Food Carts Unite! Street Food City is Coming, Jan 24-26

Re-Up BBQ Food Cart at the Vancouver Art Gallery

It was only in 2010 that Vancouver loosened municipal by-laws to allow street food (besides hotdogs and popcorn) to be sold in the city.  Since then, we’ve gotten off to a great start, with dozens of food trucks on strategic corners selling everything from Korean shortrib tacos to Southern-style pulled pork.

But, as any street food lover knows, we’ve got a long way to go.  In more advanced street food cities (Portland, Oregon, or Austin, Texas, for example), food carts congregate in strategic clusters called pods.  So you get a bunch of different carts selling their goodies all in one spot.  The atmosphere is lively, food is cheap and you’ve got plenty of choices.

Vancouver really hasn’t had anything like that.  Until now.  This Jan. 24-26, as part of Dine Out 2012, Vancouver is introducing Street Food City.  Eight of the city’s top food trucks will come together in the same place for a three-day street food extravaganza.  Here are the details:

The setting for Street Food City is the north plaza of the Vancouver Art Gallery, on West Georgia Street, between Howe and Hornby Streets (until recently, the scene of the Occupy Vancouver protests).  The event will run from 11 a.m.-3 p.m. on Jan. 24, 25 and 26.   Given the central location, and the general buzz about street food in the city, expect things to be pretty busy.


Here’s a rundown of the participating trucks, what they serve and special Street Food City specials:

  • Coma Food Truck serves a unique fusion of Korean and Mexican cuisine.  They’re offering a special of  two tacos with Korean brown ginger tea and orange, rosemary truffles for $15.
  • Tacofino Cantina specializes in seafood tacos and burritos.  Prices start at $10 for two tacos.
  • ReUp BBQ offers authentic, southern-style pulled pork.  They’ve got a few specials going for Street Food City: Bacon Explosion sandwiches ($8); New Mexico chili with smoked pork shoulder ($6); black bean and corn chili – veg ($4.5o); combo sandwich and a chili and a drink ($12).
  • The Brasserie is known for just two items, and they’re both very good: rotisserie chicken sandwiches ($6.25) and butter tarts.
  • It’s All about Grill, as the name suggests, serves grilled meat and vegetables.  A skewer of chicken, pork, rib-eye, lamb or bacon-wrapped sausage, plus all the fixin’s, will set you back around $7.50.
  • Soho Road features Tandoori chicken wraps on freshly baked naan for $8.
  • Mom’s Grilled Cheese serves gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches ($5.50) and meatloaf ($8.50), as well as tomato soup and chili.
  • The Juice Truck, based in Gastown, serves fresh, pressed juices and smoothies in a variety of healthy combinations.  $7.50 for a banana smoothie.
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6 Responses to Food Carts Unite! Street Food City is Coming, Jan 24-26

  1. Liz

    I was very excited when I saw this event advertised a few days ago. I’m now disappointted that it will only take place in the middle of the day. It makes it impossible for those of us not working downtown to check it out. Some dinner time hours would have been really appreciated.

  2. Totally ditto. Exactly what I was going to say. Why is this not running on the weekend? I love this concept, I hope it happens again during the evening and more than once a year. People would go this if it was a monthly event.

  3. Frank

    Are those the only food carts joining? Why those ones and not some of the ones getting great reviews as well?

  4. Matt

    What surprises me is that the third cart that calls the Art Gallery plaza home isn’t on the list. No love for Mangal Kiss?

  5. Sandy

    I love this new addition to our usual dine out vancouver. We dont’ need to always spend over $18 for a meal. we can enjoy some snacks here and there from these carts and eat casually!

  6. OHM

    Is there going to be an article like this on the 2013 festival? I would really like to see a menu of the specials to plan out what I want to get before I go.