The ‘Real Housewives of Vancouver’ are Coming April 2012

Here are two facts that, depending on how you feel about reality TV, could be signs of the rumoured 2012 apocalypse: First, that the Real Housewives reality shows that originated in the U.S. with Real Housewives of Orange County are the “world’s number one lifestyle reality franchise;” second, that the franchise has come to our fair city, with the Real Housewives of Vancouver set to premiere in April 2012.

The Real Housewives of Vancouver is the latest Real Housewives series from around the globe. Not only are there shows set around the U.S. (which Canadian viewers watch on the Slice Network), there are also shows set in Athens, Israel and France. The Real Housewives of Vancouver will be the first Canadian installment.

So who are the Real Housewives of Vancouver?

According to Slice TV, like the other Real Housewives series, the Real Housewives of Vancouver will focus on “Vancouver’s wealthiest and most celebrated women – revealing intimate and often outrageous details about their relationships, career triumphs and pitfalls, sex lives and family drama.”

The network is keeping the cast details on the down-low, but the cast is widely rumoured to include Christina Aisenstat (wife of Keg Restaurants Ltd. owner David Aisenstat), West Vancouver socialite Jody Claman, Twitter and Lamborghini lover Reiko Mackenzie, Ronnie Negus, and singer/entrepreneur Mary Zilba.

There’s no final airdate for the premiere, but you can keep up to date on when the series airs by following the Slice TV Real Housewives of Vancouver Facebook or Twitter pages.

So what do you think? Good exposure for Vancouver, eagerly-awaited guilty pleasure or sign of the apocalypse?  As Remy likes to say, “You make the call.”

UPDATE: Meet The Real Housewives of Vancouver: Official Cast Revealed

UPDATE 2: The Real Housewives of Vancouver will premiere April 4, 2012, on Slice.

The title of this post was changed from “March 2012” to “April 2012” when the official air date was set.

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