Portobello West Art Market To Open Just Four Times a Year

Photo: Portobello West

Portobello West, Vancouver’s monthly arts and fashion market and one of the top spots to shop for local and independent fashion in Vancouver, has been around since 2006, first at the Rocky Mountaineer Station, then at Creekside Community Centre in the Olympic Village (since March 2011), where it has been operating on the last Sunday of every month.

But its new(ish) high-traffic digs aren’t helping Portobello West’s vendors. According to The Georgia Straight, customers’ propensity to “wait and see what they have next month” is hurting the artists’ and artisans’ bottom line.

So Portobello West is changing their schedule in an effort to help their vendors:

Starting in March 2012, the market will open just four times a year, for Spring (March 24 & 25), Summer (May 26 & 27), Fall (September 22 & 23), and Winter (November 24 & 25).

Portobello West is famous for bringing together 50-100 local arts vendors under one roof; it’s an ideal spot for finding unique gifts, food, Vancouver-made fashion, jewelry, accessories, crafts, and artworks. I’d guess that the strategy behind their schedule change comes down to the idea that scarcity can increase desire: If monthly markets are being taken for granted, quarterly markets will make the goods that much more scarce/desirable.

Despite the schedule changes, Portobello West will remain at its current location at the Creekside Community Centre (1 Athletes Way).

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