Free Ocean Wise iPhone App Helps You Support Sustainable Seafood

By now, most Vancouverites know about Ocean Wise, the non-profit organization founded by the Vancouver Aquarium to support and promote sustainable seafood. Most of Vancouver’s top seafood restaurants carry the Ocean Wise seal of approval next to their sustainable seafood menu items, and there are now Ocean Wise restaurants participating in the program across Canada.

To help you find restaurants and markets that use Ocean Wise sustainable seafood, there’s now a free Ocean Wise iPhone App that covers over 3,000 Ocean Wise restaurants, markets and supplier venues from coast to coast, as well as a comprehensive list of ocean-friendly seafood options.

The free Ocean Wise iPhone App allows users to:

  • View up-to-date seafood recommendations
  • Search and browse different seafood species (so you’ll know which seafood is sustainable)
  • Locate nearby Ocean Wise restaurants, markets and eateries via GPS mapping
  • Browse a comprehensive list of all Ocean Wise partners
  • Upload sustainable seafood images to their photo gallery

One benefit to the app is that it makes it easy for consumers to identify the right seafood choices (i.e., seafood that is harvested in a sustainable manner by Ocean Wise fisheries), and just generally become more knowledgeable about which seafood options support sustainability. Plus, the Ocean Wise iPhone App is continuously updated, so you’ll always have the latest info on ocean-friendly seafood options and Ocean Wise partners across Canada.

The free Ocean Wise iPhone App is available for download at the iTunes store.

Want it the app for Android or Blackberry? Let the developers know: contact and email info for Ocean Wise.

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