Year of the Dragon: Hot & Noisy Affair at the Dr. Sun Yat Sen Chinese Garden this Sunday, January 29

This Sunday, January 29, is packed with Chinese New Year events. Along with the annual Vancouver Chinese New Year Parade & Cultural Fair, Chinatown’s beloved Dr. Sun Yat Sen Chinese Garden is hosting a special, by donation event: the Year of the Dragon Temple Fair: A Hot & Noisy Affair.

The Year of the Dragon Temple Fair: A Hot & Noisy Affair is an all-day celebration based on the temple fairs of old. The “Hot & Noisy” appellation is comes from the Chinese word “Re Nao,” often used to describe the “hustle and bustle” of crowds on the street; for this temple fair, it denotes a mixture of traditional cultural activities, ranging from games and live music to a multi-media tea ceremony.

Running from 10am – 4:30pm on Sunday, January 29, highlights of the Garden’s Year of the Dragon Temple Fair include:

  • Traditional Chinese games and activities: red couplet writing, calligraphy, bean bag toss, balloon dragon twisting, lantern riddles, paper dragon folding, dumpling making demonstration, traditional toys, arts and crafts
  • Red envelopes handed out by “grandma and grandpa” (10am-12pm only), incense and wish making at the altar
  • Fortune Telling
  • Water Calligraphy on the floor of Jade Water Pavillion
  • Traditional Lucky Coin Toss for prosperity
  • Live Music with Larry Yan on the flute and the spirited Chinese-Celtic tunes of the Black Bear Rebels & Friends, featuring Toddish McWong
  • Food and Drinks: spiced “Dragon” tea and freshly-baked Bonchaz buns
  • “Replay Your Tea with Us” – A modern multi-media tea ceremony blending the traditional Chinese Gong Fu Tea Ceremony with digital video processing. In partnership with Pandora Benevolent Society.
  • Taichi demonstration with Derek Cheng
  • Eco-Art 7-piece Dragon installation, in partnership with the Community Arts Council of Vancouver

The suggested donation for the Dr. Sun Yat Sen Chinese Garden’s Temple Fair is $5. There’s also a “sneak peak” of the fair happening Saturday, January 28 from 1pm – 4:30pm.

Because the Dr. Sun Yat Sen Chinese Garden is in the very heart of Chinatown, it’s easy walking distance from the Chinese New Year Parade route and just one block south from the Chinese Cultural & Spring Fair, which happens the same day at Sun Yat-sen Plaza, 50 East Pender Street. That means you can walk to each event and combine them all for a full day of New Year’s fun!

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