chambar!

  1108. minnie

    fave from last yr–> goldfish :)

  1109. Elnaz

    Favorite Dine Out restaurant is Cardero’s Restaurant

  1110. Chad

    Goldfish is my favorite Dine Out spot

  1111. Jenn

    Lift Bar and grill for the view, great service and great food!

  1112. Scott


  1113. Dan Wong

    Oishii Sushi Japanese Restaurant is the best

  1114. Nei Cross


  1115. MIKU ALL THE WAY!!!!

  1116. Amy

    The Keg is definitely one of my all time favorite restaurant! :)

  1117. Julia

    Banana Leaf on Davie!

  1118. Janice

    CHAMBAR hands down!!!

  1119. Chris Dokter

    One of my favorite restaurants has got to be the Boathouse at English Bay!

  1120. Wyman

    Boat house is the best

  1121. Vickie

    Really hard to narrow it down to just one, but I’m going to have to say Chambar wins my heart every time!

  1122. Laurie Drummond

    Blue Water Cafe has great seafood

  1123. Dave

    Chambar! Great food!

  1124. Jen

    Bacchus! The atmosphere was great!

  1125. Eileen Zimmerman

    My favourite restaurant is Chambar!

  1126. Shannon

    Boathouse… they always have a fresh and delicious variety for dinner!

  1127. Diana S

    My fav restaurant is C!!! It’s the best!!!

  1128. Thao

    Favourite was Cru!

  1129. ADS

    Boathouse last year was great


    My favorite restaurant in Vancouver is Q4 al Centra. The food, service and ambiance is 5* at a *3 star price. I have already made reservations. Looking forward to the dinner! : )

  1131. Victoria

    Hawksworth and Yew, but haven’t dine there for Dine out yet!

  1132. Samantha

    Abigail’s Party is amazing!
    Their brie bruschetta is to die for!

  1133. Hillary

    Mmmm, fave Dine Out restaurant… so far, Flying Tiger. Will be trying at least a couple other restaurants soon, so this could potentially change in the next few weeks ;)

  1134. Michelle

    new fav Pourhouse

  1135. Rory

    My FAVE is Italian Kitchen

  1136. Eunice

    I love the Boathouse!

  1137. Fay

    Really enjoy the dining experience at Bacchus!

  1138. Sharon

    Would love to try out Goldfish’s dine out menu! Love them!

  1139. Nicole WC

    Too many great restaurants to choose from, but I like seafood, so a seafood one like Cardero’s. The view is so nice too!

  1140. Karen

    love the Keg restaurant

  1141. Johnson

    Joe Fortes!

  1142. Joyce Wu

    glowbal grill steaks & satay is my favoriate

  1143. henry

    hapa japanese restuarant

  1144. Pauline


  1145. Robyn

    I love the Salt tasting room!

  1146. benniardi

    Cin-Cin !!

  1147. Mila

    my favourite glowbal grill

  1148. Caitlin


  1149. Emi

    SO many to chose from but here is a good one:

    Trattoria Italian Kitchen – delicious.

  1150. Chris Cochand

    Love the C!

  1151. Scoot

    My favorite restaurant Joe Fortes seafood & chop house
    Also The KEG !!

  1152. Adele

    LOVE: Market and Provence Marinaside

  1153. Tina

    Favourite restaurant: Coast

  1154. jason

    boathouse!!!!!! :D

  1155. Alex

    Raincity Grill. A classic.

  1156. Rebecca

    My favorite one is water street cafe!

  1157. mchu


  1158. mitchel

    love the french table!

  1159. Sarah

    Judas Goat Taberna!!!

  1160. Grace

    Salmon House on the Hill! Excellent food and excellent service

  1161. Edison Lee

    Favorite dine-out restaurant = Sanafir

  1162. Definitely the KEG for their invaluable prime rib!!!! mmmm

  1163. Chambar is always fantastic.

  1164. Suzie

    My favorite DineOut Restaurant is Horizon.

  1165. Denise

    I love Cardero’s and The Keg! :)

  1166. The Boathouse at Kits and Joe Fortes

  1167. Sophia

    The Keg!

  1168. CinCin! <3 E molto buono e delizioso!

  1169. Maybeth Vergara

    The Keg and Joe Fortes Seafood and Chop House!!!!

  1170. Mildred Samonte

    Boathouse & The Keg

  1171. Carmen


  1172. kim


  1173. Steve

    The Vault

  1174. jerome

    banana leaf

  1175. lynsey

    Fave restaurant..mosaic!

  1176. Trent Pehlke

    Favorite Dine Out restaurant: The Keg

  1177. Gurvinder

    Favourite restaurant – cardero’s

  1178. Rob

    Cloud 9.

  1179. Lisa


  1180. Alan

    Zakkushi! Part of the fun is finding it. :)

  1181. Janice

    black + blue!

  1182. Temmy

    My Favourite Restaurant is: CIAO BELLA RESTAURANT & PIANO BAR

    With nice menu and attractive price :)

    But, if I win the prize package… I could go to try the others!!! haha Maybe the others will be good too!

  1183. Alice

    Love Boathouse !!!

  1184. Vanna

    I’m going to have to say Cin Cin!

  1185. Cheryl

    All you can eat dim sum for $18! How can you beat that? Szechuan Chongqing Seafood Restaurant is delicious!

  1186. Michael

    Kitsilano Daily Kitchen

  1187. Maggie

    Favourite that I’ve tried so far is definitely Campagnolo!

  1188. Fotini

    The Boathouse consistently done right and great locations.

  1189. George

    Coast restaurant.

  1190. Brenda

    Aqua Riva!!

  1191. k

    The Secret Soirie; great food & lots of fun!

  1192. Sandra


  1193. Denise

    Market by Jean Georges!

  1194. cyrus

    Gramercy Grill!!!

  1195. Walter

    I like meat. Keg.

  1196. Always wanted to try Federico’s!

  1197. Sabrina


  1198. Ivy

    Market is delicious!!!

  1199. Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co. – Loved them ever since our first visit at Dine Out 2011

  1200. Ryan

    Rocky Mountain Flatbread!

  1201. Nina

    The Keg is always awesome!! :-)

  1202. Gail

    Bacchus is soooooo good!

  1203. Natasha

    Banana Leaf!!!

  1204. charles

    C Restaurant is my favorite

  1205. Dennis

    Aqua Riva is nice !

  1206. Helen

    I love the atmosphere at Brix!

  1207. Yutaka

    Can’t beat West

  1208. YEW Restaurant, located in the Four Seasons :)

  1209. sally

    Yew is a hidden gem with amazing food!

  1210. Karen

    My favorite is Miku Restaurant.

  1211. Tim

    Seasons in the Park: Awesome Miso Soy Cod and Duck 2 Ways!

  1212. West restaurant! :D

  1213. Andrew

    Keg is great, good appies, great steaks, and billy miner pie!

  1214. Teri

    Fav Restaurant: CoAST!!!

  1215. Ginny

    Goldfish is amazing!!! Definitely the best.

  1216. I LOVE the Judas Goat! Such a great place!

  1217. Chris Wareing

    I highly recommend American Grille in Richmond. I was pleasantly surprised by the great value and service, and I have gone back a few times since last year’s Dine-Out Vancouver.

  1218. Fabiana Martinez

    I love Cardero’s food, and their spectacular view!

  1219. Cecilia

    Keg Steakhouse & Bar (The) – Thurlow
    is the best!

  1220. Trish

    The Reef :)

  1221. Elda Pinckney

    Pourhouse was great last year, can’t wait for DOV 2012!

  1222. Yvonne

    Hapa (Kits)!

  1223. kevin

    Favourite is definitely Pourhouse. So Good!!!

  1224. Annie

    The Italian Kitchen is Delicious!!

  1225. Noreen

    easily Chambar or Market by Jean-Georges!

  1226. ken

    Provence Marinaside

  1227. Cory

    The Keg

  1228. Meg


  1229. Kelly

    Chambar is my favourite!

  1230. Martha


  1231. karen

    coast restaurant :)

  1232. Brittany

    My favorite dine out restaurant is the Keg and the Boathouse! they always put together a great menu selection for this event.

  1233. Shirley

    I really like Horizons! Beautiful view, atmosphere, and food presentation!

  1234. Leanne

    ALL the restaurants!

  1235. Sung Ahn

    I have always wondered of GOLDFISH! If I win to go, it will be the happiest year EVER! ^^

  1236. Morgan

    Love Coast!

  1237. Silvia

    LOVE the Cloud 9’s $28 Dine Out menu, plus they got the best view of all of Vancouver too! :)

  1238. Kathy

    Horizon’s is my fave!

  1239. Barry


  1240. Bryan

    Cincin, best service

  1241. Sue

    I try to get to Abigail’s Party every year. Tried and true
    Looking forward to Dineout 2012

  1242. Wendy

    C restaurant is my favourite :)

  1243. Yunyi

    My family has always loved the Keg!

  1244. CSH


  1245. Darcy

    My favourite dine out restaurant is Samba Brazilian Steakhouse.

  1246. Diana

    The Keg!

  1247. LA

    Favourite Restaurant: O’doul’s
    Favourite Pairing: Pacific Provider Wild Pink Salmon herb gnocchi, wilted kale, smoked pork hock broth
    BC VQA Wine Pairing: Garry Oaks Pinot Noir ‘Estate’, Salt Spring Island.

  1248. Jay

    The keg of course…

  1249. Wesley

    Really looking forward to the unique food to be had at Edible Canada!!

  1250. Sarah

    My favourite is Hapa Umi!

  1251. Damien

    L’Abattoir is gold!

  1252. Ali


  1253. Johanna

    COAST is definitely my fav

  1254. V

    Five Sails!

  1255. Georgina

    The Shore Club !!

  1256. Ben

    Joe Fortes Seafood and Chop House

  1257. Chrissy


  1258. Elaine

    My Favourite Dine Out Restaurant is Goldfish Seafood & Chops!

  1259. Ken


  1260. kyle

    Love Las Margaritas !!!!!

  1261. Kelly O’Neill

    def intely cardero’s

  1262. Luca

    Judas Goad!!

    • Luca

      Whoops!! Judas Goat** :)

  1263. Pirkko

    The Keg! Go every year :)

  1264. Haylee Thompson

    Goldfish of course!!!!!!!! :)

  1265. Laura

    My Favorite is Sanafir, definately romantice and great food!!

  1266. Laura

    My Favorite is Sanafir, definately romantic and great food!!

  1267. Kathy

    the Keg!

  1268. Justin

    The Keg

  1269. Kaitlyn Lawson

    BLACK & BLUE Steakhouse YUM!

  1270. Suli


  1271. Gloria


  1272. Vincent

    I’ve liked Miku the best.

  1273. Grace

    Please…the KEG!

  1274. Theresa


  1275. Far too difficult to pick only one! In the past I’ve really enjoyed Brix, Savory Coast (very sad when it closed!), O’Doul’s, Aqua Riva… I know I’m forgetting 2-3 that I loved…

  1276. Sara

    The Keg.

  1277. James


  1278. jenny

    mussel power! CHAMBAR!

  1279. Shawn

    I really love Maurya.

  1280. Jenny

    Banana Leaf!

  1281. COAST is my fave- but there are so many incredible ones on the list! It was a tough choice for sure.

  1282. Vaughan

    I would like to try Black + Blue.

  1283. Emily

    Chutney Villa

  1284. Debbie

    Cardero’s !

  1285. Yvonne

    Banana Leaf!

  1286. Margot


  1287. Manjeet


  1288. Liz

    P2B Bistro!

  1289. Jude

    You can’t beat Karen Barnaby @ the Fish House in Stanley Park

  1290. Peter

    Love The Boathouse at Kits Beach..great food…great sunset view!

  1291. Stephanie

    West has been my favourite so far. Delicious food and great service!

  1292. Andrea

    The Keg!

  1293. Bonnie Cheng

    Goldfish!! Yum!

  1294. Milva

    Joe Fortes is MY favourite!

  1295. Norman


  1296. Will

    The Keg!

  1297. Judy


  1298. Robin


  1299. SA

    Glowbal and Mistral were awesome!

  1300. N.Carter

    Goldfish! <3

  1301. shelaine

    chambar… always great

  1302. Jason Liu

    My favorite is Five Sails!

  1303. Manuel

    Abigail’s Party

  1304. Victor C

    My fav is definitely The Keg Steakhouse & Bar! Their steaks are always done just the way I like it!

  1305. Ron Colson

    Favorite Dine Out restaurant the Keg !!!!

  1306. A.Y.

    Baru Latino

  1307. Heidi

    Wild Rice – now there are two of them!!

  1308. Julie

    Miku! It’s amazing!

  1309. lindsay


  1310. Jamie


  1311. Jonathan


  1312. Aaron H

    the keg. simple, delicious, great price

  1313. Clara

    Love Ciao Bella =)

  1314. Rav


  1315. Jack


  1316. Vaughan

    DIVA at the Met!

  1317. TK

    GOLDFISH is da BEST!!!!!

  1318. Lena Chow

    Goldfish Pacific Kitchen for some delicious raw oysters!

  1319. Lisa

    Favourite dine out restaurant, Torarenbo Japanese restaurant! ^_____^

  1320. JC

    Five Sails.

  1321. Jeremy

    Chambar! The classic mussels and fries make a memorable dine out experience!

  1322. Nancy

    O’douls. Delcious food accompanied by live jazz!

  1323. Krista

    Love Herons West Coast Kitchen

  1324. Mihai

    The Boathouse has a great menu for DOV.

  1325. Katie

    I pick Five Sails!!!

  1326. Roxanne

    Cibo Trattoria

  1327. Jess

    Cobre BLEW MY MIND!!

  1328. Tyler

    Chambar, Chambar, Chambar.

  1329. Annie

    Provence Marinaside

  1330. Flying Tiger, rawr!!!

  1331. Yvonne

    The YEW Restaurant + Bar!

  1332. Marilyn

    Italian Kitchen

  1333. Barry


  1334. Vanessa

    Hapa @ Kits!

  1335. Pamela

    the keg! (:

  1336. jenn


  1337. Amber

    fav is The Boathouse!

  1338. brian


  1339. Jane


  1340. Lillian

    Love the Keg!

  1341. Michelle

    mm Keg is good!!! their steakkkkkkkkkk is delicious

  1342. Erika

    CinCin Ristorante + Bar

  1343. Elena

    The Keg Steakhouse and Bar…YUMmmmy!

  1344. Jen Fung

    I love the Five Sails

  1345. Alexandra

    Rocky Mountain Flat Bread!

  1346. Leslie

    Seasons in the Park! Excellent service, view, and food!

  1347. Susie


  1348. Rose

    I like Salmon House on the Hill.

  1349. Yvonne

    The Keg!

  1350. Cee

    Yew! <3

  1351. Kimberly Bui

    The Goldfish. Best service and amazing food :)

  1352. Robyn

    I love Carderos. After all these years of hearing about it and assuming it was overrated I finally went and had an amazing meal!

  1353. Justin

    The Boathouse never disappoints!

  1354. Mirbie

    I love the Salmon House on the Hill – amazing food and atmosphere!

  1355. Kim

    One word “Goldfish”

  1356. HJ

    the teahouse restaurant

  1357. Rose

    Mistral French Bistro – Been there for the past two dine out vancouver’s and have been blown away both times!

  1358. June

    The Keg is the best!

  1359. Glenda

    I really enjoyed Hon’s when I was in Vanouver before.
    Since I live 5 hours away I am actually taking advantage of the dine & stay through Tourism Vancouver.

  1360. Ashley

    L’abattoir is AMAZING!!!! Can’t beat the fabulous food and the buzzing atmosphere!

  1361. Tony Lee


  1362. Nesreen Miniano


  1363. Beng K

    Coast, coast, coast….excellent service, nice ambience and good food!

  1364. Anita

    Chambar! The food, yum! The atmosphere, great! Always on point!

  1365. Trafalgar’s Bistro. When I went it was my first ever Dine Out and it was an amazing experience. It’s been years since but it’s still unbeatable in my mind.

  1366. Ryan

    Chambar never disappoints with its amazing food, great beer list and incredible atmosphere. Chambar is definitely my favourite restaurant in Vancouver.

  1367. Leanne

    Love the Boathouse Kits – amazing view and great food and wine!

  1368. Tatiana

    Chambar – by far!

  1369. John

    Five Sails!

  1370. Jacquie

    Best value for your buck…The Keg!

  1371. Destin


  1372. Liz Douglas

    Blarney Stone!

  1373. Tatiana

    The Raincity Grill!

  1374. Charlotte

    Cibo :)

  1375. Kayla

    Italian Kitchen

  1376. Kristina

    Keg, Coast, Boathouse, Goldfish – but if I have to pick one right now Keg (ong their cake topped off my meal)

    I’m excited to try out more restos for this year’s dine out!!

  1377. Chelsey

    Seasons in the Park

  1378. Ian

    Five Sails for me!

  1379. Karen


  1380. Alejandro

    I always been wanting to try CARDERO’S in Coal Harbour, maybe If I win this will be the perfect opportunity

  1381. Jeremy

    My favourite dine out restaurant is Monk McQueen’s!

  1382. Audrey

    Really want to go to The Keg Steakhouse & Bar for DINE OUT!!! :) That will be totally awesome.

  1383. Sandra

    Horizons – fabulous location and the salmon is always top-notch.

  1384. Aaron B.

    Chambar is terrific!

  1385. Soo M.

    Zakkushi on DENMAN :)

  1386. Fray on Fraser!

  1387. Christine

    My favorite place to eat is The Keg Steakhouse & Bar and so is my parents! Hope I can take them out with this card ;)

  1388. Tessa

    Noone makes steaks like The Keg!!

  1389. Wanda

    West restaurant in South Granville is simply the best! Thanks Dineout for the opportunity to experience a delicious and spectacular meal at a more affordable price.

  1390. Eka

    Five Sails, Bistro 101

  1391. Joel

    Oishii Sushi is my fave!

  1392. dora


  1393. Dave

    Cardero’s coal harbour!

  1394. Brittany J

    Cardero’s !!

  1395. Meredith

    My favourite Dine Out restaurant is The Boathouse restaurant.

  1396. Lindsay


  1397. ptr092

    hawksworth! though it’s slipped just a little.

  1398. gail whitworth

    Have always loved Le Gavroche for the food and the ambiance

  1399. Old dependable…Old Spaghetti Factory!

  1400. vicki

    Anywhere with good seafood!

  1401. Jenn

    Chesire Cheese Restaurant at Lonsdale Quay! Mmm… Fisherman’s pie =P

  1402. Peter