Food Cart Hall of Fame: Chicken Sandwich at La Brasserie

Brass Chicken Sandwich- La Brasserie Cart Vancouver

After making big waves the past two summers, food carts have kind of receded from the headlines in Vancouver.  They’re not such a novelty anymore.  Plus, it’s the middle of winter.  Who wants to stand outside and eat in the drizzle?

But that doesn’t mean ambitious street vendors aren’t out there right now: bundled up in sweaters and jackets and serving up their delicacies.  There are some great street eats to be had this February, including some excellent food carts that deserve a second look.

Like La Brasserie Street.   If you’re a fan of street food and haven’t checked out this little cart that’s parked most days on the corner of Granville and West Georgia Streets, then you should make it your top gastronomic priority.  La Brasserie excels in all the street food criteria: 1) It’s cheap; 2) The food is finger-lickin’ delicious; and 3) In true Vancouver style, the ingredients, preparation and presentation are top notch.

Be forewarned that La Brasserie pretty much serves just one thing: the Brass Chicken Sandwich.  But they’ve got the recipe down to a science.  Start with beer-brined rotisserie chicken.  Put it on a freshly baked buttermilk bun.  Add some homemade gravy and crispy fried onions and voila: perhaps the world’s best poultry-based sandwich.

La Brasserie restaurant

They serve it up to you in a foil wrapper that keeps the gravy from dripping all over, which is a nice touch.  It’s a sizable sandwich – enough to satisfy a big eater.  And it’s a relative bargain at $6.25.

You’ll have to taste it yourself for the true experience.  But let me say that some magical alchemy happens when the moist, pull-it-apart-with-a-fork chicken meets up with that gravy and the fresh bun.  Add a bit of spicy brown mustard and you’ve got a very memorable sandwich.

Of course, it helps that La Brasserie food cart is run by La Brasserie restaurant, the great French-German bistro on Davie Street.  They bring a level of culinary expertise and restaurant experience that’s missing at some of the other city carts.  Nice guys, too – The opposite of the prototypical surly hot dog vendors.

Anybody else tried the Brass Chicken Sandwich at La Brasserie?  What did you think? 

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