Best Places for Sledding in Vancouver? You make the call!

Sledding at Forglen - 07

Vancouver may not have been dumped with a mega snowfall this week as predicted, but there is still a centimetre or two of the white stuff on the ground in most places.  It might not be enough for a snowman, but it should do the job for a little sledding.

But where to sled?  There are dedicated tobogganing parks on Mount Seymour ($9 all-day) and Cypress Mountain ($10 for two hours).  But I was thinking more in terms of local, neighbourhood hills where you can sled.

Where’s your favourite sledding hill in Vancouver?  Let us know by leaving a comment below before the snow melts. 

Here are a few ideas to get you started: 

  • Queen Elizabeth Park:  Located out in the Mt. Pleasant neighbourhood, Queen Elizabeth Park is the highest point in the city of Vancouver, which translates into good snow cover and some very decent sledding hills.
  • Beside the Vancouver Aquatic Centre:  There’s a very nice (if relatively short) hill downtown, just beside the Vancouver Aquatic Centre and not far from Sunset Beach on False Creek.  No word on snow conditions.
  • Burnaby Mountain:  A bit outside of town, Burnaby Mountain Park and Conservation Area is home to arguably the best and steepest sledding hills around.
  • China Creek North Park:  This hidden gem is located in East Vancouver, not far from the VCC SkyTrain station.  It’s apparently full of sledders and tobagganers when there’s snow.

Click here for a neat map someone created back in 2008 that shows some of the more popular sledding hills in the city.

Any other decent sledding hills around Vancouver?  Share your sledding secrets below. 

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