Love Columnist Dan Savage (Savage Love) Coming to Vancouver Jan. 21

Back in the day, when people needed advice in the relationship (i.e. bedroom) department, they turned to Dr. Ruth, the adorable old lady with the thick German accent.  Well, times have changed.  These days, North America’s de facto relationship/sex counselor is Dan Savage, author of the wildly popular Savage Love column, which appears in 70 newspapers around the world, including our very own Georgia Strait.

This Jan. 21, Savage will be appearing live in Vancouver at the Vogue Theatre, speaking in person about the touchiest of romantic topics, as well as his unique It Gets Better project, a social media campaign to support LGBT youth. 

Savage, of course, is known for pulling no punches in his weekly Savage Love column.  He offers frank, funny and cheeky advice to both straight and LGBT readers who write in with the most delicate and often unconventional of romantic queries.  Recent columns, for instance, have explored subjects as diverse as happy couples in nonmonogamous relationships and why keeping sexual orientation secret can warp your psyche.  And these are among the tamer of the topics tackled in his column, many of which are NSFW.

Savage has also earned widespread praise for initiating the It Gets Better project.  In September 2010, he launched a campaign to encourage celebrities, LGBT community members and basically anyone concerned to make and post videos about why it’s OK to be queer.  The project is targeted to LGBT youth who may be facing bullying in school or at home and need an assurance that there is life after the trauma of high school.

In addition, Savage is a regular contributor to the op-ed pages of The New York Times and to the public radio show This American Life.

Dan Savage Live comes to the Vogue Theatre on Sat., Jan. 21.  Doors open at 7 p.m.  Tickets start at $20.

Any Savage Love readers out there?  What makes Dan Savage’s brand of advice so unique? 

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3 Responses to Love Columnist Dan Savage (Savage Love) Coming to Vancouver Jan. 21

  1. Julie

    My cousins live in vancouver so this is how I heard about you, I will be honest though, this is the first time I am hearing about you. Would love to know what sort of advice you give out to couples in love and or who have been married for a year and have lost the love and want it back

    • I’ve been reading your column in a Toronto publication for years. You really do have your feet on the ground. I so respect your ability to answer questions on any topic with a certainty and respect for the person asking. The GLBT community are fortunate to have spokespeople like yourself on our side. May you live forever.

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