Inside MOA: UBC’s Museum of Anthropology

B.C. First Nations artworks at UBC's Museum of Anthropology. Photo: Dana Lynch

Though Vancouver is home to a wealth of fascinating museums, there are two that stand out for their extensive collections of unique artworks from British Columbia: the Vancouver Art Gallery, which is home to over 9,000 artworks, and UBC’s Museum of Anthropology (MOA), which has a collection of over 500,000 cultural artifacts, including a world-famous collection of B.C. First Nations art and objects.

Though MOA is home to a wide range of ethnographic and archaeological objects from around the world—ranging from African tribal artifacts to the 600 European ceramics that make up the Koerner European Ceramics Gallery—it’s their focus on B.C.’s First Nations art and culture that makes MOA a must-visit for both locals and tourists alike.

MOA’s First Nations collections include massive, awe-inspiring totem poles, canoes, jewelry, ceramics, carved boxes, ceremonial masks, and one of the most famous First Nations artworks in Canada: Bill Reid’s Raven and The First Men sculpture, which appears on the back of every Canadian $20 bill.

Check out this mini photo gallery for a sneak peak inside MOA:

First Nations artifacts in the Great Hall at MOA. Photo: Dana Lynch

Ceremonial masks at MOA. Photo: Dana Lynch

Massive totem poles in MOA's Great Hall. Photo: Dana Lynch

Bill Reid's iconic Raven and the First Men sculpture at MOA. Photo: Dana Lynch

There are, as mentioned, loads more artifacts at MOA beyond these photographs. There are 10,000 objects from all over the world on display at the Multiversity Galleries, contemporary, cutting-edge exhibits at the Audain Gallery, and two Haida Houses at their outdoor exhibit.

UBC’s Museum of Anthropology is a perfect rainy-day activity, great for kids of all ages (even my toddler loved it), and ideal for visitors who want to experience something truly unique to British Columbia. If you live in Vancouver and haven’t been to MOA…what are you waiting for?

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